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    Clfr—lwostw Farthing, Saturday, September 27, mo
York dump
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mine shafts and seep into
streams and wells.
Eight dairy operations, as
well as some poultry
facilities and orchard
acreage, lay in the im
mediate and downstream
vicinity of the dumpsite.
The women’s concern over
the problem of milk quality
touched home with one of the
few men in the
midday session, dairyman
Nelson Brenneman, of
Spring Grove Rl. Bren
neman initially discovered
the well-drilling rig that led
to officials investigation of
Protest signs against the proposed industrial
waste dump have sprung up along the meandering
roads through the Green Valley farmland.
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Farms acreage.
His land adjoins the
portion of land that is ear
marked for disposal use by
liqwacon. Liqwacon has
applied for a disposal per
mit, by that licensing has not
yet been granted by DER.
Brenneman, who ships to
Green’s Dairy in York, says
that his market officials are
concerned because of their
memory of the public
boycott against milk during
the Three Mile Island
nuclear plant crisis in March
of 1979. Although no
radiation was ever found in
milk from farms nearby, the
publicity surrounding the
possibility caused a drop in
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retail sales of fluid milk.
So, even though no
chemicals may ever turn up
in the water for the valleys’
dairy cattle, Brenneman
says Green's has expressed
fear that the dump publicity
alone could cause them
retail sales problems.
“And that’s all it would
take for them to cut off
pickups to our farm and
others nearby in the same
situation,” he worries.
“And, who else is going to
come in here and pick it
Similar fears hang over
the beads of-farm woman
Donna Lecrone, a member
of the MAD group, and her
husband Michael. The
Lecrones raise poultry and
fruit on their Seven Valleys
R 1 farm, just across the
valley and a small stream
from where Stabatrol plans
its disposal vaulting.
Lecrone says that bis
poultry contractor,
Longenecker’s Hatchery, is
supporting his opposition to
the dump, and has already
written letters to both
elected officials and DER
Many of the women of
MAD, disgusted that
meeting upon meeting
seemed to be g«
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nowhere, recently painted
signs and set up picket lines
at several spots in York City.
Their fight for greeted press
publicity and increased
urban support in the fight
against the dump has earned
them public declarations
against the disposal plans
from a variety of sportsmen
and outdoor groups, school
boards and numerous
neighboring municipalities.
V * —=
They’ve also dotted tht
quiet valleys with terse,
handlettered signs, ear'
in its own ii
dividualized way: *‘We Art
Opposed To The Dump.”
One deeply involved and
vocal member of MAD is
Stacy Marsh, Seven Valleys
Rl. She’s the wife of beef and
grain farmer Steve Marsh,
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