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    Lancaster Farming says...
Three times in the past 14 days
agricultural leaders have made
speeches pushing hard for increased
.farm exports.
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Bob
Bergland last week pointed to
agricultural exports as one of the
prime areas of concern to USOA in
the future. He proposes to push
'value added' products into the
export market—that is, products
which have been taken a step from
basic materials out of the field.
Indeed, the brightest spot In the
Carter Administration’s agricultural
policy is its record of increasing farm
exports by 35 million tons, or 50
percent, in the past three years.
Right here in Pennsylvania, Ag
Secretary Penrose Haiiowell recently
concluded meetings with
representatives of 15 Japanese
firms. Japan buys $4 billion in U.S.
commodities annually.
The Agricultural Council of
America last week also kicked off a
program to boost U.S. ag exports.
Those exports mean a lot to us as a ,
nation, a state, and as individuals.
September 28,1880
Background Scripture:
Joshua 24:1-31; Judges 2.
Devotional Beating:
Psalm 15.
If you travel to the Holy
For the past several years
the trend has been toward
leaner meat of all kinds; this
Is especially true with most
X OA IT ttJNt -T6 'W tucw'z
l K£U) £AW>t£ i
r,SaplMfeer 27,1110'
What farm exports mean to us
Since term production greatly
exceeds domestic requirements,
roughly one-third of the harvested
acres in this country are sold
, overseas.
We export almost 65 percent of our
wheat, over 60 percent of our rice,
better than half of our soybeans and
soy products, and about one-third of
our corn.
This year farm exports will
generate $B2 billion in domestic
economic activity. That means
employment for more than -1.13
million U.S. workers, including some
630,000 in the nonfarm sector
related to food processing, trade,
transportation and others.
Roughly-every $20,000 fn exports
from this state-provides a job for
another Pennsylvanian.' That means
taking people off welfare rolls. It
means families with more pride and
self-respect. .
It means more people paying taxes
rather than being a drain on the tax
it means inching toward a
balanced foreign trade situation. It
Land, you may still see that
historic place where Joshua
gathered the' victorious
tribes of Israel Scbechem
was the scene of one of
Israel’s most dramatic and
significant events, for it was
here that Joshua gathered
the people and challenged
them to make their choice
between the gods of Canaan
and the Lord.
They and their forbearers
have seen what God has done
for them, so Joshua
challenged them: “Now
therefore fear the Lord and
serve him in sincereity and
in faithfulness.” It is not the
“fear” of fright and terror,
blit of holy awe and
reverence. For God wants
beef cuts. The- pork -
producers have been
producing less lard for the
past decade and now the
consumers are expecting the
same tiling with beef. There ,
is lettle doubt that it does not
pay to feed cattle to a high
finish at this time. I guess
the question arises as to
what is a high finish. Hie
grade of Choice seems to be
* r
not fawning words and idle
gestures, but sincere wor
ship and faithfulness.
Why is Joshua making
such a formal occasion as
this? Well, for one thing, he
is aware, tbit there is a
subtle, yet powerful inner
struggle taking place in the
lives of his people. They
have witnessed the goodness
of God, but the lures and
enchantments of the pagan
gods are hard to put aside. In
the spirit of the' ancient
world, they are tempted to
give homage to both the Lord
and hiS rivals'. “Put away
the gods which your fathers
served beyond the River,
and in Egypt, and serve the
Lord” (24:14). Joshua
doesn’t “beat around the
high enough and a Yield
Grade of 2 or 3. Producers
should be on the market
enough to learn just how
much finish it takes to meet
these grades, of finish.
Recently the eastern
producers have lest most of
the .buyers of highly finished
cattle. With grain prices
being higher, it is poor
economics to put feed into
cattle and then get
discounted on the market for
having too much finish.
r wo voo fca&er Vour *hi
li'fm Vou MQDMT ft HQRSg?
c '
means America holds a power-in the
world far more potent than guns ever
could provide.
It' means broader marketing
potential for farmers and better
prices for farm goods. It means
the standards of nutrition
As important as farming is to the
American economy, we can see no,
reason why all three leading
presidential candidates should not
consent to a debate on farm policy.
The idea is being promoted by
National Farmers’ Union President
George W. Stone and has-true merit.
The nation’s agricultural policy in
the coming four years will have great
effect on our balance of trade,
consumer prices, farm productivity,
research budgets, export policy,
foreign relations and domestic
Notice nothing above is said about
the farmer and his business. This
bush”, but comes straight to
the point: “And if you be
unwilling to serve the Lord,
choose this day whom you
willserve...” (24:15).
The people might be
tempted to slide by without
making a conscious choice.
It is a most human trait and
- we still try to do that very
thing even today: if we can
Both adhere to Christianity
and still hpld on to other
feligious values, we will do '
it But Joshua knew that the
people had to make a
definite choice, one way or
the other. God would not
tolerate divided loyalties:
“You cannot serve the Lord;
for he is a holy God; he is a
jealous God” (24.19). Jesus
would echo this generations
Cattle feeders should adjust
to market demands in order
to make the most profit.
Colder weather soon be
here when most rats add
mice will be coming to farm
buildings. With good
management we should not
allow them to set up house
keeping on any farm or
building. They often carry
diseases and will surely
damage most feed and grain
Let candidates debate .
•• I
later saying, “You cannot
serve God and mammon. ”
Joshua made it dear that
he and his family had made
that choice: “ for me
and my house, we will serve
the Lord” (24:15). And die
people were anxious to make
the same choice: “Far be it
from us that we should
forsake the Lord, to serve
other gods.” They
remembered well what God
had done for them: “it is the
Lord our God who brought us
and our fathers from the
land of .Egypt, out of thp
house ofbondage...therefore
we will serve the Lord for he
is our God” (24:15-18).
crops. Good sanitation
practices are in order and
the usO' some concrete to
point masonry walls and
foundations. Corn cribs and
grain bins also be
protected. Feed grains are
too high-priced to be
damaged or destroyed by
Eastern National livestock
Expo, Fairgrounds,
Timonium, Md. Con
tinues through Oct 1.
Penn State Horticulture
Show, University flower
gardens, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Continues tomorrow.
Monday, Sept 29
Farm - TMI Meeting, Lower
„ Swatara, Twp. Building,
Rt. 441,7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Sept 30
NEDCO Annual Meeting,
Hotel ' Syracuse,
Syracuse, N.Y. Continues
on Oct. 1. '
and crop production around the
world without giving away the goods
we produce.
' It means a secure America, a
prosperous state, and a healthy
outlook on the home farm.
isn't simply a farmer concern. It is :
'important to the entire country.
Still, the four percent of the'
population who feed the other 96 -
percent would be interested in |
knowing if Reagan found out >
what parity is, if Carter intends to I
open markets to foreign cheese, or if ®
Anderson has a firm farm policy. *
* Let’s have the leading contenders i
face. a panel from Farm Bureau, <
Grange, NFU, and the farm press. - f
Not only will the outcome be \
educational for the general, public,
but the candidates themselves may f
learn something more about the
' concerns of the farm community in
this country.
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Farm Calendar
Today, Sept 27
Twice they assured Joshua :
that they knew fully the,
meaning of the covenant
they were making wit) Jhes|
Lord. Very well, says If
Joshua, raising a great stone I
to -commemorate this act, T
.“Behold this stone shall be a
witness against; us, for it lias
heard all the words of the'
Lord which he spoke to us”
(24:27). Joshua knew that
covenants need to be for- 4
mally recognized and
specifically verbalized if V
they are to be guiding forces
inpur lives.
A ring, a baptismal cer- >'
tificate, or some other -w,
visible “stone of witness” |s
needed in every covenant - 1 :
Many producers are about £
finished with their spray :’
materials for this year.’?-
Many of these can be
over until next year with*
good results. However, it is
always best tp buy only
enough for one season at a
Wednesday, Oct 1
New Holland Farmers Fair,
New Holland, Continues
through Oct 4.
Calvert County Fair, Prince
Frederick, Md. Continues
through Oct 5. £ $
National Broiler Housing &
Seminar, University [of"'
Del. Substatioh,-
Georgetown, Del. 8:£0
a.m.-3:15 p.m. '
Northeast Egg
Assn, annual meeting,,
Hotel Hershey, Hersheiy.'
Continues through Oct. 3.
Lancaster Conservation,'
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