Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 13, 1980, Image 124

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    C36—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 13,1980
People are the fair see you at Solanco
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For sure, a fair is a fair because of the participation of the people and animals
in it. If anyone has doubts about that, let them spend some time wandering an
abandoned fairgrounds. While the sparrows which sit in the quiet rafters are a
pleasant diversion, and the breeze which ripples the distinctive smell of sawdust
Home produce shine, at Solanco Fair
Judging and displays of
vegetables, flowers, arts and
handicrafts, farm products
and baked goods are a
popular portion of the annual
Solanco Fair.
The folks in Southern
Lancaster County will get
their opportunity to pit their
entries against those of their
neighbors while enjoying
plenty of tantalizing food.
For three days starting
Wednesday, September 17,
and ending on Friday,
September 19, the Solanco
Fair will open it’s doors to
judging competitions, rural
athletic contests and the
produce of the area.
Entries will be accepted
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Buck Tractor Pull
September 6,1980
5000 SS
1. Jim Brubaker,
Quarryville, PA AC 180
235 9; 2 Dale Smoke,
Cochranville, PA AC 180
229 9, 3. Bert Stauffer,
Ephrata, PA Deutz 8006
226 3
5000 Mod
1 Curt Stoltz, Myerstown,
PA Hmde/468 Chev
FP/249 6, 2 Charles
Brommer, Columbia, PA
Hmde/tank FP/247 11, 3
Gary Mills, Fallston, MD JD
Skidder/427 Chev 295 3.
7000 SS
1 Tony Stauffer, New
Holland, PA Deutz 9006
282 6, Bert Stauffer,
Ephrata, PA Deutz 8006
255.9; 3. Dan Greenleaf,
Martmsburg, Pa JD 4010
253 7.
5500 FWD
1 Robert Smith, Win
chester, VA 1970 Chevy
294.9; 2 Dan Fellenbaum,
Lititz, PA 1969 Chevy 261 2,
V,V S.
Tuesday from 3 p.m. - 10
p.m. and Wednesday until 10
a.m. and will be judged
Wednesday afternoon during
which tune the buildings
except the livestock
buildings and kitchen will be
closed to the public.
Exhibits must be picked
up after 10 p.m. on Friday
and prior to 8:30 a.m. on
Saturday. Premium checks
should be picked up by 10
p.m. Fnday at the Fair
Commercial displays and
livestock on display will
round out this 31st edition of
the fair.
3 Michael Omps, Win
chester, VA1970 Ford 258.8.
7000 Mod.
1. Elwood Funk, Lititz, PA
Allison 272 2 ; 2. Stanley
Groner, Pequea, PA 454
Chevy, 267 11, 3 L & Z
Pulling Team, Mt. Joy, PA
267 10.
9000 SS
' 1 Coleman Wheatley,
Bethel, DE JD 4240 252.4 ; 2
Harry Greist, Coatesville,
PA IH 1456 241 6, 3 Dan
Greenleaf, Martmsburg, PA
JD 4010 236 11
9000 Open
1 Willard Will, Central
City, PA Hmde/ Allison,
271 10, 2. Richard Zim
merman, Mt Joy, PA Case
800/3-440 Dodges, 264 10, 3
Elwood Funk, Litiz, PA
Hmde/Allison 261.5
6500 FWD
1 Robert Smith, Win
chester, VA 1970 Chev 300 0,
2 Michael Omps, Win
chester, VA 1978 Ford,
286 10 , 3. Willard Cahall,
Townsend, DE Ford 282 7
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through the buildings is refreshing, the potential the grounds hold forth for next
week's fair causes a quickened tempo in one’s mind and pulse. For soon the
aromas of french fries and the lowing of cattle will command the air currents.
And friends and neighbors will smile around each corner. Such is a fair.
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