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Staff Correspondent
LEESPORT - Over 300
jiembers of the Berks
County Farmer’s
Association turned out last
Sunday afternoon for their
mnual picnic, hoping the
ivent would carry the same
radition it has for the
irevious two years
(ringing ram.
The lack of any mid-day
jrecipitation didn’t dampen
he spirits or enjoyment of
he farm families gathered
it the Leesport Market and
Auction here, however.
Members had the op
jortunity to visit with
Serving at the Berks County Farmers’ Association picnic were, from left, Mr.
md Mrs. John Bartsch, Jack Kooker, and picnic committee chairman Gertrude
Outstanding Cows
bred to GLENDELL and making 1000 fat. A
high test family, her dam is a VGB7 IVANHOE
STAR with 4.6%, 979 fat.
A VG- 2 yr old ELEVATION WITH 16353 4 1
671 at lylOm and milking 100 lb. a day now
A fancy 3 yr. old ELEVATION due with 2nd
calf in September. She is from a VGB7, 22,000
lb LUCKY dam and an KINGPIN granddam
A fancy uddered ELEVATION with 18357 m as
a 2 yr old Sells with her WAYNE daughter and
both are bred to GLENDELL
Another ELEVATION fresh in July and milking
90 lb. now She has a VG 16,400 m dam and an
EXCELLENT full sister
VGB7 cow fresh in June sells with her JEMINI
heifer calf She has records to 724 F and her
dam is a 21,000 4 6% KINGPIN
Two BETTY CHIEF daughters sell fresh with
their first calves One from a VG, 25,000 m dam
and a 30,000 m BOOTMAKER granddam The
other from an ASTRONAUT dam and a VG
A GP 83 IVAN HOE STAR sells fresh to CHAR
SAM. Has over 19,000 m as a 2yr old Dam and
granddam both over 20,000 m
A JET STREAM due in September after a
18,000 m 2yr record
A JOB from a +1303 index ELEVATION sells
due in September to JEMINI
An ELEVATION granddaughter with 21,000 m
as a 3 yr old sells due sale time Her dam has
several 20,000 lb records to 21,400 and the
granddam is a VGBBGMD with 20,000
A fresh ORBIT starting well
generations of good record dams
A fancy uddered DOUBLE TRIUNE sells just
fresh after a 19,800 m 4 yr. record
CAPSULE due sale time with 3rd calf after 2
21,000 m records
A GP BOOTMAKER with 17,000 m 4 1%, sell
lust fresh
Berks Farmers 9 Assn, holds annual picnic
Important topics for and water rights. A special the local meetings for county Kooker also noted that Mr.
discussion involving the discussion will also be approval and backing. The ] Mrs - John Bartsch,
National, State, and local presented on school property meeting will be held at the Bethel, will be representing
levels will be explained and taxes and several alter- Sheraton Berkshire Inn, Berks County at the Penn
then opened for discussions native ways of funding the Wyomissmg. sylvania Farmer’s
for policy development. educational system. Association information
Some of these topics are The Annual meeting Other dates noted mcluded booth at Ag Progress Days
inflation-budget and scheduled for October 3 will candidates mght October and Kevin and Lois Hertzog,
government spending, trade conclude the local policy 24th at the Berks County Oley, will attend a Statewide
and embargoes, nutrition development program. This Agricultural Center and training seminar at Toftress
and labeling, the role of the is when members will vote August 17, Jim Haldeman’s August 14 and 15, sponsored
USDA, transportation, on the policies at retirement luncheon. by the Fanners Association,
taxation and land and en
vironment (federal
ownership-purchases), Pe
nnsylvania land owned by
foreign investors, antibiotics
tolerances in milk, civil
defense, sewage sludge,
protein pricing, acid ram
political candidates and
State Association Officials
also present at the picnic.
Jack Kooker, County
Association President, noted
several important dates and
urged the local members to
come to the events. He said
16 group meetings have been
scheduled throughout the
county for policy develop
ment between August 15 and
30. Anyone interested in
attending a meetmg to ex
press their views or seek a
solution to a problem can
contact Policy development
chairman, John Koch,
Birdsboro, at 215/582-4143.
A Few Of The Good Bred Heifers
sells bred to CONDUCTOR
with 755 F
An ELEVATION due in September from a
-one from a VG 26,000 m dam and a
24,000 m granddam
A deep pedigreeded JOB from a VG dam with
44% The granddam is GPB3 The 3rd dam VG
GMD and the 4th EX-91 with 28,000 m.
A BETTY CHIEF due in October from a GPB3
700 F dam
A big JET STREAM from a VGB7 19,000 m
dam and a VG granddam
Another ELEVATION from a 15,000 lb dam
and a KINGPIN granddam
from 2
Tues., Aug. 19th - 7:00 PM
55 Head of Central Pa's Finest
At The Grange Fairgrounds In Centre Hall,
During Ag Progress Days
-two others from high test pedigrees
Sale Chairmen
Jay Howes 814-692-8980
James Hostetter 717-899-6386
Ask the
VMD jm
Leon Riegel
If you have a question you
would like answered by the
team from Valley Animal
Hospital, send it to Ask tbe
VMD, Box 366, Lititz, Pa.
17543. Questions will be kept
anonymous on request.
Collecting test tubes
A reader asks:
What’s the proper method
for collecting samples for
subclmxcal mastitis tests?
Dr. Sheaffer comments:
You must first obtain
sterile sample tubes from
your veterinarian or the
laboratory that will do the
culturing. (Be sure you know
how to collect the tubes
without contaminating the
Wash off the udder with a
clean disposable towel and
either allow it to air dry if
you have tune to wait or dry
it with another towel of
Centre Hall, Pa.
Sponsored By-
Centre Co. Holstein Club
Mifflin Co. Holstein Club
Auctioneers -
Mark Click
V. Art Kling
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 16,1980—A39
course one that is clean, dry
and disposable.
Next, the end of the teat
that is to be sampled should
be wiped with cotton and 70
percent isopropyl alcohol.
The alcohol should be
allowed to dry by
evaporation, taking half a
minute to dry.
For a right-handed person,
the test tube is held in the left
hand, removmg the top with
the little fmger of the right
Take two or three squirts
of milk to clear the stream
canal of any dirt or alcohol
that has not been washed off.
Squirt the third or fourth
stream directly into the
sample tube, being careful
not to hit the edges, if
Immediately place the lid
back on the sample tube and
Some Fancy Calves
A deep pedigreed ELEVATION Her dam a
VGB6 KINGPIN with 7jOOF Next 3 dams all VG
with good records
A pair of MILESTONES - one from a VG
22,000 m dam The other from a 20,000 m dam
An Oct WILLOW from a VG 2 yr KINGPIN
dam making 22,000 m Granddam EX,
20,000 m, 3rd dam a VG ASTRONAUT
A pair of JET STREAMS from 2 generations of
20,0001 b dams
This sale represents a fine cross-section of
daughters of the best sires from outstanding
maternal lines A real showcase of Penn
sylvania's finest Holstems
Sale site is only 20 minutes from Ag Progress
Days, so plan a day at the exposition and take in
the sale that evening
Tim T rayer Edgar Shealfer
mark it according to the
cow’s number and quarter
and place the tube back in
the rack.
We recommend that tubes
should be kept m an upright
position until the culturing is
done in order to prevent any
contamination of the sample
from the hd.
It is important to sample
each quarter of the udder
and mark it individually. It
is possible to find that one
quarter may have a strep
tococcus organism, while
another quarter on the same
cow may have a
staphylococcus or another
type of organism. Then, too,
there will be quarters that
will be free of any clinical or
subchnical infection.
from a good
< 1s