Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 16, 1980, Image 201

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    Good’s Auction
111 North Maple Ave.
Leola. PA
Hay, Straw & Grain Sales
Every Wednesday
12:00 Noon
Farm Machinery
First and Third Wednesday
January thru November
starting at 9:00
With 6 Auctioneers
Tools and Hardware
Lawn & Garden Equipment
12:00 Noon
Farm Machinery -12:30
No out of state checks
No household Goods, no clothing.
No poultry Equipment or scrap tin.
RDI Leola, PA 17540
At 6 P.M. Sharp
Location: One (1) and a half (V 2) miles east of
intersections 113 & 401 on Rt. 401 at turnpike
bridge, Chester Springs, Chester County, Pa.
Agn King Case model 1370, 24 5 tires, 330 hours, air
conditioned cab, David Brown model 990 with Case
hydraulic loader, 1350 hours; MM model 335 tractor;
N H PT 0 model 1002 Stockliher bale wagon, N H
PT O model 78 baler; N H 256 rotobar rake, N H
model 479 hay bine, Kuhn hay tedder; N H model TR
-70 Self-Propelled combine 4 row 30 in com head, used
700 acres, Diesel, air-conditioned cab. New style rotary
cylinder; N.H model 371-P T O tandem tank
spreader, Husky transport tandem tank PT O with
liquid manure injectors, holds 3250 gallons, Badger
BN-180 PTO liquid manure pump, Oliver senu
mounted 5 bottom hydraulic reset plow, Kewanee
transport cultimulcher 14 ft, 3 pt rotary mower,
Bnlhon transport harrow 16 ft , Danhauser 3 pt back
blade, Int model 400 cyclo corn planter 8 row no till,
Int. model 400 cyclo corn planter 4 row no till, both corn
planters take liquid and dry fertilizer; Midwest
transport disc 12 ft, Farmec transport liquid manure
tank, 2 pt Eagle hitch, 3 pt lift crane, 2 Int Forage
self unloading wagons; 2 wheel 14 ft trailer; 3-135
gallon plastic liquid fertilizer tank; 3 GSI galvanized
grain bins, 48 ft in diameter 26 ft high, 42,000 bushel
capacity with drying floor and Bin unloading auger, 36
ft in diameter 26 ft. high 21,000 bushel capacity with 8
in unloading auger; 7 Mayrath and Snowco 8 in gram
augers, 18 to 53 ft long with motors, 3 phase with
electrical switches, M-C model 600 B-10-P T O con
tinuous grain dryer mounted on tandem wheels; gram
cleaner, Transport PTO generator 100 KW; 1968
Mack truck tractor R-600 twin screw, 10x20 tires; 1969
Ford 800 16 ft stake dump body, 1955 Chevrolet 2 ton
stake dump truck, 1967 Ford van, 2-275 gallon skid
tanks, 1-400 gallon gas tank double tool box for pickup
truck, Fuel tank for pickup truck. Air compressor, 60
calf stalls unassembled, chemicals; Hydraulic
cylinder, 200 ft Big Dutchman champion self feeding
trough with chains, Miscellaneous farm accessories
not mentioned
TERMS C-A-S-H or approved check
By order of:
Sale conducted by:
Whitford Sales Co.
L Robert Frame, Auct
Box 98 Uwchland, P.O. Eagle, Pa 19480
“Chester County’s FOREMOST Auction Company”
Chester Springs, Pa.
Phone office 215-363-8810
Home 215-827-7764
[d I [JaWd
New and Used Surplus
Parts and Supplies
Some Antiques and
Scrap Metal
6:00 P.M.
LOCATION: At M. M. Weaver and Sons, Inc.
Farm Equipment Store, located 4 miles west of
New Holland, 8 miles east of Lancaster, on
route 23, turn north on Groffdale Road, 1 mile
on right. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
4 and 6 groove V belt pulleys; Sprokets, r ears; pipes;
Mower and combine knives; Flail harvester knives;
Plow shears and parts; Disc harrow axels, scrapers
and parts; TIRES: 14” 15” and 16” car, truck, tractor
and implement tires; RIMS: 14” and 15” 4-5-6 lug
implement and tractor rims; Hydraulic cylinders and
valves; Jacks; PTO shafts; Snowblower; Cornplanter
hoppers; Wooden wagon wheels; Rear drive con
version kits for forage wagons; Scrap steel shipping
crates; and many other items too numerous to men
North Groffdale Road
Leola, Pennsylvania
Auction conducted by;
John E. and Paul E. Martin
717-733-3511 - 717-733-3305 Ephrata, Pa.
Food at Auction
Auburn Four Corners, Pa., Susq. Co.
Located 5 miles W. of Springville & Pa. Rt. 29,
12 miles S of Montrose, 10 miles N. of
Meshoppen and 35 miles N. of Scranton via rt. 6
54 Holsteins - 31 Reg. - 23 Top grades, ah so day
T B. & blood tested free herd. Many vaccinated Preg
nancy examined Udders checked and ready for inter
state shipment
RHA 16,817 m 3 7% 615 F 8 Milch cows - 15 reg ,
several fresh & close springers 3 bred heifers -10 reg
all due in early faU -13 open beautiful heifers - 6 reg.
Sires include Paclamar Astronaut, Cochran Sun
shine, WHlow Farm, Rockman Ivanhoe, Hickory
Fields, Chem Andy, Alnez Discover, Job, Rose-E-Vere
Rochman, Count & other Eastern A-l Sires
Look at these top DHIA records No. 198 - Reg
22,617 m 853 F ME-due in Nov , No 115 Reg 23,309 m
822 F due in Nov -100 lb cow ,No 133 - Reg 20,454 m
4 2% 869 f, No 117 - Grade 22,207 m 766 F-ME - last test
100 4 lbs, No. 180-Reg 20,100 m 755FMD-due Nuv 18,
No 132 - Reg 19,549 m 690 F due Aug 8, No 72 - Reg -
Job daug 2 yr 1 mo 102 da 15,124 m 536 F, No 134 -
Grade 20.133 M 769 F ME - 100 3 lbs lact test no 153
grade 21,000 810 F ME The remainder of the herd
closely related to the above & other fannies on this
farm with good records Nearly all Eastern A-l sires
Due to Mr Zehner returning to college here is your
opportunity to purchase high production holsteins
IHC Gas 106 Tractor, New rubber, overhauled
recently A-l, IHC Super W 6 Tractor WFE, Ford 532
Baler PTO hyd kicker. New 1979 A-l, Ford 513 Side
Rake used 2 seasons, N H 469 Hay Bine PTO A-l
flotation tires, 2 IHC Baler wagons, 4 section 128 ft
Sno-Co Mow elevator, Gehl 180 Spreader - hyd end gate
A-l used 2 seasons, 3 Bou-Matic elec pulse milkers A-l,
Bender dumping station w/110 hose-washer & dryer A
1, Zero 35CFM milker pump w/2 hp motor, pails,
strainer, 2 calf hutches & set 18x4x34 chains 4000 bales
first & second cutting mixed hay
All smaU tools sold at 11 00 A M Shape
Tent - Lunch - Catalogs
Terms Cash or approved check
Meshoppen, Pa. 18630
RD #3 box 121,
Ph 717-965-2581
M.L. Bunnell, Sale Manager
Springville, Pa.
Ph. 717-965-2375
Al Smith Ped.
Poulsen, Weaver & Poulsen Auctioneers
ll:OOA M
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 16,1980—E33
Select hybrids
for drydown
drydown characteristics can
be as important as yield
when selecting a corn
Traditionally, growers
chosen their hybrids on
the basis of yield, stan
dabihty and drydown for
earlier harvest, and in that
But escalating fuel costs
have increased the emphasis
on drydown, as the cost of
drying a bushel of gram is
getting more expensive
annually, offsetting a few
extra bushels in yield.
The trick is to select
hybrids that yield high and
drydown quickly. Corn
breeders at Funk have made
significant advances in both
yield and drydown m a wide
range of maturities,
researcher John Malcolm
says, but drydown
characteristics still vary
from hybrid to hybrid.
Early maturity hybrids
usually drydown quickly but
yield less per acre than later
maturity hybrids, which are
normally wetter at harvest.
“Keep a record of how fast
your hybrids drydown and
the percent moisture at
harvest,” Malcolm says.
“Then use this information
with yield data to select next
year’s hybrids.”
The cost of drying corn a
few moisture percentage
points is rising.
For example, a hybrid
harvested at 28 percent
moisture now must yield
approximately four to eight
bushels per acre more than a
hybrid harvested at 22
percent moisture to pay for
drying costs and provide an
Sale Reports
The Berks Co. Club Sale animal, an Elevation
was held Aug. 5 at the daughter, sold for $3825.
Fairgrounds in Kutztown, Another animal sold for
Pa. The 28 head sold for an $2700 and two sold for $2600.
average of $1903. Sale Mgr. Remsburg Sale
The top-priced animal, an Service and Sale Chr., Roy
Ivanhoe Star daughter, sold P. Hoppes.
for $4OOO and the second high
#1 Located 4 miles west of Elizabethtown,
Pa., Falmouth Rd., turn right on Bossier Rd. to
Furnace Hill Rd. Farm called Misty Acres.
Farmette 11acres approx Small efficient poultry
farm capacity of 13,300 cage layers Currently under
contract Barn w/Horse Stable & Com Crib
2*v story Frame House, Living Room, Dining Room,
Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, l Bath, Basement Oil w/Hot
Air, Stream, SmaU Woods, Pond Site Golden op
portunity for some family who has ambition & forsight
10% down day of sale. Balance after Jan. 1, 1981.
Possession Possible before Settlement.
M 2 Located at 3790 E Harrisburg Pike,
oppositve from Big M Middletown, Pa.
1 Storv concrete Block House, Li\ mg Room, Kitchen,
2 Bedrooms, Bath Laundrv Roc i Oil w/Baseboard
Heat, Large lot
10% down day of Sale. 30 days Balance. To inspect
these Properties call 367-1861 or 653-5689. Both
Properties will be sold at #l.
Real Estate to be offered at 7 00 P.M.
Sale by,
Henry Gingrich, Atty.
Harold (Abe) Shaffner, Auct
equal net economic return,
Malcolm says.
Growers with a con
ventional continuous flow
batch drier can expect to
burn over 18 gallons of
propane to dry 130 bushels of
com from 28 to 22 percent
That’s an additional $lO
per acre, or $1.67 for each
point of moisture removed
from 130 bushels, that must
be added to the cost of the
fuel needed to dry 22 percent
com to 15.5 percent or less.
Corn begins to lose
moisture in the field as it
approaches physiological
maturity, the point where
the plant adds no more dry
weight to the kernel. This
coincides with formation of a
“black layer” at the tips of
the kernels.
To estimate a hybrid’s
drydown characteristics,
Malcolm advises making
periodic corn moistive
readings from shortly after
black layer formation
through harvest, using a
portable moisture meter or
by taking a com sample to a
local elevator for testmg.
The readings should be
taken from a composite
sample of at least 10 ears.
Sound crop production
management programs can
keep crop stresses that delay
maturity and harvest to a
Malcolm has three
suggestions to conserve
energy consumption and
lower costs. Select drying
systems on the basis of
energy efficiency; and use
natural air drying and low
temperature drying as much
as possible.
7:00 P.M