Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 16, 1980, Image 189

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corn, urea
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N DALE mixer
mini loader,
or silo chute
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Center Discharge Hydraulic Conveyor.
The VAN DALE center discharge design makes
it easier tol .gn the conveyor to the bunk and
hold it in Ini The side door operates hydrauli
cally So do-|s the discharge conveyor You oper
ate both from the tractor seat or truck cab
Does not depend on PTO speed or ground
speed to control flow of feed from conveyor
This variable hydraulic feed control eliminates
need to back up for another pass at the end of
the bunk
“Figure-8” Mixing Action.
Our four-auger system moves feed ingredients in a double
figure-8 (both horizontally and vertically) as it tumbles,
churns, folds and blends for more complete mixing And,
since the mixing action always converges at the center of
the box, adjacent to the discharge chute, feed moves only
half the distance required by other units That means
mixing time is also faster with Van Dale
Mixer Feeder Specifications
Widlh imixmg unit) 66
Overall 112
Length (mixing unit) 120
Overall 186
Height (mixing unit) 55
Overall 76
On trailer 82
Discharge Opening 18 x 12
210 cu ft 285 cu ft 335 cu ft
168 bu 230 bu 266 bu
up to 9 400 lbs up to 12 880 lbs up to 14 896 lbs
2 3 mm
Rate of mixing
4 380 lbs
1 I‘r 2
Drive all drive roller chain roller chain roller chain
chains lubricated in 60 80 100 80 120 80-120
enclosed oil bath heavy duty spkts heavy duly spkts heavy duty spkls
The VAN DALE Four-Auger
Our four augers mean a fast,
thorough mix of all ingredients
How fast 7 How’s 3 to 5 minutes
sound 7 And that’s with a half or
full load And, since we’re
moving feed ha If the distance
and have four augers to do it,
Van Dale requires less horse
power than most mixer feeders
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, August 16,1980—£21
18 x 12
2 5 mm
6 250 lbs
1 1'? 2
2V,. 2'5/„
Ordinary Three-Auger System.
The competition Three augers,
forced to move ingredients the
full length of the box for a
complete mix Compare that to
Van Dale And other makes
can’t promise a total mix with a
partial load, because the single
bottom auger just rolls the feed
instead of mixing
18 x 12
2-5 mm
6 780 lbs
1 IV 2
2v, t 2 15 / 1t