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Octorara study for scenic system begins
Octorara Creek and its
tributaries, which drain
some of the most prime
farmland in Lancaster and
Chester counties, is being
studied by the - state
Department of En
vironmental Resources to
determine eligibility in the
commonwealth’s system of
Wild and Scenic Rivers.
The study, which will
continue for the next six
months, includes the Oc
torara north from the
Maryland border, its East
and West Branches,
Stewarts Run and other
smaller tributaries and
“The study is just now
Heidi Miller crowned
County Poultry Queen
are many surprises in life,
and this is one of them.”
With these words, Heidi
Miller, 18 year old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Miller, R 1 Columbia, ac-
cepted the crown as 1980
N Lancaster County Poultry
Queen at a pageant held at
the Farm and Home Center
here Friday.
Debbie Herr, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Herr,
Quarryville, was named as
the 1980 Alternate Poultry
Heidi’s family has a layer
operation with 120,000 birds.
A recent graduate of
23rd Lebanon Area Fair packs fun, competition into 7 days
Irene Brown, Newmanstown, was the champion
showman and fitter in the FFA sheep division.
getting started,” George
Fogg, Chief of the DER’s
Bureau of Outdoor
Recreation, said.
“In these early stages,
we’ll be working with the
planning commissions from
both Lancaster and Chester ‘
counties to gather base maps
and other general
background information
about the stream.”
Property owners along the
stream and its tributanes
will first be directly affected
when DER personnel begin
an on-the-spot field study of
the waters and adjoining
land. This field phase will
begin as soon as the
preliminary fact-finding is
Actual studying of the
Manheim Township High
School, Heidi has an office
job at the Farm Credit Office
m Lancaster.
Her mother, Alicia, said
that Heidi had worked for a
poultry service on chicken
catching crews while in
school, and that she is as
much or more involved in
the operation than the rest of
the family.
“She just sort of fell
naturally into it,” her
mother said. “Heidi’s a girl
deeply interested in agri
The Millers operate a 170
acre farm but have had the
poultry operation for only a
year and a half.
Lancaatar Faming, Saturday, August 9,1980
Will «g be forgotten?
stream is expected to con
tinue for the next six months.
After that, another six
months will be needed for
the bolding of various ad
visory committee and public
meetings as part of the
DER’s deliberations on
whether the stream will be
ITC votes relief for mushrooms
The International Trade
Commission Wednesday
voted to recommend
quantitative restrictions be
unposed on imports of
canned and other preserved
The restriction, recom
' Heidi’s presentation to the
judges gave -statistics
showing the growth of the
poultry industry over the
last 50 years. She tied her
ideas up m a catchy line,
“That’s something to crow
about growing to meet the
needs of a hungry world.”
Her judges’ question dealt
with teenager/adult con
flicts. She was asked what
she would do if she were with
a group of teenagers and
older people blasted the
young people. Heidi calmly
replied that she realized
older people criticized the
young, but she hoped the
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LEBANON - Close to 2500
spectators and exhibitors
were on hand Sunday for the
opening of the Lebanon Area
According to John Balmer,
director, over 1600 people
feasted on the bam barbecue
that kicked off the week-long
Visitors toured through the
manicured grounds, viewing
the latest in farming
equipment. Over 60 com
mercial exhibitors were on
hand to provide the in
terested visitors with the
latest information on
products, ranging from wood
stoves to the latest in liquid
In the Sunday afternoon
competition, local breeders
of rabbits and cavies
competed for championship
honors. Todd Propst’s
Flemish Giant Sandy buck
was selected as the Best
included in the Wild and
Scenic River system and
what designation the stream
will receive.
One farm group that will
be closely watching the
study, as it has monitored
previous efforts concerning
other streams in the state, is
mended for a three year
period, was approved by a
three to two vote.
Last Wednesday the ITC
board had voted four to zero
that the mushroom industry
needed some form of relief.
But local farm groups
already are criticizing the
specifics of this week’s ITC
vote, calling it temporary
relief, not a remedy.
The ITC recommended
President Jimmy Carter
restrict imports to 86 million
pounds during the first year
of the proposed three year
In the second year imports
could climb to 94 million
pounds; the third year, 103
million pounds, which is
more than what they are
A coalition of the Penn-
In This Issue
SECTION A: Editorials, 10; County roundup, 15;
Lebanon steer show, 16; FMBA farm tour, 20; Chester
4-H sheep, 24; Lebanon dairy show, 36.
SECTION B: Somerset fair, 2; Perry cow sale, 3;
N.J. Angus day, 6; Berks hog show, 8; W. Pa. Angus
preview, 10.
SECTION C: Homestead notes, 2; Dairy princesses,
4; Joyce Bupp, 10; Bradford Holstems, 17; Chester
Black & Whites, 18; Scotch Highland cattle, 26.
SECTION D: Franklin DHIA, 4; Ask VMD, 6; Upper
Susquehanna DHIA, 10; Cumberland DHIA, 13; Adams
DHIA, 15; Lancaster silos, 16; Montgomery DHIA, 18;
Chester DHIA, 20.
Fancy rabbit. Edwin Dit
zler’s Champagne was
judged the Best Commercial
In Monday’s poultry
competition, the grand
champion Large Fowl was a
Buff Brahma hen exhibited
by Behney and Miller, R 1
Myerstown. They also
showed the reserve cham
pion, a Plymouth Rock
Partridge hen.
The grand champion
Bantam was exhibited by
Joseph Scharner, R 3
Myerstown. The only cock to
win a championship title in
this year’s competition,
Schamer’s entry was a
White Cochin rooster. A
Silver Sebnghts hen, shown
by Charles Peters of
Jonestown, took the reserve
The grand champion goat
was exhibited by Tammy
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the Pennsylvania Grange. '
Hie Grange is leading an
effort to have legislation
changed to eliminate the
condemnation eminent
domain provisions of the bill
as it now stands.
The Wild and Scenic
Rivers Program as
sylvania Farmers’ Union,
State Grange, Food
Processors and American
Mushroom Institute had
asked foreign imports be
limited to about 50 million
pounds per year.
The ITC recommended the
President allocate its
mushroom quota on a per
country basis as he deems
appropriate. This would
allow separate quotas for
different nations.
The U.S. mushroom in
dustry has requested some
relief repeatedly m the past
decade, citing damage from
imports from the Far East.
Several times ITC has
indicated the mushroom
industry deserved relief but
presidents of both parties
have chosen to enact neither
The first champion' tobacco spitter at the
Lebanon Area Fair is Henry Smith, Lebanon. The
Silver Cup chewer said he’s been chewing since he
was 18 years old. His spit in accuracy and distance
beat the other contestants Butch Ebersole and
Henry Emrich.
$7.50 Per Year
authorized by the
Legislature in 1972 contains
these condemnation
provisions which affect so
called scenic easements.
These easements can en
compass the vegetative
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an import tonage limit nor a
tariff on imports.
Pennsylvania Farmers
Union was among the first of
the state’s farmer groups to
lobby " actively in
Washington, D.C. for relief
for the mushroom industry.
Leonard Zemaihs, state
director for PFU, said
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We welcome
4 new DlflAs
LITITZ Montour,
Northumberland, Snyder
and Union DHIA listings
make their debut in Lan
caster Farming this week on
page D-10.
The four county listing will
appear monthly under one
heading, Upper
Susquehanna DHIA.
The counties in the Upper
Susquehanna area, unlike
other counties, have area
extension agents who work
all four counties. Each agent
covers a particular field, for
instance, dairy or crops.
Thus the grouping of the
DHIA records.
We’re pleased to add the
Upper Susquehanna
dairymen to our pages
boosting our position as the
state’s top farm paper.