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    10—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, December 31,1977
CONSIDER LAND USE depends on everyone’s we will have a land use laws governing land use. f^g^p^^^wi^buriap^r
As time goes on, the future support of the solution to that policy in Lancaster County - Now is the time for you to get v . .
use of our Lancaster County problem. hopefully that policy will be involved, increase your s hot water until
farm lands seems to be more At this time a lot of county the result of and m the m- knowledge m this area, and melts You might also BDI
uncertain. As a New Years
resolution it would be m
order for all the residents of
this county to become more
aware and knowledgable in
this area of land use. Our
future as a major con
tributor of food to the world
Lesson for January 1,1978
Background Scripture:
Ruth 1 through 4
Devotional Reading:
Psalms 113
The Book of Ruth is a
Why not grow our energy?
Editor, Lancaster Farming:
Food is for people - not
profit cry the masses. Can a
rational people enslave one
segment of our great land to
the servitude of the
majority 9 Agricultural
products are raw wealth just
as coal, oil and gas are.
Agricultural produce alone
is a perpetually renewable
raw wealth. Perhaps the
agricultural strike will brag
to light the fact that without
agricultural purchasing
power grass will grow in the
streets of America! No other
Editor, Lancaster Farming;
With reports of up to half
of U.S. farmers facing
bankruptcy, I would think
that every fanner in the
country would be ready to do
something to stop the
situation. This fact certainly
indicates that a proven way
to raise farm income should
be tried. This situation
equals the sinking of the
Lusitania, the bombing of
Pearl Harbor, and other
things that made people
realize that tney have to
stand up and fight for their
nghts or else have them
taken away.
The farmers need costs of
production plus a reasonable
profit. Supply and demand
will not give the farmers a
fair price because the buyers
have much more power than
any one farmer. Supply and
demand would work if the
residents are talking about terest of a large number of
the problem of future land county residents and not the
use, but few people are efforts of and in the interest
becoming actively involved of a few.
in terming the future Currently some local
Committments come hard governments are taking a
and sometimes with per- hard look at their present,
sonal sacrifice. Eventually but basically ineffective,
dangerous book! At least
that is the way it was
regarded when it first ap
peared and for a con
siderable time thereafter. To
even the casual reader of the
Bible today that may sound
preposterous, we all know
the Book of Ruth to be an
entertaining story of ten
derness and devotion. How
could anyone regard this
story as “dangerous”?
Foreigner from Moab
In order to understand the
significance of Ruth, we
have to remember that in the
day when it was written
there was great concern and
disapproval over any
marriages between a Jew
segment of Americans are
asked to pay for the privilege
of a job; yet the agriculture
people have been doing just
that and we say it must end!
We agricultural women
are saying our men are
worth 100 per cent as much
as any man in America - not
just 65 per cent as parity
dictates! We are mad!
We are fighting for the
lives of our men; a future for
our children and the survival
of a nation. We want our
husbands by our side to
enjoy in the twilight years
needs better price
farmers had the same power
as the buyers. An individual
farmer selling 10 cents over
his neighbor is not the an
swer. I believe that we as
farmers have to organize
and secure contracts with
the processors to establish a
fair price for us.
All other segments of the
economy are organized but
the farmer. Therefore, we
are taken advantage of.
Fair prices to the farmer
would decrease production if
a man could make a living
with 30 cows. He would not
milk 60 and work the extra
hours. This would make
more farm jobs available. I
think it is wrong for a fanner
to do the work of two men
and then complain about
someone else being on
We believe that the United
States is the most advanced
and a foreigner. Such a
marriage, it was thought,
weakens the religious
solidarity and purity of the
people of Israel.
It was a day of arrogant
nationalism. All foreigners
were regarded with fear and
contempt by the people of
Israel. It was believed that
the salvation of Israel lay in
keeping free of any polluting
contact with pagan neigh
Thus, the Book of Ruth
descended upon the people of
Israel like a bombshell. The
heroine of the book is a
foreigner--to be more
specific, a Moabitess, an
alien people who often were
the fruits of our labor; not to
have them dead too soon
from fatigue and heartache.
Heartache that our beautiful
country has been
economically ruined by a
greed satiated only by the
enslavement of a people;
suddenly to find an entire
nation consequently en
slaved forever. The greatest
civilization ever to be
snuffed out in a short 200
years by the insatiable greed
of the masses.
Mrs. Wayne Peterson
Halabird, S.D.
country in history. We also
have the strongest labor
unions. The method of
striking as labor unions do
has gained their members
great success. The fact that
business sets their price by
refusing to sell until they
receive their price is the way
business is done in most
parts of the world. Even
Lancaster Farming would
refuse to renew my sub
scription if I didn’t pay the
full price. So the farmers
who are striking are doing
business the way business is
Leland Stanford
Dillsburg, Pa.
Editor, Lancaster Farming;
I am writing in reference
to an article entitled “Non
striking farmers have a good
cause too.”
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By Tom Armstrong
help form a realistic land use
policy for Lancaster County.
The cold windy days of the
past few weeks bring back
memories of last winters
frozen water pipes.
bitter enemies. Not only is
Ruth the Moabitess the
central character of the
book, but she is a model of
piety and fidelity held up
before all Israeli women. To
make matters worse, this
foreigner had married two
Jewish men, Mahlon,
Naomi’s son who died m
Moab, and Boaz of
Bethlehem, a kinsman of
Naomi. Because of his
wealth and position, Boaz
was regarded as something
of a “marriage catch.” How
ironic that a foreigner
landed him instead of a local
girl of Israel.
A boy named Obed
But the most disturbing
thing of all about the Book of
Ag products are raw wealth
Editor, Lancaster Farming:
As farmers, we should be
pushing harder to get our
government interested in
experiments in growing fuel.
The advantages are many:
1. No balance of payments
deficit; 2. More jobs; 3.
Guaranteed adequate fuel,
at constant or decreasing
prices; 4. Energy in
dependence; 5. Reduced
automotive pollution, and 6.
Stronger dollar and
healthier economy. Looking
at it a little more selfishly, it
would also put agriculture to
work at full throttle fur
nishing raw materials for
processing, and I’m sure we
could all bear that burden
This idea really is prac
tical. I am aware of three
different approaches, and
there may be more:
1. Using plants similar to
the rubber tree, or to the
common milkweed, we could
Careless hunter scorned
Editor, Lancaster Fanning:
After reading about the
loss of a family horse -
possibly by a careless
hunter, perhaps this so
called sportsman should
have his eyes tested. I am
sure he could qualify for
blind pension.
The Sueck family has
made it clear that their land
would be posted next year.
Many more areas are being
posted every year becaused
by the so called friend of the
farmer takes it upon himself
to decide if the farmer’s dog,
try using a hairdryer to blow
heated air on the affected
area. If you have to use a
homeowners propane torch,
be sure to have a bucket of
water and a large sponge
handy to quench the fire
Ruth was the assertion that
this Moabite foreign woman
was to become the great
grandmother of King David!
The great David, according
to this radical book, did not
come from a racially - pure
lineage, but one m which a
foreigner played a
prominent part. Readers of
this book were doubtless
scandalized at this thought.
Ruth was a Moabitess, but
she might just as easily have
been an Ammonite or
Egyptian. The point the
writer is making is that in
the sight of God there is no
such thing as a foreigner or
ahen. The key is not a per
son’s lineage, but their
character. In a sense, Ruth
conservatively produce over
two billion barrels of oil on
200,000 square miles of U.S.
land unsuited for other
crops. This amount is equal
to our imports of 1975.
2. Sugar cane, sugar beets,
com, com stalks, straw,
wood, manure-practically
any form of orgamc matter
can be used to make alcohol.
Under proper conditions, it
gives mileage equivalent to
gasoline with no pollution.
Even now, in bulk quantites
alcohol costs about the same
as gasoline - what would
increased efficiencies bring?
3. Usmg just that wood and
timber which would result
from intensified culling and
thinning of our forests and
woodlands, we could
produce energy in the form
of charcoal at least equal to
our oil imports. Charcoal has
more energy per pound than
coal, is much less polluting,
and would cost no more -
cat, cow, etc, have the right
to live.
Posting of land is not only
time consuming but costly. It
is my opinion that the Pa.
State Game Commission
should post signs only where
hunting is allowed. All other
land should be treated as off
limits. If the hunters con
tinue to act like they have m
the past, the Commission I
am sure will not have to
purchase many posters.
As it stands now the Game
Commission makes from $8
and up on each hunter. Guns
and ammunition
Farm Calendar
Sunday, Jan. 1
Have a Happy New Year!
Monday, Jan. 2
Lower Dauphin Young
Farmers meet, 7 30 p.m.
Lower Dauphin High
School, along Route 322,
Tuesday, Jan. 3
Farm Income Tax meeting,
County Cupboard
Restaurant, Lewisburg. (Turn t 0 Page 15)
should the wall or wood start
to smolder.
The care and planting of
shade trees is a home
property chore that can be
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was a better Jewess than
many of most of her con
temporaries. Her life was
pleasing in God’s sight
Last February I stood on
the mountainous heights of
Moab (now Jordan) and
looked across the Dead Sea
to Bethlehem. Thougn
thousands of years have
passed, I realized that there
is still a terrible enmity
between the people of
Bethlehem and Moab. They
are still hostile and regard
each other as “foreigners”
and “enemies.” How long
before all peoples take to
heart the story of Ruth and
leam that m God’s sight
there are no foreigners at
perhaps less - with volume
Why does our President
and our Congress persist in
seeking to perpetuate our
dependence on foreign oil,
which in effect is leading us
down an ever-narrowing
alley toward a dead end
which everyone knows is
there, somewhere? I suspect
that all those who are in
volved with our present oil
industry, are applying
pressure. Our only recourse
is education and publicity -
let the public know that there
are workable alternatives,
and let them know all of the
advantages accruing from
them. Hopefully, they will
care enough to make sure
they are tried. Not only could
these alternatives greatly
affect agriculture, they
could affect the very future
of this, our beloved country.
Eugene Sellers
Trout Run, Pa.
manufacturers make
millions of dollars. Also/
garment manufacturers foot
wear, knives plus many
other articles which is a part
of hunting, make big profits.
Take a good look at this
land owners and ask yourself
what did you get out of this
multi-million dollar deal
other than a lot of sorrows
and headaches.
As I do not wish to sign my
name I do hope that your
paper will print the truth as I
am sure that I am speaking
for a good many land
Ephrata Area Young Far
mers meeting, Minnesota
Farm Records is topic,
7:45 p.m. at high school.
York-Adams County Forage
and Small Grams
meeting, 10 a.m. at the
York County 4-H Center.
Topics of interest: sod
seeding, weed control,
varieties, fertilization