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    American Farmer Degree caps FFA for Bollinger
Even through there are a lot of ups and downs to farming, Donald Bollinger,
Myerstown R 3, can’t think of any place he’d rather be--even at feeding time.
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Bollinger, Myerstown R 3,
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Bollinger, has been a top
notch member of the Future
Farmers of America since
he first became involved in
the organization. To
recognize his efforts, on
November 11, the national
FFA organization will honor
him as one of its 801
American Farmers from
across the United States
At 22 years of age,
Bollinger is in partnership
with his father on their 113
acre home farm where they
finish out 70 head of beef, 30
hogs, and raise about 12 or 13
head of crossbred sheep.
They also finish out 150
ducks and 125 capons which
they market at their home
during the Christmas and
Thanksgiving holidays.
Along with their 113 acres at
home, they also rent 20 acres
on the half.
Their crops include 60
acres of com, 15 acres of
barley, 12 acres of wheat,
and the rest hay and pasture.
As was mentioned,
Bollinger has a long list of
accomplishments in FFA, as
did his two brothers before
him. His parents are
Honorary Keystone Far
mers because all three sons
received the Keystone
Farmer Degree for their
years in FFA. And, while he
was last in the succession of
sons to earn the Keystone
degree, he is the first to
become an American
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, November 5,1977—17
Bollinger does not take all
the credit for this, himself,
“I feel that if it wouldn’t be
for my dad I wouldn’t be as
far as I am,” he says. “You
learn a lot from the one
above you and I respect my
father as a good farmer.”
While Donald says he has
been able to add input from
FFA into their farming
operation, he noted im
mediately that his father
keeps up with his reading
from which he “learns a lot”
about new practices.
To list a few of Don’s FFA
accomplishments he was
president, vice president,
and chaplam of the Eastern
Lebanon County FFA
chapter as well as the county
chaplam. In 1972 he won an
award for hvestock judging,
m ’73 the Star Chapter
Farmer honor, and m 1974
the Lebanon County Star
Farmer title. He also won an
award for placement in
agriculture production for
his com crop in 1972.
Presently, he is the
treasurer for the FFA Alum
For Don, farming is the
best life he can imagine for
“There are a lot of ups and
downs with farming, but I
wouldn’t want to be
anywhere else,” he says.
Adding to his statement he
remarks, “And, I don’t think
I would want to bring up
children anywhere else,
either.” This concern may
Chester Co.
Wyatt, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jones Wyatt of West
Grove, and Warren Hilberg,
of Phoenixville, who have
compiled top 4-H records in
club, county, and state 4H
events as teen leaders,
received the “I Dare You”
award for leadership and
citizenship, recently. Their
awards were presented at
the Chester County 4-H
Achievement Banquet, held
at the Stone Barn
Restaurant in Umonville.
Named to the ranks of
“Who’s Who Among
American High School
Students” were Bonnie
Shaw, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Shaw of
Downingtown, and Roger
Davidheiser Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Roger Davidheiser
of Pottstown. The “Who’s
Who” award recognizes
youth who have demon
strated leadership in the
fields of academics,
athletics, extra curricular
activities, or community
County winners in the
National Awards Program,
sponsored by leading cor
porations in the United
States to honor 4-H members
who have excelled in par
ticular areas of 4-H were;
Alison Scheib and Janet
Latshaw; agriculture and
gardening; and Roberta
Ekdahl, dog care and
An outstanding club award
was presented to the
Highlanders Sewing Club of
Gum Tree. Mrs. Roger
affect Don more than other
young farmers since he was
recently married in March.
For the Bollingers, the
best workable philosophy of
farming they can employ for
themselves is ’’doing with
what we have.”
“We try not to have a big
overhead. We’d rather do
with only what we need,”
explains Don. “I’d sooner be
debt free than living on
But, ha admits that their
faim isn’t quite big enough
for two, yet too large for one
man, so he supplements his
income on a part tune basis
by driving school bus for the
ELCO school district and
working at a butcher shop in
Eventually, Bollinger
wants to farm on his own and
says tins situation “looks
promising” for the future.
He believes that farming has
a good future because “if
there were no farmers,
nobody could eat.”
“Oh, some people look
down on you,” Bollinger
admits, “but. I’d sooner look
out for them than have them
look out for me.”
As for the American
Farmer degree, Don finds it
“quite an honor” to be
recognized as a candidate.
“Ever since my
sophomore year,” he says.
“I’ve looked forward to
bemg able to attain it some
day. But, really, a lot more
people could do it,” he adds.
DeForest, leader of the club,
was present to accept the
award. Jena Wyatt of West
Grove received a $lOO
scholarship, sponsored by
the Longwood Foundation,
for her work in horticulture.
The scholarship will be used
to help her attend the
National Junior Horticulture
Convention in Winston-
Salem, North Carolina.
Honored for their years of
service as adult leaders
were: Naomi Hoopes, West
Grove; Mary Jean Salzer,
Pottstown; Mrs. Floyd
Thompson, Kennett Square -
- 15 years. Lester High,
Pottstown; Mrs. Chester
Warren, Chester Springs -
10 years. Mary Berta, Ex
ton; Mr. and Mrs. Warn
Menhennett, Cochranville;
June Nafziger, Phoenixville;
Mrs. Charles Warren,
Chester Springs; Mrs. Earl
Welsh, Honeybrook, and
Patti, Yarnall, Oxford - five
The 4-H Achievement
banquet was planned and
sponsored by the Chester
County Cooperative Ex
tension Service. For more
information on Chester
County 4-H Clubs call the
Cooperative Extension office
in West Chester at 696-3500.
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