Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, August 13, 1977, Image 13

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GOSHEN, Ind. - Star Agri
Products has announced
additional models of its
popular sow, pig, hog, and
calf “Castle” confinement
livestock buildings. The new
models are similar to the
381-A East Jackson St.
New Holland, PA 17557
If no answer call early mornings 394-9917
Mon. thru Fri.
Featuring some special profitable items for farmers.
TRITICALE - a cross between wheat and rye Yields
better than either one and is much higher in protein
Better feeding value Stalk size and vigor - good as rye if
not better Earlier than rye for silage, leaving more time for
a corn crop
NATURMIN-M42G minerals, a rich mine deposit, are
doing an outstanding job fed to livestock and poultry, and
applied to soil Fantastic testimonials coming in Supplies
the missing elements in soil and stock feed. Aids digestion
Calms the animals Meat animals are leaner, bring
premium prices Livestock and poultry are satisfied, stop
vent picking, tail biting, fighting and chewing wood
Farrow, foal and calve easier and better. Healthier off
spring, more meat, milk or eggs on less feed When
requesting literature, state what animals you have Crops
are better and healthier, more nutritious with less fer
tilizer Used on pastures and fields, will reduce need for
feeding minerals.
HY-ZYME - an enzyme that breaks up hard clay soil
quickly including under swamps, thereby draining the
swamp. Often increases yield on good ground, up to 30 or
40 percent.
SHUR-GRO organic fertilizer. Largest in IJ.S., doubled its
sales last spring. Various blends to fit your soil
requirements. We test your soil with a top lab, for only $lO.
a sample Now is the time before the spring and fall rush.
Our granulated tankage is very high in quality, long tasting
nitrogen. Our Kalium is 62% potash out of a mine at a very
reasonable price for the analysis.
SEED INOCULANTS - Soeco is a nitrogen fixer on all
crops and a huge root and protein maker Agriserum im
proves soil from year to year for very little cost, and so does
Lactobase All these products will help especially in times
of drought, blight and insects Don’t wa it till the catestrophy.
Use on alfalfa and fall grains You'll be happier next year.
Dealerships available in some other countries and states.
For higher production...
company’s more than 20
existing models, except that
no built-in manure pit is
The new models are
designed to be used with a
concrete or concrete block
manure pit. AH “Castle”
models up to now have
included a 2-foot-deep
manure pit built into the
structure at the factory,
according to John Graves,
who directs marketing
operations for all Agstar
brand buildings and
livestock feeding, watering,
and handling equipment.
The new “pitless’ models,
Graves said, are in response
to the needs of producers
who want to build their own
manure pit, perhaps with
somewhat larger capacity
than is provided in the
regular models.
Both types of structure are
available in either 12-foot
wide or 24-foot-wide models,
in lengths up to 50 feet. The
narrower models are each
delivered by one truck to the
purchaser’s farm and
installed on concrete slab or
manure pit. The 24-foot-wide
models are delivered in two
12-foot-wide sections by two
trucks and assembled ready
for use. With both types of
buildings, all feeders,
waterers, heaters,
ventilation, plumbing, and
electrical wiring is factory
installed. The purchaser
need only connect to
outside water and electrical
lines to start using the
The company maintains
an extensive distributor
network for its buildings.
Distributors sell and service
the structures on the local
Additional information on
the complete AGSTAR
“Castle” line of buildings is
available from local
distributors or by writing to
Star Agri Products, P.O. Box
115, Goshen, Indiana 46526.
Models include sow
farrowing buildings, pig and
calf nurseries, combination
farrowing and pig nurseries,
hog finishing, and
combination nursery and
finishing models.
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Lancaster Farming. Saturday, August 13. 1977
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