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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 4, 1977
Dairying is a tradition
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Aware of the need for
public relations, the Smiths
have for years been host to
busloads of urban
two more are already
contracted for.
“We didn’t go out and buy
these cattle,” Smith
explained while washing the
udder of one of his Holsteins.
He considers a sound
breeding program to be the
key to success with dairy
cows and In more recent
Elizabeth Herr earns
Kunzler scholarship
Elizabeth Herr
Narvon, Pa. - Elizabeth W.
Herr, Narvon, R 2 was
named winner of the $6OO
Kunzler Meat Packing
Scholarship according to an
announcement made by
Hemy E. Givler, vocational
consultant of agricultural
education, Harrisburg.
The Garden Spot High
School senior is the daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. Robert D.
Herr. She will enter The
Pennsylvania State
University in September
years has learned to do A.I.
himself. Minor medical care
is also administered by the
“My outlook for the dairy
business is great, or I
wouldn’t be putting a new
milking parlor in,” Smith
continued with a grin while
attaching a milker to one of
his top cows. “It’s a lot of
work, long hours and
confining, but what business
isn’t confining?” he asked.
Smith is helped on the home
farm by three sons and a
daughter. All have
where she will enroll in the
pre-vetacinary science
curriculum in the College of
Agriculture. Her further
plans are to eventually enter
the University of
Pennsylvania’s School of
Veterinary Medicine at New
Bolton Center.
Miss Herr has served as
treasurer of her school class
for three years, held the post
of vice-presidnet of the
Grassland FFA Chapter,
been named a National Merit
finalist, been active in school
sports, and recently
competed in the State
P.I.A.A. Track and Field
Meet. She is active in 4-H and
FFA activities and received
the Keystone Farmer
Degree in 1977.
Hie Kunzler Scholarship is
awarded annually to a
college bound senior from
Lancaster County who is
pursuing an agriculture
related career. * It is
sponsored by the Kunzler
Company, Inc., of Lancaster
and will be presented by a
representative of the
company at the June 15
commencement exercises.
registered cattle of their own
and are active with club and
show activities. One son,
Robert, has a Junior All-
American 2-year old in his
show string.
On the subject of milk
prices, Smith says “we’d all
like to get as much as we
can, but the co-op is doing a
good job of selling our milk
for us. They deserve a lot of
credit and the, fieldmen are
helpful too.” The Smiths are
members of Maryland
Cooperative Milk Producers,
Tom Middleton
wins at Buck
THE BUCK, Pa. - Tom
Middleton of Eidgely, Md.
captured two first places at
last Saturday’s Buck Tractor
Pulls, while throttling his IH
1066 to victories in both the
12,000 and 9000-pound super
stock classes. Middleton won
the heavy class with a pull of
261 feet, two inches, beating
Harry Griest and his IH 1456
who finished with a pull of
229 feet 11 inches. Placing
third was Charles Snyder of
Andreas, Pa, who piloted his
rig to a distance of 167 feet
five inches.
Middleton’s winning pull in
the 9000-pound super stock
class amounted to 286 feet,
four inches. Griest again
came up second, with a pull
of 264 feet, eight inches. Tony
Stauffer, aboard a Deutz
9006, checked in third with a
pull of 257 feet, nine inches.
In other classes, the action
results were:
1. Gary Mills, Fallston, Md.,
AC with 427 Chevy engine,
243-0; 2. Frank Stifler,
Fallston, Md., Oliver 88,230-
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youngsters. Two years ago a
group of Jdds in special'
education came to his farm.
It’s an event which Smith
isn’t likely to forget.
“I cound’t have been
busier, but somebody has to
have time for them - we must
do some of our own
promotion - so I consented to
their coming here,” the
accomplished dairyman
recollected. “I really
enjoyed seeing those kids
who never saw a cow or
chicken before!” he said
enthusiastically. Smith’s
-conviction for the necessity
of keeping the public
informed about farming is
further evidenced by lus
willingness to host families
during farm visitation days.
Just yesterday (June 3) the
Smiths welcomed 100 first
graders from an elementary
Philosophizing a bit about
public relations, Smith
commented: “It’s sad when
farmers aren’t willing to do
this when asked. Too many .
of us want to say we’re too
busy; I’m busy too, but it’s
something that has to be
done. The dairy isn’t going to
promote our product for us.”
Whether June is dairy
month or not, Smith feels
farmers can’t keep on saying
‘no’ to opportunities which
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the Scrv-O-MaSc is activated by a simple magnet fastened around the cow’s neck. This way, 01
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Each cow produdni 10 lb. or more over the herd averate should receive extra feed. In actual trials,
on the Serv-O- Mafic consume an extra 10 lbs. of pain per day (while eating some less in the parlor!
output shows an average increase of 1 fit. of milk for each pound of concentrate fed through the Sen- 1
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On* Sen-O-Ma&c will normally handle 20-30 cows in an 10-120 cow herd. Normal procedure is
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would help farther their family has found it to h.
image. “If we keep saying rewarding and pleasant» *
‘no,’ what kind of image are - of life for more than th
we going to leave? We have generations. They’d hk*
to do a little advertising keep it that way andT lo
ourselves,” he insists, consumer education to
Recognizing dairy fanning part of their obligations ,fl 4
opportunities, the Harford family farm is tok
County, Md. dairy farm preserved.
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