Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 04, 1977, Image 125

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    My Thoughts
And welcome to them
I was the chief teat and bottle washer in the
Spahr family dairy operation 15 years ago. Only,
back then, I didn’t know that they were called
“teats" or “quarters.” I only knew them by one
name - it started with a “t”, ended with a “t", and
had an “i” in the middle.
For years I used this word unabashedly in front
of my friends, neighbors, and relatives. Then, one
day m school, I realized that this particular three
letter word was dirty (as most three or four letter
words are), and from that time forward I had a
heck of a time trying to talk about the t..., well, ..
about the four things that hang in front of a cow’s
back legs, without biting my tongue or turning red
for days afterward.
Jo-Dan B. E. Ivan ...
40H2455 Jo-Dan B. E. Ivan "VG" (89) aAa 485321
PD: +1057M +6F +67s 64% Rap. 5/77 USDA
POT; -0.25 44% Rap. 2/77 TRI- +167 HFA
Jo-Dan daughters have a
beautiful blend of strength, style
and dairyness, with excellent,
snug udders and correct feet and
legs. They're strong —. especially
at the front and aggressive
eaters, so they milk heavy and
long. Several Jo-Dan 2-year-olds
are milking over 80 lbs. daily.
Associate Editor
Daughter Faria Farms Ivan Blossom “EX” (90)
3- 2X 3390 20.200 M 3.6% 740 F
4- 2X 3200 22.820 M 33% 765 F
Curtiss Breeding Service
Division of Searle Agriculture Inc
312-639-2141 • Cary, il 60013
But, it wasn’t only talking about them that was
bad - it was working with them, also. Or, should I
say, it was tough working with my father and
Unaware of my newly developing sensitivities as
I reached the beginning of puberty, the men used
the words as often as they said each others names.
"Jo, you missed this t--." they would yell at the
top of their lungs, loud enough for the neighbors
across the field to hear. As I’d slink up the walkway,
hunching my shoulders to hide the new bloom of a
figure which only I knew was there, my Dad would
start in with a lesson on you-know-what washing.
“Jo, I’m telling you," he'd say sternly, “if you
don’t wash these t- better, you’re going to have to
Son of
Black Eagle
Jo-Dan brings top
production on line with the
extraordinary type of his sire:
Paclamar Ivanhoe Black Eagle
"EX" (93) GM. Prominent herd
sire at Paclamar Farms before
joining Curtiss, Black Eagle was
coded ”1" in 10 of 12 categories
for type. His PDT: +.67 99%
Rep. 9/76 HFA.
Daughter Faria Farms Ivan Blossom "EX” (90)
Pictured whan milking 117 pounds par day.
Dam is 4-time
record holder
Jo-Dan's dam, Beauccest Wiscap
Beauty, 4-time National Record
Dam, held the National
Senior Three-Year-Old Milk
Production Record at 305 days
with 30,700 M 3.2% 993 F.
At 365 days that lactation
was 34,298 M 3.2%
1,102 F. (a very ’W'W
distinguished cow.)
All available completed lactation data l.'rr 1
not Included will be provided upon request
The farmland purchased
for $l,OOO an acre in 1973
would cost 25 per cent more -
or $1,250 in 1974.
That, at least, was the
average percentage hike in
farm real estate values
across the nation according
to a USDA survey for the
year ending March 1, 1974.
The survey attributes last
year’s gain to the record
level of net farm income in
1973 and to buyer’s optimism
about future income.
wash each one twice!" I was aghast that he could
use the dirty word twice in one breath - to me that
was worse than cursing on Sunday.
As I washed and dried the hanging hook-ups of
the gentle Holsteins, I would look at the big, soft,
eyes of the animals and wonder if they felt
degraded by the language in the barn. Most of the
times, they just wheezed, rolled their cuds up in
their necks, and started chewing. They weren’t too
couth, but what can you expect from the animals
who think their bodies are three letter words?
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 4,1977
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