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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 30, 1977
Sophisticated land-use maps ready
HARRISBURG - Detailed ment of Knviornmental
land use maps of the entire Resources
... , Representatives of the
Commonwealth of Penn- Federal age „ C y gave the
sylvania have been com- completed land use maps to
pleted by the United States de: Secretary Maurice
Geological Survey under a Goddard on April 22 in
cooperative aggrement with ceremonies in the
the Pennsylvania Depart- Secretary’s office.
Poultry leaders
in Capitol
Officers and directors of the
Northeastern Poultry
Producers Council, Pacific
Egg & Poultry Association,
Southeastern Poultry L Egg
Assoication and United Egg
Producers met here earlier
this month to discuss
legislative and regulatory
matters vith
( ongressmen and P ederal
\gency officials
At a joint meeting on
Monday afternoon, April 18,
Harold Ford, Southeastern’s
executive director, briefed
the group on wage legislation
and regulatory reform, Carl
Nall, Pacific’s executive
director, covered
modification of the Delaney
Amendment; Dick Ammon
of NEPPCO gave an update
on the Farm Bill; and Jim
Fleming, UEP’s government
relations director, discussed
the controversial report of
the Senate Select committee
Eggs down
produced 268 million eggs Hie nation’s laying flocks
during March 1977, down produced 5.6 billion eggs
seven per cent from a year during March, slightly fewer
eariler according to the Crop than a year ago. The number
Reporting Service. of layers during March
averaged 274.8 million
The March average of 12.8 compared with 277.7 a year
million layers was seven per earlier. The number of eggs
cent below a year earlier, produced per 100 layers
Egg production per 100 during the month was one
layers during March totaled percent above a year ago.
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(Independent Goodyear Dealer)
1062 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17604
on Nutrition containing
“Dietary Goals for the
United States.”
Mrs. Carol Tucker
Foreman, assistant
secretary of agriculture,
concluded the session with a
report on the current
reorganization within USDA
Following the meeting, the
four sponsoring groups
played host to some 30 top
officials of USDA and
several other agencies at a
leception held in a Captiol
Hill hotel.
On Tuesday, April 19,
directors of the four groups
visited senators and
representatives to present
the industry’s views on
legislative issues. The day
was capped with a reception
in the Senate wing of the U.S
Capitol attended by some 75
mdustrymen and over 125
Solons and members of their
Pa. - 2,099 eggs compared with
layers 2,093 a year ago.
Goddard noted that
Pennsylvania is one of the
first states in the nation to
have a complete land use
survey using the
sophisticated new
techniques devised by the
U S.Geological Survey.
The LUI >A (land Use
Data Analysis) program was
introduced by the U.S G.S. in
1974. Utilizing the latest
photo imagery available
from high altitude planes,
the land use and land cover
classification system can
recognize and delineate as
many as 37 separate land use
categories, some for areas
as small as 10 acres. The
scale of the final maps which
have been prepared is 1-
250,000 or approximately one
inch on the map equalling
four miles on the ground,
Recognizing the potential
benefits to the Com
monwealth and its various
planning and economic
programs, DER’s Bureau of
There’s no other way to stop
both pneumonia* and atrophic
rhinitis losses with one feed:
Topographic and Geologic
Survey, with the cooperation
of the Bureaus of En
viommental Planning and
systems Management,
worked to arrange a
cooperative agreement with
the U.S.G.S. in 1975 to
prepare, land use and land
cover maps for all of Penn
For this project, Penn
sylvania was divided into 14
subdivisons each of which
corresponded to a standard
1-2500,000 scale topographic
base map.
For each of the 14 base
maps, six overlays were
compiled including the land
use and land cover map
which identifies 30 different
categories of land use. Other
overlays show county
boundaries, river basin
boundaries, State land
• areas, Federal lands and
county census subdivisions.
One of the most important
aspects of this new mapping
program is that the data
i. „ there’s no other way
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New Holland Supply Co.
have been digitized and
placed on magnetic tapes so
they can be sorted in a
analyzed in various ways.
The data also can be updated
readily as newer information
becomes available in future
Changes in land use will be
identifiable, both in type and
quantity. With the data
digitized, it will be possible
to enter other map data into
the system and print
overlays of other mappable
characteristics. Thus, local,
state or regional users of
land use data will be able to
update and add new
categories of data or devise
systems for subdividing the
existing categories.
In announcing completion
of the land use maps, God
dard noted they can be a
valuable tool or anyone
involved in comprehensive
land use planning. These
maps and data should
benefit State and local
•Caused by
Pasteurella multocida
and Corynebacterium
government agencies,
transportation planners,
industry, energy planners,
agriculture, conservation
groups and recreation
The initial 98 maps and
overlays being delivered by
the U.S.G.S (seven for each
of the 14 subdivisions) will be
housed and maintained at
the Bureau of Topographic
and Geologic urvey, 914
Executive House, Second
and Chestnut Streets,
Harrisburg, the maps will be
available for review and
inspection at the Bureau
offices and may be copied at
the users expense.
The digitized data on
computer tapes from which
the map was plotted will be
finished in approximately
three months and will be
housed and made available
through the Bureau of
Systems Management,
.Second Floor, Fulton
National building. Third and
Locust Streets.