Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, April 09, 1977, Image 24

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    24—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. April 9, 1977
Carter meets
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the recommended levels for
the four-year farm bill and
said he regarded them as
“better than the Butz
Carter said the support
levels would be reviwed, but
gave no indication of when
changes might be made.
“There will be ad
justments as we find them
possible,” he said. The
President asked the Far
mers Union leaders to keep
in close and frequent con
sultation with him and the
Department of Agriculture.
“We trust your judgement
and need your advice even if
we cannot entirely agree,”he
said. “We’re approachable.”
In an opening session with'
Vice President Mondale and
Secretary Bergland, the
Farmers Union presidents
were told that President
Carter is committed to make
international commodity
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program. He pointed out the
economic value realized by
Pennsylvania from 'the
dairying industry.
“We are the dairy state
that we are because our
families work harder and try
harder. Mollie has helped to
keep us in the top five dairy
states in the nation,” said
Kerstetter. “If Mollie is to be
congratulated, the family
that raised her is to be
respected even more.”
“If you walked a mile for
every gallon of milk that
Mollie produced, you’d walk
to the moon,” Kerstetter
Mollie received a number
of awards during the
program. Included were a
framed photo and pedigree
from the National Holstein
Association and a photo of
her Excellent son, Woodbine
Milkman from the United
Other speakers during the
evening event included
James Pound, director of
Extension for the Holstein-
Friesian Association of
America; William Nichol,
executive secretary of the
Pennsylvania Holstein
quiet leader
in synthetic
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agreements on farm
products work.
“We will start with sugar
very shortly and will later
work on grains,” Bergland
assured them, citing his
recent talks with Canadian
and Australian officials and
his forthcoming May talks in
Ottawa, Canada, with
representatives of Canada,
Australia, and perhaps
The Tuesday afternoon
meeting did not resolve a
fundamental question in
volving the contention of
Carter and Berland that the
U.S. wheat support levels
could not go above $2.25 a
bushel because we would
cease to be competive in
world markets.
Bergland, and later
Carter, had contended that a
U S. wheat support of $2.25 a
bushel is the rough
equivalent, because of
transportation and currency
differencesrto the Canadian
Association; David Yoder,
general manager of Atlantic
Breeders Cooperative; and
John T. Smith, York County
Extension agent.
Entertainment for the
program featured the
Singing Millers, a dairy farm
family from Dauphin
County, and musical group
Ken Lightner and the
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Bangor, PA
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Gap, PA
Holtwood, PA
Landisville, PA
Manheim, PA
Port Murray, NJ
Reading, PA
Richland, PA
Thomasvilie. PA
PleasanlviDe. Ni
ihncenlown, Ni
West Grove. PA
initial guarantee to
producers of $3.00 a bushel.
Fanners Union officials
responded that the Canadian
initial price-guarantee has
litttle significance as an
indicator of actual selling
prices of Canadian wheat.
“The price that counts is
the selling price set by the
Canadian wheat board,”
said Robert G. Lewis,
National Secretary of
Fanners Union and chief
economist of that
organization. “In all but two
or three of the past 40 years,
actual selling prices for
Canadian wheat have been
higher than the initial
guarantee. Last year, the
Canadian government in
creased its initial guarantee
from $3.00 to $3.75 per bushel
at the time the harvest was
beginning. The Canadian
system is a pool, and the
initial price guarantee is not
all comparable to the U.S.
support loan rate. My in
formation from both
government and producer
sources is that the Canadian
and Australian wheat boards
are eager to raise their
selling prices, if we would
raise ours. It is the low U.S.
support and market price
that is depressing the world
trading price for what.”
President Dechant warned
that the low U.S. wheat loan
rate seriously compromises
chances to negotiate an
international wheat
agreement with a minium
price higher than $2.25 a
President Carter reviewed
recent decisions on the
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Paul Martin
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Eugene Homberger
Gerald Hall
Maurice Stump
special programs ot draught
and disaster assistance,
which will total more than,
$B4O million, with $6OO
million in disaster aid loans.
He also noted that producers
in 475 counties are now in
cluded in emergency
livestock assistance
Told of the credit crisis
attributed by Farmers Union
to the Iqw levels of price
support, -Carter expressed
concern about the problem.
“It all gets back to prices,”
said the Farmers Union
leaders. Carter announced
-that he has asked Federal
Reserve Chairman Arthur
Burns and Treasury
Secretary W. Michael
Blumenthal to ascertain why
loan funds for agricultural
purposes appear insufficient
in Nebraska, Colorado and
other states.
The President expressed
confidence that a good team
had been put together in
USDA, explaining that the
process had been slow
because he had insisted on
being careful and respon
sible and had imposed strict
guidelines on conflicts of
“I have been President
less than three months and
have had to make more than
1,400 important ap
pointments,” he explained.
-“I thought it was a wor
thwhile meeting,” said
Albert Mellinger, chairman
of the Advisory Board of the
Pennsylvania Farmers
Union. “It was inconclusive,
yet I feel we have reason to
feel encouraged!.”
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201 689-2605
717 225-3758
215 869-9187
researchers from university
centers across the United
States have been awarded
research grants totaling
over $300,000 by the
American Egg Board
following submission of
research protocols and
applications for grants-in
aid. The American Egg
Board is a national
organization of 18 members
appointed by the Secretary
of Agriculture under the
authority of the Egg
Research and Consumer
Information Act. In
an effort to leam the truth
about dietary cholesterol
and to help resolve the
AEB funds
scientific controversy about
cholesterol, AEF, under the
supervision of the United
States Department of
Agriculture, has awarded
research grants with the
stipulation that researchers
may publish their findings
freely. More research grants
are currently under con