Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, March 12, 1977, Image 32

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    — Lancaster Farming.
Com club
new members
Top corn producers from
throughout Maryland,
Virginia, Pennsylvania,
Delaware and New
Jersey gathered in
Cockeysville, Maryland
recently to be recognized
by DeKalb Agßesearch,
Inc. for their outstanding
yield achievements. The
farmers were made
members of the com
pany's Yieldmasters
Club, an elite group of top
U.S. producers. Award
winners from Lancaster
Farming’s prime
coverage area include:
(from left to right):
(kneeling) - Mike Fulmer,
Nazareth; Glen Engle,
Cochranville; Willima
Teter, Ken nett Square;
(second row) • Mel Lapp,
Cochranville; Clair Lapp,
Cochranville; Robert
Stoltzfus, Cochranville;
Dan Mast, Oley; Ira
Nissley, Morgantown;
(back row) - Larry
Snyder, district manager
Auger saves you
time and money
At last' You can realize fertilizer savings of eight to ten dollars per ton. tf you're
currently using shovels, buckets or bags to transfer fertilizer to application equipment,
you need the economical advantages ofUM’s Auger One man can easily fill a six row
planter in five minutes the end of backbreaking hand loading
Using an auger also eliminates the caking problem caused by high moisture and
nitrogen content As the fertilizer is transferred through the auger, chunks are broken
up This assures even application to alt rows
UM’s Auger comes complete with all hoses, mounting brackets and couplings—even
a winch for easy one-man operation The 6"x 12' tube swings 180* and will raise or
Gear and Elevators write
Like our gram box, augers are available in red, orange, green or blue
Kalida, Ohio 45853
for DeKalb; Nick Cihylik, Forest Lester, Lincoln
Treichlers; John University; Charles
Johnson, Orefield; Irvin Lester, Lincoln
Engle, Cochranville; University; and Norwood
Merle King, Cochranville; Wilson, Oxford.
Kalida, Ohio 45853
mfjjifT m gjif nf fm in 'gj|| jj|f im m mf bjii Mi im ijm m ini m m m m nf urm iiiifiirfj
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B. C. GROfF, INC. STANLEY A. KLOPP, INC. M ' * !™ $l£Y
NewHobnd.PA Bennie, M ® SONS
717-35?J191 215-4*l-1510 WesfCheste^PA
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