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    Federal rural loan
sylvania Agriculture
Secretary Kent D.
Shelhamer said Tuesday
that his department would
work in close conjunction
with the Farmers Home
Administration (FmHA) of
the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture to
assure farmers and rural
residents in Pennsylvania
awareness of loan programs
available to them.
Shelhamer made the
statement following a
meeting between officials of
his office and a contingent
from the Pennsylvania
FmHA office headed by the
federal agency’s Penn
sylvania director Penrose
Shelhamer noted that
FmHA’s loan programs
covered a wide range of
possibilities and that public
knowledge of the programs
would be “a plus for every
farmer and rural resident in
the state.”
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The Columbia County
farmer indicated that his
department would be “more
than happy to help FmHA
disseminate information
about its fine loan poten
tials.” He said that anyone
interested m finding out
facts about the FmHA
programs could work
through the agriculture
department’s regional of
fices or through the
Harrisburg headquarters, in
addition to working directly
with the FmHA offices.
Shelhamer issued a brief
outlme of the kinds of loans
FmHA deals with:
Farm Ownership Loans -
generally for family farmers
who may use funds to
enlarge, buy or unprove
farms, as well as to
refinance debts. In some
cases, loans may be utilized
for non-farm enterprises to
help supplement farmer
Farm Operating Loans -
these funds, generally
designated for family far
mers, may be used to pay for
items necessary to the
success of a proposed
operation, such as livestock,
farm equipment, fuel, fer
tilizer, and for minor im
provements and certain non
farm businesses
Shelhamer said that
literature detailing such
information as interest rates
(usually quite favorable),
eligibility and procedure in
applying could be obtained
through his department or
through FmHA.
Other types of available
loans include:
Emergency Loans - to be
made m counties where
property damage or severe
production losses have oc
curred as the result of a
natural disaster and the area
has been designated eligible
for assistance. Farmers,
ranchers and aquaculture
operators are largely
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7723 A
program detailed
“Line of Credit” Guarantees
- these are FmHA guaran
teed loans made by legally
organized lenders to farmers
and ranchers in the livestock
business to maintain
operations during tem
porarily adverse economic
Soil and Water Loans - the
FmHA makes these loans
and provides technical
management assistance to
owners or operators of farms
and ranches for developing,
conserving and making
proper use of land and water
Business and Industrial
Loans- to further business
and industrial development
in areas outside the boun
daries of a city of fifty
thousand people or more and
its immediately adjacent
urbanized areas with a
population density of more
than 100 persons per square
mile. Priority goes to
projects in open country and
to rural communities and
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. March 5.1977
towns of 25,000 or smaller
with FmHA cooperating
with other lenders.
Youth Project Loans - for
individual rural residents
who are not less than ten
years old but under 21 to
establish income - producing
farm or non-farm projects
of modest size. Co-signers
are required for loans of
over $2500 The idea is to get
young people started in
farming or other kinds of
projects which will help
them to stay in rural areas in
later years.
Community Facility Loans
- to develop community
facilities for public use in
rural areas and towns up to
ten,thousand in population.
Municipalities, counties and
special purpose districts are
mainly eligible and non
profit corporations may
receive loan assistance.
In the housing area, loans
and grants available are:
Home Ownership - a rural
credit program loan to
finance home and building
sites in rural areas. Loans
can be 100 percent of FmHA
appraised value and
maximum payback period is
33 years.
Rural Rental Housing - to
provide rental living units
for persons with moderate or
low incomes in rural areas.
Persons sixty two and older
may also be eligible.
Rural Housing Loans -
funds may be used to
rehabilitate or repair a
dwelling already owned by
an applicant who lives in it or
who will live in the
dwelling once'it is brought
up to standards. Mainly for
lower income brackets.
Rural Housing Loans and
Grants For Families With
Low Income - for owners’
and occupants’ dwellings in
eligible rural areas for
repairs and improvements
to homes, mainly to make
the homes safe and sanitary.
Applicant must be without
sufficient income to qualify
for Section 502 loans.
Combined loan and grant or
grant without loan available
to eligible applicants 62 or
“As is evident, FmHA has
a wide spectrum of help
available to farmers and
rural residents,” said
Shelhamer. “We in the
Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture look forward to
a close working relationship
with all USDA personnel and
we are assured that they will
in turn help us to make our
programs designed to help
rural areas more efficient.”
Shelhamer cited the
FAPRS (Federal Assistance
Programs Retrieval
System) computer service
his agency is providing to
Pennsylvania’s towns of ten
thousand or less as an
example of state - federal
cooperation to benefit the
commonwealth’s farmers
and rural residents. Under
the FAPRS program, the
smaller towns can locate
funds potentially available
to them under federal
programs. The service is