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    Ladies Have
You Heard?
By Doris Thomas
Lancaster Home Economist
Spicy tomato catsup has the 1700’s, when the tomato
been a favorite with people seed first immigrated from
ail over the globe for cen
turies. Americans have been
making and eating it since
* .
Spain and Cuba. Catsup has
always been used ex
tensively in cooking,
whether as a condiment or a
recipe ingredient.
Most catsup lovers today
realize the versatility of
catsup, recognizing it as an
important ingredient for
main dishes as well as a
delicious condiment.
The following recipe for
Tomato-Beef Bake is an
easy-to-fix casserole adding
the lively tanginess of
Tomato Catsup to the
creamy richness of cheeses
and sour cream to make a
mouth-watering one-dish
intree. Whether for family or
guests, it will please all.
intree. Whether for
family or guests, it will
please all.
1% lbs. ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1 tablespoon salad oil
1 teaspoon salt
V* teaspoon pepper
271 W. Main St.
Phone (215) 683-7686
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1 can (16-oz.) stewed
1 bottle (14-oz.) catsup
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 package (10 oz.) egg
noodles, cooked and
1 cup dairy sour cream
1 cup cottage cheese
1 package (8-oz.) cream
cheese, softened
1 tablespoon dry parsley
1 teaspoon Worcestershire
Parmesan cheese
Brown meat and onion in
hot oil; drain off excess fat.
Add salt and pepper.
Reserve one-third cup liquid
from tomatoes. Add
tomatoes and catsup to meat
mixture. Blend cornstarch
and reserved liquid from
tomatoes; stir into meat
mixture. Cook, stirring
constantly, until thickened.
Combine sour cream, cot
tage cheese, cream cheese,
parsley aand Worcestershire
sauce; mix until well
In buttered 3-quart
casserole, layer half of
noodles, cheese mixture and
remaining noodles, cheese
mixture and remaining
noodles. Top with meat
mixture. Sprinkle with
parmesan cheese. Bake at
350 F. 30 minutes. Makes 10
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garments which are water
repellent under your
Christmas tree, you will be
interested in these tips for
laundering to increase the
life of the garments;
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday. Feb. 26,1977
Ag chairman challenges
to speak up for rights
CAMP HILL, Pa. - “It is
not merely your right to
speak up - it is your duty - if
you would have our
democratic way continue to
exist,” says State Senator
Patrick Stapleton, chairman
of the State Senate
Agriculture Committee.
Senator Stapleton, from
Indiana, Pa., addressed the
final session of the Penn
sylvania Farmers
Association’s Sweetheart
Legislative Conference,
February 16 at the Penn
Harris Motor Inn. His speech
forcused on, “Why You Need
To Be Organized.”
The Ag Committee
Chairman emphasized to the
150 women at the seminar
that they must organize
across the state to coor
dinate activities influencing
farm legislation. Stapleton
urged the women to set up a
constant flow of ideas with
the elected representatives
from their areas.
“The Ag Committee faces
Put the raincoat through a
regular automatic wash
cycle with warm to hot
water, using a detergent and
a water softener if your
water isn’t soft.
Do not use a fabric sof
Set the washer for regular
rinse and spin cycles.
To get all the soap out, put
the coat through the whole
wash procedure a scond
time, using no detergent.
Tumble at medium to hot
temperature until almost
After the first few minutes
of drying, throw in a couple
of dry, fluffy towels to help
prevent abrasion.
Pull coat from the dryer
before the tumbling stops
and place garment on a
hanger smoothing seams
with you fingers.
If you do not have access to
a dryer, hang the coat on a
hanger and when it is almost
dry, press with an iron on the
wrong side.
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Willow Street, PA 175 M
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between 50 to 100 bills con
cerning agriculture during
its two-year duration each
term,” explained Stapleton.
The imput by farm people
into legislators un
derstanding of the im
pending bills is crucial in
helping decide which
direction to vote.
He reminded the farm
women that Pennsylvania,
with 3.5 million farmers, is
the largest farm state in the
nation. But because of the
high industrial concentration
in the state’s economy,
farmers have become very
much a minority in the
overall - voting numbers.
Because of population
shifts across the state, the
Senator warned of possible
upcoming reapportionment,
which will cut down even
more on the number of rural
area legislators and add
greater representation from
densly - settled urban areas.
Textile info
workshop topic
The Cooperative Ex
tension Service is sponsoring
a workshop to provide help in
the area of textiles. This
workshop will include in
formation on textiles and the
textile industry, current
legislation affecting textiles
and textile products, and
textile research methods and
problems. This course is
primarily designed for home
economics teachers, but is
open to anyone with a sub
stantial base of knowledge of
this commodity. Practical
methods of translating the
knowledge into educational
programs will also be in
cluded. Contact Maryetta
Duffher, Delaware County
Extension home Economist,
at the Toal Building, 2nd and
Orange Sts. Media, Pa. 19063
or phone for more details
about this workshop, LOS