Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 18, 1976, Image 63

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Nky Thoughts
Now that I’m older, I really take
pity on my father for all those years
my brother and I would wake up at
4 o’clock on Christmas morning
and yell in song-songy, naggy
voices, “Mom-m-m, Dad-d-d, can
we get up 7” And, being persistent,
if we didn’t get an answer, we’d yell
the same thing over and over again
getting smg-songier as we went,
until we practically had a harmony
going - a harmony Mom and Dad
couldn't stand, so we always were
allowed to get up and open
presents like we wanted.
Of course, everybody has the
same memories, from city-dweller
to urbanite to farm child. But now
that I’m getting older, I'm begin
ning to be able to put myself in the
place of the farm father who has to
put up with it all.
In the first place, the poor guy is
usually beat from staying up past
his bedtime the night before for
the Christmas Eve church service,
which, unlike a late running movie,
he has to stay awake for And, then
when he does get home from
church, he's still not able to go to
bed because there are presents to
be put together. And, no matter
how much of an expert he is at
repairing tractors, combines,
trucks, and the like, when it comes
to putting “Part A” m “Hole B” he
just can't do it without messing it
up first, and then throwing away
the instructions, starting over, and
doing it his way.
good gift *
©/ '
Suits \
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,y.. . . ... .1)$. . .<f. . .!((• ••••*.. ■ . » « • - ....... -
Uj jpj nrapping
Gift Certificates
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Dec. 18.1976—63
•’ Gloves *
Dress & Work *
*--• -•
1 I
I i i -* ■ - 1 - -
Then, when he finally does hit
the sack, he quite naturally is
desirous of an extended snooze in
bed the next morning, but knows in
his heart that in just a few short
hours there is going to be an an
noying noise coming from the
neighboring bedrooms, which, like
the drone of an alarm deck, or a
cow bawling for her missing calf,
never stops. And, then he’ll have to
drag himself out of the nice, warm
bed and sit like a zombie with one
eye open, one eye shut, and a
sleepy smile plastered on his face,
while the children rip paper off
packages and squeal with glee.
And, if he does accidentally close
the one eye that had been open,
he's sure to be jarred awake when
one of his children runs the toy he
just constructed not more than
four hours earlier into the wall,
knocking “Part A" out of “Hole B”.
So, daddy, the repairman, is called
on to fix it, and all is well.
By that time, the cows are
bawling, demanding attention, so
it's out to the barn he goes - new
work socks on his feet, new
flashlight in the pocket of his new
coveralls, and a new cigar in his
mouth. And, there he faces the
animals, as always, knowing that
the best gift of the day, besides
sharing the joys of family and
friends, will be calling it a day after
all the excitement is over, and
resting up before New Years
* Wallets
I *. Drtss
\ Knit
% Slacks
KUTZTOWN PA -Rh 215 683 7686