Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 30, 1976, Image 43

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are a few other key
Stewert, church member grin. Then, he adds with a processes, but stirring is the
from Delta, “you can make a laugh, “Believe me, you main part. That’s why
couple of circles around the come up with all kinds of having a whole community
kettle and then bring the ways when you stand here turn out for an applebutter
stirrer straight down the stirring for 12 hours.” making day is not only fun,
middle, or you can make a Believe it or not, 12 hours ■> but -easier for everyone in
figure eight,” he says ,with_a - istheusual amounfofiime it- -volvedr - ~‘
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takes jto get a good batch of
applebutter.' And, nearly 100
per cent of that time is spent
standing by the fire, con
stantly stirring the mixture
so that it doesn’t stick. There
In the beginning stages,
the. apples and' water are
bard to stir, but as the apples
break down and turn to
liquid it becomes an easier
When the apples do liquify,
the mixture fills the kettles
to the brim and must be
cooked for about four or five
hours until “most the Water
boils out,” as the experts
say. Then, when the water is
out. and the mixture “looks
Lancaster Farming. Saturday, Oct. 30.1976
right”, sugar is added, cook for this year’s batch of
Ninety pounds of sugar go applebutter, and who, along
into one kettle of ap- with his sister and other
plebutter. This is a very key brother, Ramsey, is known
process of the applebutter as one of the main ap
making, and one that takes plebutter authorities in the
as long as an hour for seven neighborhood. So, Ben
pots. spends at least-and hour or
“If you put too much m at'
one time,, the-kettle will kettle mth a dishpan of
' spill,” explained Ben Burk,
Delta Rl, who was the chief
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