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    MCMP’s milk valued at
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was prepared by
Jane Neilson of Maryland Cooperative Milk Producers, Inc.
Dairying in the south central Pennsylvania area is alive
and well, according to Maryland Cooperative Milk
Producers, Inc.
During 1975 MCMP members in Adams, Chester, Lan
caster and York Counties marketed more than 69 million
pounds of milk with a value of more than $6.5 million.
Through the first four months of 1976 dairymen in this same
area (approximately 120 MCMP members according to
Cooperative records) have marketed more than 24,000,000
pounds of milk valued at more than $2.6 million
The bulk of the milk hauling for this membership area is
handled through the MCMP’s own hauling division with its
headquarters at Hereford, Md. During the past year more
than 50 million pounds of milk produced in the area by MCMP
member herds were hauled on MCMP owned trucks and
delivered to dairies in Maryland and Pennsylvania. In ad
dition to helping to establish fair milk hauling charges that
reflect in all members’ costs, the returns from this hauling
division along with a second hauling division with
headquarters in Knoxville, Md. are shared by the entire
Members in this area have available farm deliveries of
supplies and equipment as well as equipment service through
the MCMP Equipment Division in Sykesville, Md. Field
personnel in the area along with a modern laboratory at the
Bb' Royal MH-30...
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Each season, more and
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They’ve watched it
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results of University
trials, and are convinced
it’s the most effective
systemic sucker
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Royal MH-30 gets
into the plant and
working in half the time
of regular MH-30. greatly
reducing the danger of
wash-off from unexpected
afternoon showers. In trial
after trial, Roval MH-30 has
consistently proved to be
25-35% more effective, and
even kills small suckers that
Faster than MH-30
Sorbatranf a special surfactant
ingredient, gets Royal MH-30
into the plant and acting in
half the time of regular
Gives effective sucker protection
within 6 hours of application.
*56 million in 1975
High return per acre
Even though Royal MH-30 is
significantly more efficient, the
cost is surprisingly low.
Because good sucker control
increases crop value, many
growers are experiencing
as much as $2O returned for
every dollar invested.
Co-op’s Baltimore headquarters are just a phone call away in
case of trouble or more often to correct a situation before it
becomes a problem.
Local members of the MCMP have scored well in a number
of awards programs offered by the Cooperative. Mr. and
Mrs. Leßoy Bupp of Glen Rock are past winners of the
MCMP Outstanding Young Cooperator contest, Ellis Growl of
Airville and Murrel L. Thoman, Glen Rock, earned 25 years’
membership awards in 1975 and 16 members from
throughout the south central area qualified for Quality
Awards presented during the 1976 annual membership
meeting of the Cooperative held earlier this year.
Four men serve as directors representing MCMP mem
bers in the four counties. Adams County, which along with
Frederick County, Md. makes up the MCMP’s District 4, is
represented by Maurice S. Ahalt, Middletown, Md. and Jesse
I. Burall, Monrovia, Md. York County, whose membership
makes up District 7, is represented by Emory M. Kilgore,
Airville. Chester and Lancaster County join with Cecil
County, Maryland to make up District 6 and are represented
by F. Guy McGrady, Rising Sun, Md.
The Maryland Cooperative Milk Producers, Inc. includes a
total membership of 1,000 dairy farmers in Maryland,
Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Founded in 1918
as the Maryland State Dairymen’s Association, it marketed
more than 620,000,000 pounds of milk in 1975 with a value of
more than $56 million.
e emerged on tender, fast
growing tobacco. This year,
some chemicals are going
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As with all agricultural chemical
products, Royal MH-30 and MH-30
should be used at labeled rates.
Research at North Carolina State
University has shown no increased
benefits from using excessive rates
of Uniroyal, Inc
Easy to apply
Royal MH-30 is easy to apply
either by tractor sprayer or
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Check with your dealer
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 5.1976 —
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