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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Nov. 22, 1975
Berks County former
reflects on hog industry
By Pat Bradley
Berks Cc.
STATE HILL - Yorkshire
and Hampshire hogs have
been the livelihood of Calvin
Lash, State Hill, since 1931.
According to Lash, he
bought his first Yorkshire in
Canada at a cattle deal in
1931. Since then he has gone
from breeding exclusively
Yorkshires to breeding
exclusively Hampshires and
then back again to
Yorkshires. The reason for
the change in breeds, ac
cording to Lash, was due
mainly to the fact that
Yorkshires were hard to
come by when they were
first introduced into the
Winners named
in drawing contest
John M. Stoltzfoos, Ronks,
was the first prize winner in
a drawing held at the W. L.
Zimmerman and Sons store
in Intercourse last Saturday.
Stoltzfoos won an Eversol
Rocking Chair.
Other winners included:
Turkey Winners
Robert Barnett, David E.
Beiler, Willis S. Brubacker,
John L. Deim, Andrew H.
Diener, John E. Esb, Samuel
L. Esh, Elam S. Fisher,
Suvilla M. Fisher, Dr. R. A.
Hartmann, Barbara E. King,
Christ K. King, Samuel F.
King, Alvin L. Petersheim,
Possibilities Unlimited,
Isaac Z. Smoker, Terry
Smoker, Annie Stoltzfus,
Mrs. Gideon K. Stoltzfus,
Morris Z. Stoltzfus, Simeon
Stoltzfus, Jr., Stephen J.
Stoltzfus, Joan M. Suit,
Amos Supplee, Mrs. David
Breyers Ice Cream
Samuel B. Bawell, Mrs.
Kjdl Christiansen, Clyde K.
Feister, Wm. Friedrich,
Simon Herr, Galen W.
Hershey, Sanford E, Her
shey, Douglas High, Clyde E.
Houck, Earl R. Houck,
Benuel K. King, Kathy
Kitchen, Harry G. Kreiser,
J. Elmer Lapp, Margaret
Scarborough, Wm. Sketh
way, Mrs. Norman B.
Smoker, Henry B. Smucker,
United States. He remarked
that be could buy Yorkshire
boars at that time but
couldn’t boy any females, so
he raised Hampshires for
awhile until the market
Lash has, in the past,
owned champion boars such
as: Curtiss Candy Damon, a
Yorkshire from the Curtiss
Candy Farm in Can/, JIL,
Gravel Ridge Prince, a
Yorkshire bred by Wiuiam
Pickney and Sons,
Qnksvllle, Ont, Canada and
Maryland Roller, a Hamp
shire considered to be the
best of his breed east of the
Mississippi about 30 years
Lash said he has gone back
to breeding Yorkshires
Smuckers Engine Shop,
Benuel S. Stoltzfus, John F.
Stoltzfus, Jonas B. Stoltzfus,
David F. Yeager, Sr., Jacob
B. Zook, Isaac S. Zook.
trees listed
The 1975 edition of the
popular “Choose And Cut”
directory of Maryland
Christmas Tree farms will
be available to the public
December Ist by mail.
The directory lists 20
Maryland tree plantations
spread throughout the state
which offer buyers the
pleasure of choosing their
own quality tree and having
it custom cut. In recent
years many families have
made a drive to the counrty
and a tour through the tree
Reids one of the season’s
family customs.
The directory, available
only by mall, is distributed
through the Maryland
Department of Agriculture’s
Marketing Division and the
Maryland Christmas Tree
Growers Association.
They will be mailed
December Ist. Persons
wishing a copy are asked to
write to “Christmas Trees”,
Maryland Department of
Agriculture, Parole Plaza
Office Building, Annapolis,
Maryland 21401.
because they Ye a popular
breed. This popularity ac
cording to Lash, is mainly
because they're good
mtillers, they produce large
litters and they’re not a
fatty hog. The Yorkshire was
the top breed in sales in 1948,
he added.
Because of his interest in
. the Yorkshire breed, Lash
became involved in the
Yorkshire Club'. Established
in Nov. of 1946, Lash was the
first secretary for the club.
The club, which is still in
existence today, is mainly
interested in Yorkshire
shows and sales. Members
attended sales in Jan., Feb.,
March and August at the
Lebanon Fair Grounds.
During these sales the hogs
are sold to farmers and
breeders from New York,
New Jersey, Delaware and
Maryland, Lash said.
In 1947, when the club first
sought to enter its
Yorkshires in the Farm'
Show, they ran into
problems, according to
Lash. At that time the
Yorkshire breed was a
relatively new breed in the
United States and many of
the other contestants
showing hogs didn’t want to
let a new breed into the
show, Lash remarked. But,
Lash was persistent and
finally in mid-summer of
1948, he succeeded in getting
spaces for his club’s hogs.
Lash has since stopped
going to the Farm Show, but
he still has hia interest in the
Yorkshire breed. He
currently has 200 Yorkshire
hogs on bis farm and his
present champion boar is
Largewood’s Solution. The
name was established
because the boar was sup
posed to be the solution to all
the problems of the
Yorkshire breed.
AT 11A.M.
12:00 NOON
Phont 717-354-4341
Lloyd H. Kretder. Auct.
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Calvin Lash, a Berks County hog of his accomplishments dating back
producer, looks at. some of his to 30 years ago.
present-day hogs with fond memories
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