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W 209 Pottoo Library
Ponna. State University
Univorsity» Pa* 16802
Vol. 20 No. 51
Health charts sold unlawfully
By Dieter Krieg
isn’t another state in the
country which can brag as
much about animal health as
Pennsylvania - we’re No. 1 -
“proclaimed Dr. Sam Guss,
Schuylkill Co, miss named
was at least one place within
Pa,Poultry Queen for 1976 SSSSS3I
one dollar; a Pennsylvania
cattle dealer has a box full of
health charts; and there,are
Dawn Heisler, (center) Schuylkill Co. was named
as the Pa. Poultry Qutien during pageant activities
held Oct 31 in Carlisle. Other contestants par
ticipating in the event were (from left) Julie
Lanius, York County; Kathy Bicksler, the 1975
Queen and Judy Stoltzfus, Lancaster County.
Lew Ayres honored
By Dieter Krieg
EPHRATA—Lew Ayers, who was hired
IS years ago to become Epbrata High
School’s first vocational agriculture in-
Lew Ayers, vo-ag instructor of
Ephrata H.S. is one of three FFA
teachers in the state to have been
nominated for the Honorary
American Farmer Degree.
extension veterinarian at
Penn State, during a speech
he delivered before the third
annual Dairy Seminar on
Feeding and Health, held
here at the Quality Courts
Inn last Tuesday evening.
structor and FFA advisor, has been
nominated to receive the FFA’s Honorary
American Farmer Degree the highest
such award presented by that
One of only three teachers in Penn
sylvania to receive the honor this year,
Ayers was nominated by the state’s FFA
association and the nomination has been
approved by the National Board of
Directors which met last month in
Alexandria, Va.
The degree is awarded on the basis of
points scored by a teacher for his ac
complishments as a vocational agriculture
instructor, FFA advisor, and as a par
ticipant in professional vocational
agriculture teachers’ organizations.
During the 15 years he has been at
Ephrata, Ayers has had three students
who earned the American Farmer
Degree; 40 who received the State Fanner
Degree; and five recipients of the state
proficiency award. He has had 21 of his
students on national FFA judging teams
and 29 on regional FFA judging teams. In
addition, his chapter has had the grand
champion dairy cow at the Pennsylvania
erving The Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania Areas
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Nov. 8,1975
But that doesn’t mean all
ia well. There’s still a lot to
be done.
The well-known and highly
acclaimed vetemiarian, who
will be retiring at the end of
the year, warned an
By Melissa Piper
Miss Dawn Heisler,
Tamaqua Rl, was selected
as Pa.’s State Poultry Queen
during a pageant held Oct.
31, at the Embers
Restaurant in Carlisle.
Dawn was one of three
contestants vying for the
title and was selected to
represent Pa.’s poultry
industry throughout the
coming year.
A student at the Pa. Junior
College of Medical Arts,
Dawn is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Jay Heisler, egg
„ producing family from
Schuylkill County.
By no means new to the
farm. Dawn has helped sort,
grade, candle and package
eggs for a number of years.
“I’ve done just about
everything,” the livacious
brunette noted, “but I enjoy
delivering the eggs to the
store more than anything.”
Having a special interest
in the field of music, Dawn
has participated in several
choral groups and Is an
accomplished pianist. The
young lady recently won the
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audience of approximately
60 persons that there is
considerable false security
in some present programs,
especially health cer
tification. His listeners were
mainly feed dealers,
nutritionists, vetemarians,
and agri-business
Guss charged that there
Dr. Sam Guss, left, extension
veterinarian from Penn State, was
presented with a plaque last Tuesday
evening following the 3rd annual
Dairy Feeding Health Seminar at the
Quality Courts Inn near Centerville.
The presentation was made by
County Agent John Smith of York
FFA chapters to
receive nat’l awards
By Melissa Piper
Students from four Lan
caster County schools, will
be traveling to the National
FFA Convention in Kansas
City this coming week to
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some crooked dealers
In an outspoken, straight
forward manner, Guss said:
“Health charts are good for
toilet paper - if you like shiny
toliet paper.” Asked after
the meeting if the statement
included Pennsylvania
health charts, Guss said
simply that too much con
fidence is being placed in
them. Health charts are not
effective enough in bringing
disease under control, those
from other states are vir
tually meaningless.
Guss strongly recom-
County on behalf of dairymen in
Lancaster and York Counties who
appreciate the service Guss has
provided for the past 24 years. The
well-known veternarian will retire on
Dec. 30 and will be honored at a party
at University Park on Dec 17.
receive a myriad of in
dividual and chapter
Seven members of the
Cloister FFA Chapter in
Ephrata High School will be
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Farm-City weekend 16
$3.00 Per Year
mends that cattle be tested
after they are brought into a
new herd. He notes that a
number of disease problems
break out in the state each
year, in spite of the Com
monwealth’s overall good
record, and the “we
“We have about 20 herds a
year that are depopulated,”
he said, blaming much of it
on insufficient precautions
taken by dealers and far
mers. “Yon should have
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traveling to the convention
with their advisor, Lewis
Members attending in
clude: James Felpel, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Felpel,
Ephrata; Jay Gerhart, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Gerhart, Reinholds; Gerald
Good, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Lester T. Good, Ephrata;
Harry Leininger, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry A.
Leininger, Ephrata; Calvin
Sauder, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Christ Sauder, Ephrata;
Clifford Martin, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Paul E. Martin,
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