Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 25, 1975, Image 49

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By Doris Thomas, Extension Home Economist
Read the Label on
Household Products
For Safety
A label is worthless if you
don’t read it. Federal
agencies are continuing to
improve their protective
services to the public.
For example, pesticide
labels and patterns of use
are being continuously
reappraised and modified, in
the light of new research
The label on each pesticide
container is in fact an im
portant legal document. This
includes practically all
bathroom cleaners, disin
fectants, and sanitizers
classified and registered as
pesticides by the federal
government. It represents 7
to 10 years or more of
painstaking research, many
thousands of hours of labor,
involves 25 to 50 pounds of
technical data typed double
spaced and cost up to $lO
All of this voluminous
research is carefully
reviewed by the En
vironmental Protection
Agency investigators before
any product can be sold.
You, the user, have every
reason to expect all claims
on the label to be fair and
The law imposes
safeguards for the public but
the most important still
depends on you. All the
research and precautions in
the world are of no value if
you don’t read the label.
It’s your responsibility to
read the label, follow the
directions listed and heed the
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Noise on the Farm
Could Pose Health Hazard
Life and work on farms
has changed considerably in
the last 25 years. One of the
often unnoticed changes has
been that “peace and quiet”
has been replaced by a noisy
environment, often at levels
considered hazardous by
health experts. Evidence is
increasing that noise also
affects man’s nonhearing
systems and his
psychological state.
Noise affects people in
different ways. However,
everyone is affected by
excessively high levels of
noise depending on loudness,
length of exposure, distance
from noise, and pitch or
frequency. A moderately
loud noise for a long period of
time can be just as hazar
dous as a very loud noise for
just a short period of time.
During Agricultural
Progress Days in August,
1974, a hearing survey was
conducted through the joint
efforts of the Cooperative
Extension Service of The
Pennsylvania State
University and the
Williamsport Hospital. A
total of 83 fanners were
given a pure-tone hearing
According to Donald
Daum, Extension
agricultural engineer, of the
83 farmers tested, only 18
indicated normal hearing.
The remaining 65 indicated
some degree of hearing loss.
Of these 65, 38 demonstrated
some patterns of noise
induced hearing loss. A
dominant characteristic was
that 24 persons showed a
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* '%
greater hearing loss in the
left ear and only 9 persons
showed a greater hearing
loss in the right ear. The
remaining 5 men indicated
an equal amount of hearing
loss in each ear.
Previous surveys have
suggested that a possible
reason for farmers showing
a greater noise-induced
hearing loss in the left ear
than in the right is that most
farmers operate their
tractors while looking over
their right shoulder to check
equipment performance.
Another factor attributed to
thi “left-ear deficit” is that
many farmers are also
shooters. Thus, continued
exposure of the left ear to the
muzzle blast of a shotgun
may also be a contributing
The results of the survey
are not conclusive. But they
do suggest that noise
induced hearing loss is
prevalent in the agricultural
community and that ad
ditional research is needed.
According to the Extension
agricultural engineer, the
first step in preventing the
problem is to make the
farmer aware of the hazard.
The farmer must know that
the noise emitted by his
equipment can cause per
manent damage to his
hearing. After he has been
informed of the damaging
noise, he must use proper
methods of preventing
hearing loss such as the use
of ear muffs or ear plugs.
To protect farmers and
others from noise hazards,
the Extension specialist
suggests the following
1. Reduce the noise at the
source. Maintain the
engines, especially muf
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Family - children’s service
establishes speakers bureau
Family and Children’s
Service announced today the
formation of a Speakers
Bureau, as part of a con
tinuing program to keep
Ijmcastcr Countians more in
touch with agency hap
Consisting of members of
the agency’s Board of
Directors, the Speakers
Bureau will provide
speakers and programming
for local clubs and com
munity organizations.
Highlight of the Family
and Children’s Service
Speakers Bureau presen
tation will be a newly
developed 20 minute sound
slide presentation. It details
the range of services offered
stretches out
Almost everyone the 8111311 businessperson,
operating a small business at Any place in Eastern
one time or another has Pennsylvania, for instance,
questions about keeping 3 small business owner can
records, filling out tax call llle IPS toll free on 1-800-
forms, meeting tax 462-4000 from 8:30-4:30 week
deadlines, and maybe even days for answers to his or
delinquent tax matters. her questions. In
That’s why the Internal Philadelphia, call 574-9900, in
Revenue Service is ready Allentown Bethlehem, call
year-round to provide 437-6966 and in Harrisburg,
personalized assistance to cal l 783-8700.
flers; adjust and lubrciate
machinery or replace with
quieter equipment.
2. Isolate noise from
people. Move noisy equip
ment outside the room or
building; enclose noise
source with a noise barrier;
or protect person from noise
by using sound-conditioned
cabs, acoustical ear muffs or
ear plugs.
3. Limit high noise level
exposure. Plan work for
short periods in noisy con
ditions. Shift personnel
among jobs or don’t operate
noisy equipment for long
periods of time.
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x >^9KIMS3K<S»&
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Oct. 25,1975 —49
by Family and Children’s
According to Allen R.
Smith, Executive Director of
the agency, the Speakers
Bureau is another attempt to
more clearly define the role
of Family and Children’s
Service in the community.
“Over the years our
responsibilities have
changed drastically," Smith
notes, “to the point where
we’re currently providing
services many people in the
community may not even
associate with us.
“Through the Speakers
Bureau we hope to introduce
the full scope of our work to
Lancaster Countians,
enabling our public to better
evaluate the services we
offer, and the way we might
be able to assist in their
problem solving."
Smith points to two
examples of the agency’s
new thrust. Our new
program is the agency’s
work on behalf of senior
citizens. The other is a newly
developed program called
advocacy, dealing with
various organizations - the
State included - considering
ways to make it easier for
people to get necessary
“If you went by our name
along, we should be working
only with children and
families,” Smith says. “But
this is not so, as the ad
vocacy program points out.
We’re interested that
residents of Lancaster
County become more
familiar with all that we do.
The Speakers Bureau will
help us do just that.”
While the film presen
tation will be the feature of
the Speakers Bureau
program, Bureau members
will provide additional in
formation not covered by the
film. They will also answer
questions from the audience
regarding Family and
Children’s Service
Groups and organizations
wishing to schedule mem
bers of the Speakers Bureau
in their programming should
contact the agency at 630
Janet Avenue, Lancaster,
17601 or phone 397-5241.