Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 19, 1975, Image 63

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Colors: Turquoise, Tan, Red, White
Colors; Green, White, Tan, Red.
R.D.I, Kinzer. PA Ph. (717) 442-4921
Please call before 7 A.M.
or after 6 P.M.
Cowtown Rodeo
Leu jthan half of the
cowboys stayed on long
enough to qualify for a mark
in the Bull riding dVent at the
Cowtown Rodeo Saturday
night; even though 19 of the
29 Brahmas used were young
2 year olds. The young bulls
were lighter in weight than
ones previously used this
year, but gave the con
testants a rough ride. Each
bull usually develops a
pattern of behavior in the
rodeo arena and after
studying this pattern for a
few performances, the
cowboy knows how to
prepare himself for the ride
to try to maintain his
balance, but with “green
bulls” everything is unex
pected. Jasper McLamb
moved in to take the bull
riding event marking 70 for
$276.36, with Buck Howard of
Woodstown, NJ pushing for
close second with a mark of
Junior Latella of West
Haven, Conn, set a Cowtown
York County
4-H Council
The York County 4-H
Council was host to Franklin
County, PA 4-Her’s at their
recent July meeting. Visitors
were challenged in softball
and volleyball games and
later treated to strawberries
and ice cream.
Reports were given in four
phases of PA 4-H Leadership
Family 4-H picnic is July
20. 4-H families will enjoy
games, relay races, a
German Band and much
Rodeo Arena record to the
present for the year in 1975 in
calf roping. Junior roped and
tied his calf in 11.6 seconds,
taking home $237.16.
For the second consecutive
week Sherman Sbldner of
Sharp town was top steer
wrestler. He earned $252.84
in 4.7 seconds.
Only two out of the 8
Saddle Bronc riders stayed
on for the required 8 seconds
to make a qualified ride.
Grant Harris of Cowtown,
NJ marked 70 for $150.92.
Jimmie Lee Walker moved
top ranking Bare Back
Bronc Rider, Jack Meli,
down to second place with a
high mark of 66, making
Lorraine Alexander of
Newton, NJ ran the Girl’s
Barrel Race in 17.94 seconds.
By cutting her horse close to
the barrels, Lorraine made
An estimated crowd of
2,200 people came to see 117
cowboys and girls compete
much more!!!
Several 4-Her’s placed
well at the York County 4-H
Demonstration and Public
Speaking days. They com
peted July 11 at Capitol
Region 4-H Days and many
did well enough to be sent to
the PA State 4-H
Achievement Festival.
July 7 Illinois 4-H ex
changes arrived. They
remained in York County
until Julv 13.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. July 19,1975
for a purse of $3,115.30.
Calf Roping
I - Junior Latella, W.
Haven, Conn., 11.6 Sec.,
$237.16; 2. - Wit Clement,
Thorofare, NJ, 16.5, $177.87;
3 - Quinn D’lmperio, Cherry
Hill,NJ, 17.0,$118.58; 4-Jeff
Kassaway, Allentown, PA,
17.1, $59.29.
Barrel Race
1 - Lorraine Alexander,
Newton, NJ, 17.94 Sec.,
$154.84 ; 2 - Diane Sleeter,
Sicklerville, NJ, 18.11,
$116.13; 3 - Judy Gement,
Thorofare, NJ, 18,21, $77.13;
4 - Barbara Stevenson,
Neschanic Sta., NJ. 18.49
Tie, $58.07; 4 • Dale Bibbo,
Spring Valley, NY, 18.49 Tie,
Bare Back
Bronc Riding
1 - Jimmie Lee Walker,
Cowtown, NJ, 66 Mark,
Challenger, 1143.08; 2 - Jack
Meli, St. Cloud, Fla., 63,
Antelope, (107.31; 3 - Marty
Stein, Washington, PA, 50,
Croppy, $71.54; 4 • Stanley
Thomaa, Woodatown, NJ, 55,
Flfl $35.77.
Saddle Bronc
1 • Grant Harris, Cowtown,
NJ, 70 Mark, Faraway,
$150.92; 2 - Roger Young,
Gatesville, Tex., 65, Lava
Mt.. $113.19; Ground Split -
Kieth Gorman, Wyatt
Crotta, Willie Ed Walker,
Jim Cartier, Rocky Foster,
Ron Jones, $18.90.
Bull Riding
1 - Jasper McLamb,
Vincent, SC, 70, Paleface,
$276.36; 2 - Buck Howard,
Woodatown, NJ, 66, Teco,
$207.27; 3 - Stanley Thomas,
Woodstown, NJ, 62, 015,
$138.18; 4 • Marty Stein,
Washington, PA, 61, 017,
Steer Wrestling
1 • Sherman Shidner,
Sharptown, NJ, 4,7 Sec,
$252.84; 2 • Phil Romeo, Pine
Hill, NJ, 6.5 $189.63; 3 - Jim
Hoehn, Farmingdale, NJ,
8.5, $126.42; 4- Jack Meli, St.
Cloud, Fla., 10.1, $63.21.