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44—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 19,1975
farm wife has a flair
Joan Is a member of Farm Women Society 21, Lan
caster County. She has served as secretary and is now
vice president. This society meets the second Thursday
evening of each month in the home of the members in the
Quarryville area. Mrs. Frank Aliment is president of it.
Joan is a member and for the past two years served on the
board of Directors of the Oxford Research Club
(Federated Women's Club). This year she will serve as
chairman of the baking division for Pine Arts Day by the
Federated Women’s Clubs of Chester County, which event
will beheld in March of 1976. She is a Committee Woman
for West Nottingham Township.
The Rohrers are members of Calvary Independent
Church, Lancaster, and work with the Junior Church (4th
6th grades). Joan teaches at Daily Vacation Bible School,
held there in the mornings one week in June.
Joan is very musical. She plays for Junior Church. She
used to play for the adult Sunday School class and the
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church orchestra. She used to sing soprano in the church
choir. She sang in McCaskey High School chorus an d in
their girls’ trio that went to Ocean City, NJ. She played the
piano for group singing for the Lancaster County Farm
Women’s convention last November.
Bob and Joan enter exhibits at the Southern Lancaster
County Community Pair. Joan has received a number of
ribbons for baked and vanned goods and Bob likewise for
soybean plants, barley, oats and soybean seeds. The
children will enter vegetables this year. They help their
mother in the garden.
Rohrers enjoy going places and doing things together as
a family. They attend tractor pulls at the Buck and Kin
zers this time of year. Last February they went to Vail,
Colorado for skiing where they also saw President Ford’s
condominium. They went skiing at Vermont and on
numerous slopes in Pennsylvania. They take their
snowmobile along. The older children have tried skiing
and enjoy the tractor pulls. Last winter they attended the
Nationals in the PA Farm Show arena, Harrisburg, for the
three days,
Joan loves to read, She reads novels, books from the
best seller-list and lots of other kinds of books. She buys
paper back books and gets books from the Oxford library.
She enjoys collecting antiques. One of her prized pieces
Mrs. Robert E. Rohrer, Nottingham Rl, Chester
Co., PA in front of her old kitchen fireplace, tries out
a new recipe for cole slaw.
is an old jelly cupboard that came from bob’s grand
parents and another one is a brass bed from her father’s
family. They found a few in their bouse and have bought
quite a few.
Joan says, “I started researching our farm history and I
find that very interesting. I’m back as far as 1818.. There
was a blacksmith shop here.”
She loves to cook and bake. Through this she entered a
contest sponsored by the Farm Wife News magazine of
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She entered a Pick Up And Go
Menu and won first place in the Rural Recipe Roundup
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The World's Leader in
picnic category. Her recipe for Quick Jambalaya aroused
the interest of the judges because it is easy to prepare.
Joan is accustomed to packing- a -lunch often tor her
to eat out in the fields. She given here a seasonal
recipe that goes with a dinner or stars in a luncheon:
4 large firm ripe tomatoes
2 medium ears sweet corn, cooked and cut off the cob
V« cup chopped green onions
one-third cup chopped green pepper
2 tablespoons chopped pimento
Vi teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar
1 ■wnall clove garlic, minced
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
Cut out tomato cores. Cut each tomato, not quite all the
way through, into wedges. Spoon out and reserve centers.
Invert tomato cups to drain; chill. Chop tomato pulp fine;
drain. Mix chopped tomato, corn, onions, green pepper,
pimento and salt. Combine remaining ingredients for
dressing; pour over vegetables and mix well Chill
thoroughly. At serving time, spoon mixture into chilled
fr»pptft cups. Serve on salad greens. Pass mayonnaise.
“Here’s a tasty way to use carrots and onions from the
garden,’’ says Joan.
1 pound (6 medium carrots)
1 chicken bouillon cube, dissolved in % cup boiling water
V* cup butter or margarine
3 medium onions, sliced
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
V* teaspoon salt
Pash pepper
V* cup water
Parc carrots and cut in julienne strips. Cook carrots in
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