Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 19, 1975, Image 15

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    Attends nat’l FFA
(CmMmml fra* hp 1)
meeting other FFA’crs was
one of the main objectives of
the meeting."
Representing some 17
different states, the FFA’era
had the opportunity to share
many ideas during the
week's conference. Informal
“rap” sessions also gave the
youths the opportunity to
find out how FFA differed
throughout the nation.
“I learned a lot about the
cultures of FFA’era all over
the country and also about
their programs," Steve
The Manheim FFA’er was
surprised that in the Mid
west, the FFA Clubs were
quite spread out over large
Along with their studies on
leadership, the youths at
tended training sessions on
social and personal
One special event which
the youths are treated to
each year is a visitation to
the office of their State
Senators. Steve went to see
Congressman Eshleman but
in the Congressman’s ab
sence, talked to his aide.
Steve noted that the
Congressman’s aide talked
to the group on the bills
pertinent to agriculture
currently under con
Dairying Is
His Interest
Coming from a dairy farm,
Steve has taken dairy
projects since beginning his
Parade of the Profit-Makers
These Plus-Proven Sires Are Available Daily For Your Dairy Herd:
v. - jsf< **
15H139 Curtis-Haven Apollo VICTOR
Good Plus & Type Qualified |May/75]
USDA (May/75) - 94 Daus. in 67 Herds Ave. 14.696 M
Predicted Difference (80% rpt.) -j-508M.
Type. 15 Classified Daus Ave 79 1,13 Pr +99 PDT
Sire; Hilltop Apollo Ivanhoe - VG (89) & GM
Dam; Anderson Von Performer Velge - EX (92)
Taking dairy projects in FFA was only natural for
Steve as he helps out on his parent’s dairy farm
during the summer and after school. The young
man admits that pipeline milking has made the job
a lot easier.
FFA work two years ago.
Although his family has a
herd of Holsteins, Steve does
have a Brown Swiss cow
which he won as a chain calf.
Along with his dairy in
terest, Steve has been an
avid public speaker, many
times talking on the topic of
wildlife preservation as his
Until the end of the
summer, Steve will be
helping out on his parents
dairy farm near Penryn but
as schooltime comes again
Steve will no doubt be
planning new projects and
activities for another year in
- i*,
- ", r
' - *»•
'*> » **■
Member—NAL Affiliated Breeders
ICMftwri Itm Nm 11
and H«nry Stark, Chino, Ca,
Termed as the "Ideal aon
of the great Ivanhoe,” the
young bull’s dam, Diamond
J. Ivy Telstar, is owned by
Henry Stork, a California
The bull was brought to
Pennsylvania to be sold at an
exclusive Holstein sale held
in March at the Guernsey
Barn Pavilion in Lancaster
County. Consigned by Henry
Sterfc, the bull was pur
chased by the syndicate and
, ~'V
3 57%
525 F
Area cattlemen buy
Countians attending the recent
summer institute of Pennsylvania
Association of Farmer Cooperatives,
included, left to right; Randy Ranck,
Quarryviile; Lavern Martin, East
15H151 Cumva PROUD Performer
Good Plus 184]
USDA (May/75) - 21 Daus in 16 Herds Ave.
Predicted Difference (45% rpt)
Type (no official summary to date)
Sire - Romandale Dividend Performer - VG & GM
Dam Johanna Korndyke Pride Eva - EX(9S) - 3E
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. July 19.197 S
has been placed at stud at
Atlantic Breeders Co-op
outside of Lancaster.
The yearling bull, which
has been greatly compared
with his famous sire
Osborndale Ivanhoe, shows
signs of becoming equally
famous with a tall clean
structure and outstanding
feet and legs.
The bull will be offered to
Atlantic's regular members
and to the firm’s other
domestic and export
24-Hour Toll-Free Phone Service
Lancaster area 569-0411
throughout Pennsylvania 800-732-0391
Delaware & Maryland 800-233-0216
Bam meetings
Two ban mooting* hovo
boon alotod for aroa Holstein
broodors. Tho mootings
which will help to Inform
dairy farmers on the
classifying systom for
Holstdns, will bo bald on
July 39.
llm afternoon mooting will
bo hold at tho farm ol Arthur
Wenger, Manholm at 1:1ft
p.m. with tho evening
meeting to bo hold at tho
farm of Donald Eby, In*
tercoorso, beginning at 1:00
For further information of
the event call Robert Book,
committee chairman at 650-
Earl; Dale Burkhart, Denver; Cindy
Erb, Mount Joy; Earl Graybill, vo-ag
instructor at Ephrata, who served as
leader; and Donald Hershey,
14.422 M 3 54%
+6I3M +s37
511 F