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    VoL 20 No. 96
McHale plowed under by Senate
By Dieter Krieg
By a vote of 25 for, and 24 against. Agriculture
Secretary James McHale failed to receive the necessary
34 votes Tuesday to win Senate approval for a second term
in the Shapp administration. Indications are, however,
that be will remain in office at least until the end of the
current legislative session, which is in January, 1978.
In telephone interviews with Lancaster Farming, the
opinion of Senators who voted against McHale centered
upon his record - which they believed was social-welfare
orientated and not in the interest of Pennsylvania
agriculture. The secretary was also criticized for “con
stantly attacking U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Earl
‘How wet can you take wheat?*
By Dieter Krieg
LANCASTER - “How wet
can you take wheat?” is the
question, Tom Flory tells us,
which is frequently asked in
these parts biy grain farmers
who are beginning to scratch
their beads wondering what
they’ll do. .
All reports indicate that
wheat is sprouting - either
slightly or seriously. One
Qnarryville area grower
Members of the “Exclusive"
Syndicate that purchajed Sterk
Exclusive a yearling bull met at the
Atlantic Breeder’s Co-op on Wed
nesday evening. Members attending
are (from left) Earl Groff, Strasburg;
Kermit Fasset, East Springfield. NY;
Robert Bauermaster, Berlin; Wade
Steve Hershev
Attends nat’l FFA meeting
By: Melissa Piper
Hersbey, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce Hershey, Manheim
R 4, was a recent visitor to
Washington D. C., not
merely as a sightseer but as
a delegate to the National
FFA Leadership Con
The Manheim youth, who
aec cl Of kgrieoiwrc
found hik wheat sprouting
and commented it is “soft as
mush.” Although he’s still
not sure what to do with it,
chances are he will mow it
for a combination of feed and
“A little sprouting doesn’t
hurt,” Tom Flory com
mented, adding that the
remark is made on the basis
of lots of experience in. the
milling business. He is the
will be a junior at Manheim
Central High School in the
fall, was chosen by his fellow
FFA members to attend the
Steve will be serving the
Manheim FFA as secretary
this coming school year and
was happy that be had the
opportunity to attend the
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 19.1975
Butz.” Senator Richard Snyder, who represents parts of
Lancaster and Chester counties, commented: “It doesn’t
help Pennsylvania agriculture to be yapping at Buts all
the time.’’
A statement released by Senator Franklin Kury, 27th
District, said: “It is one thing for Johnnie Canon to
continue a comedy routine at the expense of Earl Buts. It
is not the same thing for the Pennsylvania Secretary of
“I recall particularly, the press release issued by
Secretary McHale last December,” Kury continued. “In it
be challenged Earl Bntz to a milking contest to see who
knew the most about agriculture. I though that challenge
fourth generation of millers
who have been in the
business since 1840. “Millers
can still buy it,” be con
tinued, “there's no panic
Most millers agree that if
we receive dry weather now
for five to six days, the crop
could be knocked off by next
Saturday. “We still have
hopes to .get it in,” EJory
remarked. Estimates of
Groff. Lancaster; Charles Backus,
Mexico. NY; Everett Backus, Mexico,
NY; Alfred Albright, Landisburg;
Charles Myers, Lancaster; David
Murch, Lowville, NY; Horace Backus,
Mexico, NY; John Metzler, Christiana.
. Frank Reichard, Lititz, an employee of
the co-op, is shown leading the bull.
“We did learn the pnn-
ciples of leadership which
will be of help to me next
year,” the young man ex-
plained. *
Although his position as
secretary will be a new one,
Steve has also served the
chapter as chaplain. - -
the National Conference is
an annual event which
what percentage of the crop
is still out there ranged from
nine-tenth to two-thirds, with
most figures falling closer to
Most millers were paying
over |3.00 per bushel for
wheat, with a few expressing
pessimism of one kind or
another about the crop. “It’s
bad,” said one, “the wheat is
sprouting even though most
of it is still standing.”
Area cattlemen buy
Sterk Exclusive bull
By: Melissa Piper
Several area cattlemen
joined with Holstein fanciers
from New York and
California earlier this year
to buy Sterk Exclusive, a son
of the celebrated sire
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brings together FFA
members from all over the
United States to learn
leadership responsibilities
as well as getting to know
other people,
“I enjoyed attending the
conference,” Steve corn
mented, “as I was able to
meet a lot of people, in fact,
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and the press release were a great insult to the dairy
farmers of my district and the state of Pennsylvania."
In other comments made by the Central Pennsylvania
Senator, McHale was described as being “not qualified for
the position,” and failing to speak on behalf of Penn
sylvania farmers. “I do not expect that the Secretary of
Agriculture would be a rubber stamp for the Grange or
the Pennsylvania Farmers Association or Penn State or
Agri-business, and no one will ever accuse James McHale
of that, however I do expect that the Secretary will at least
maintain a dialogue with these groups so that their views
can be considered and fully appreciated by the Governor
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Another commented “we
had good yields before the
rains, and it’s surprising bow
well most of it is still stan
ding, but it’s sprouting
Some millers expressed
little confidence in the prices
being quoted from Chicago,
adding that neither farmers,
millers, nor bakers have
forgotten their experiences
last year and two years ago.
Osborndale Ivanhoe as a
Members of the pur
chasing syndicate, met on
Wednesday evening, July 16
at Atlantic Breeder’s Co-op
in Lancaster to view the
yearling bull where he is
being kept at stud.
Area cattlemen who
jointly purchased the animal
include Alfred Albright, -
Landisburg; Robert
Steve Hershey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Her
shey, Penryn, recently attended the National FFA
Leadership Conference held in Washington, D. C.
S3jdo Per Year
“Wheat will be low In quality
and low in weight,” said
another in a telephone in
terview Thursday afternoon.
“I don’t trust the higher
wheat market,” explained a
Lancaster County miller
whose price was the lowest
of all surveyed, not coanting
the one who limited his price
to strictly feed wheat,
claiming that good wheat
| Continued m fap 24]
Bauermaster, Berlin; Earl
Groff, Strasbnrg; Wade
Groff, Lancaster; Charles
Myers, Lancaster; John
Metzler, Christiana; and
Howard Moyer, York. Other
members of the group in
clude Horace and Charles
Backus, Mexico, New York;
Facet Bros., Springfield,
New York, George Williams,
,-West Winfield, New York
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