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58—Lancaster Firming, Saturday, June 14, 1975
Twin Valley FFA’ers To Attend Activities Days
June 17, 11, and 19 will b« a
big avy for fifteen members
of the Twin Valley Future
Fanners of America. This
will be the annual Activities
Week and Summer Con
ference of the Pennsylvania
FFA Association. These
combined events held at
Penn State feature our state
FFA contests as well as the
election of new state officers
and conducting the business
of the state association.
Eight members of the
Twin Valley Chapter will be
participating in six different
contests. Darrell Stoltzfus,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Stoltzfus of Elverson and
Twin Valley FFA president,
and Robert Deeds son of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Deeds of
Birdsboro, will participate in
the livestock judging con
test. They will be required to
Judge classes of market beef,
breeding beef, market
sheep, breeding sheep,
market swine and breeding
swine according to how
closely they conform to the
ideal. Kathie Hart, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L.
Hart and Ron Scott, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth Scott
of Elverson will participate
in the pleasure horse judging
contest. This contest
requires participants to
judge both standing and
working pleasure horses,
take a written test on horse
management and diseases
and identify various articles
of tack.
Gary McVaugh, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Melvin McVaugh of
Mohnton will enter the
forestry contest. He will
have to identify various
different trees, give their
diameter, the number of logs
in each, compute the board
feet of lumber in each tree
and tell whether it should be
cut or left grow. He must
also tell what products could
be made from the tree.
Ted Ford, son of Mr. and
Mrs. William Ford of Honey
Brook will participate in the
land judging contest. He will
have to determine the most
intensive agricultural use
which can be made of three
When something is smooth as
glass " it s 300 times smoother
than satin and 475 times smoother
than silk
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Dairy Equipment and
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over 30 years in business at
same place
different sites, as well as the
conservation practices to use
on each and the most
limiting factors. Steve Kohl,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Zajac of Mohnton will have
to sell various common
agricultural articles to the
judges in the salesmanship
contest. He will also have to
compute sales tax, fill out a
sales slip. Bill Harris, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris
of Geigertown will enter the
interview contest. BUI wiU
have to write a letter
requesting an interview, fill
out an applicaUon form and
respond to an interview.
Two of our musically in
clined members will be
members of the 80-member
Pennsylvania FFA Band,
under the direction of Dr.
James Dunlop, director of
the famed Penn State Blue
Band. This band is composed
of FFA members from
across the commonwealth
who apply by maU - thereby
earning it the same
nickname as the National
FFA Band - “the maU-order
band”. The band practices
and plays together only
twice during the year - at the
Farm Show and Mid-Winter
Convention in Harrisburg
and at the summer con
vention. The band provides
musical entertainment
before each convention
session. Our two participants
are Steve Bleacher, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Bleacher of Birdsboro, and
Larry Stoltzfus, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Stoltzfus of
Elverson. Steve is a second
year member who plays the
barinette horn; Larry, a
third year member, plays
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the French hom.
Three other musically
inclined members will sing
in the state FFA Chorus,
which also provides en
tertainment at each con
vention session. Mike
Alkens, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Aikens of Honey Brook
and Gerald Norris, son of
Mr. and Mrs. George Norris
of Elverson and also
Clarence Jennelle, son of
Mrs. Margaret Jennelle of
Elverson, will lend their
talents to the chorus. Mike
Alkens, incidentally, has
been nominated to the
National FFA Chorus.
Two other FFA members
will be participating In FFA
Week. Past president Robert
Stoltzfus will be a candidate
for one of the 11 state offices.
Terry Murray, state
secretary, will assist with
the actual convention
proceedings and other state
association meetings.
Accompanying the
delegation will be Mr. Wayne
Luts and Mr. Ronald
Frederick, vo. ag. teachers
at Twin Valley and Mrs.
Renee Frederick. As in the
case with all adults at
tending, our three will have
specific duties to attend to.
Mr. Lutz will serve on the
tractor driving contest
committee, Mr. Frederick
will meet with the state FFA
officers and delegates as a
member of the State Ad
visory Committee and Mrs.
Frederick will assist with the
chaperoning of the girls
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V * •’ .
Over 1700 FPA member*
from acrou Pennsylvania
will participate In FFA Week
this year. Eighteen separate
contests will be held, with
additional competition In
athletic events such as
softball, bowling, and on the
rifle range. While at Penn
State students are able to
tour many of the research
facilities as well as talk to
various personnel in the
College of Agriculture.
FFA Week affords
students an opportunity to
practice one line of the FFA
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