Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 14, 1975, Image 52

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    52—Unoutar Farming, Saturday. June 14. 1975
Lehigh Co. Farm Activities
Fara Safety Week
The annual declaration of
National Farm Safety week
bringi to mind the many
farm accident! in the Lehigh
Valley. County Agent Glenn
Ellenberger aaaures farmers
that a Safety Week is not any
protective or preventive
device to scare away the
farm accident disease.
Bach farm person must be
a year-round safety in
spector. Accidents happen
only when a person is in
charge. That person must be
charged up with the “safety
fever” so that the accident
doesn’t or isn’t permitted to
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inventory so that none can
get lost on the farm. They
won’t re-grow, notes
Consumer Meat Costs Same
Farmers know that
production costa are up on all
products such as beef and
pork. Consumers are certain
that meat takes a bigger bite
out of the income.
County Agent Glenn
Ellenberger, however,
quotes figures released by
Louis Moore, Penn State
University Livestock
Marketing Specialist, that
show the consumer bite was
greater 20 years ago than
today. In 1955,4.57 percent of
the disposable income went
for meat. In 1974-75 that
percentage has dropped to
152 00
■ 350
180 50
239 40
250 80
296 40
318 00
372 40
385 00
399 00
556 50
651 00
4.03 percent. In addition to
this reversal, quality has
improved for meat sold.
Better cuts, less waste and
more tenderness is present
in the steak or chop of today.
Strawberry Rot Present
Growers of strawberries
must keep after the Botrylls
Fruit Rot during periods of
damp weather. Ripening
berries become a fungus
infected moss, notes Glenn
EUenberger, County Agent.
Fungicide sprays to prevent
the rot should have started
during the blossom period.
Continued coverage is
necessary during ripening
period. Benomyl (Benlate)
or Captan are the recom
mended materials. Direc
tions should be followed on
the container.
Trellis Fruit Meeting
Lehigh Valley fruit
growers will visit the
Hamilton Orchard, south of
Limeport where growing of
apples on a trellis is being
practiced. Over 25 acres are
being developed. The visit is
scheduled for June 13th at
7:00 p.m. Dr. Marshall
Ritter, Penn State
University Penologist will
discuss the Trellis system
and review the production
practices. All fruit growers
are invited to attend. Follow
the Red Fruit Meeting signs
to the orchard from the
Limeport Pike south of
Limeport. County Agent
Glenn Ellenberger, says rain
or shine, this meeting will be
designed to up-date growers
in compact orchards.
Farm-City Breakfast Set
The June Breakfast now
that school is out will center
around the Lehigh County
Community College. The
Farm-City meeting will be
on June 24th at 7:30 a.m. at
the City Vu Diner.
Dr. Jack Barrier, College
President, will discuss the
Community Place of the
College Program.
Farmers and business
people will be able to ask Dr.
Barrier questions dealing
with the College Program as
it relates to rural and urban
Reservations for the
breakfast, sponsored by the
Agriculture Committee of
the Chamber of Commerce,-
can be made at the
Agricultural Extension
Office, 434-M7l, Ext. SOI,
prior to June 20.
Pork Day Feast Called
The first Saturday in
August is the traditional
Pork Day Feast. Planned at
the Eastern Pennsylvania
Pork Producers Board
Meeting, this past week, this
13th Annual event is at
tended by over 100 pork
Starting at 5:00 p.m. on
August 2nd at the Kempton
Community Park, the “All
You Can Eat and Drink”
parade will be started, ac
cording to John Turn,
Kempton, R 2, President of
the EPPPA. Four thousand
pork chops have been or
dered for the barbecue pit, a
roast porker will also be put
on the spit as a special treat.
Musical entertainment,
the Pennsylvania Pork Cook-
Out contest and Door Prizes
will liven up the evening’s
Pork producers will have
tickets available in the near
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