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    44—iancmtf firming, Saturday, Juna 14, 1978
By Doris Thomas, Extension Homo Economist
Have you over thought
•boot what you would do if
your home freezer flopped
running? If your freezer does
stop running or the elec*
trlcity goes off for some
time, you can take special
precautions to keep your
food from spoiling.
Follow one of these rules,
and you stand a good chance
of preserving your food:
Keep the freezer closed.
Open it only to take food out
for transport or to add dry
ice. Try to determine how*
long the current will be off,
and how long the food will
keep. The length of time food
will stay frozen depends on:
Nonfat dry milk makes a
nutritiously good companion
for those who like to be next
to nature. It packs light,
requires little space, travels
well, and gives so much.
It makes a glass of milk
just a mix away. It is in
stantly soluble, requires
little storage space, and has
all the nonfat nutrients of
fresh fluid milk.
Those nutrients are par
ticularly valuable for those
engaged in such strenuous
physical activity as back
packing through mountain
trails. Itis especially good
for families who take
camping vacations where
-The amount of food in the
freezer. A full freezer will
stay cold many hours longer
than a freezer only a quarter
-The kind of food. A
freezer full of meat will not
warm up as fast as a freezer
of baked food.
-The temperature of the
food. The colder the food, the
longer it will stay frozen.
-The freezer itself. A well
insulated freezer will keep
food frozen much longer than
one with little insulation.
-Size of freezer. The
larger the freezer, the longer
the food will stay frozen.
If you have a locker plant
in your area, make advanced
arrangements to take care of
food during an emergency.
When transporting the food
to the plant, wrap it in plenty
of newspaper and blankets,
or use insulated boxes. Then
rush the food to the locker
Your next best alter*
native is to add “dry ice” to
the freezer to try to retain
Dry Milk Popular
—• —
■■ "■
the cold. The more dry ice
you uae, the longer your food
trill remain frozen. Invest
some time on the telephone,
when you have no
emergency, to And out where
you can buy “dry ice” should
you need it.
If all else fails, break out
the home canning equipment
and cook the thawed food
whatever ways your family
may like it. Here, again, be
sure you have the con-
every inch of storage space
must be used to its
maximum potential.
There is no waste in using
nonfat dry milk. Just
measure and mix what you
need immediately, then
reseal the package for the
next milk break. While
useful as a beverage, it also
can be used in any recipe
that calls for milk - such
camping favorites as pan
cakes, scrambled eggs, and
french toast, for instance.
Right now nonfat dry milk
is plentiful. According to
dairy experts with the U.S.
Department of Agriculture’s
Agricultural Marketing
Service, the stock of nonfat
dry milk topped last year’s
total by 103 per cent. That
represents about 114 million
one-pound cartons of milk.
Instant nonfat dry milk
can be used in multiple
ways, but did you know it
even lets you prepare your
own buttermilk? Here’s
how: First liquefy the
desired amount of nonfat dry
milk you need. Do not chill.
Then stir % cup commercial
or homemade buttermilk.
Let stand at room tem
perature 8 hours or until
thickened. Add a pinch of
salt and stir until smooth.
Regriegerate until ready to -
Packaged instant nonfat
dry milk should be kept in a
cool, dry place without
refrigeration. If kept
carefully sealed, it should
last 6 months. Packages
should be carefully reclosed
after each use to prevent
absorption of moisture.
Instant nonfat dry milk,
when reconstituted, requires
the same care as fluid milk
and should be stored in the
refrigerator. For best
results, follow directions for
measuring and mixing on the
To whip instant nonfat dry
milk, use equal amounts of
talners, lids, and other
canning equipment on hand,
and those canning recipes
Sometimes frozen foods
are completely or partially
thawed before you discover
that your freezer is not
running. You may safely
refreeze foods that have
thawed if they contain ice
crystals or if they are cold -
about 40’F. * provided they
have been held at this
temperature no longer than 1
or 2 days. But remember,
use refrozen foods as soon as
possible after the
Always examine meat or
poultry before you decide
what to do with it, because it
may become unsafe to eat if
it starts to spoil. Get rid of
the food if the color or odor of
the thawed food is
Remember, be prepared
for when your home freezer
stops running. Don’t let a
power blackout wipe out
your frozen foods.
Family’s Emotional
Needs Important
A new car, a large home or
instant nonfat dry milk and
liquid, such as cup nonfat
dry milk and Vt cup water or
fruit juice. Put liquid in
mixing bowl; add instant
nonfat dry milk. Whip with
rotary beater or electric
beater until stiff. The colder
the liquid, the faster it will
BALER TWINE 40 lb. bale 9000 ft. *27.19
lowa Type
expensive clothes mean in
dicate that a family is
economically successful.
However these things often
don’t Indicate the emotional
success of a family.
When s family invests a lot
of money, time and energy
into fulfilling the basic needs
of food, shelter, and clothing,
it Is sometimes easy to forget
the family's emotional
Needs such as affection,
emotional security and a
sense of achievement are
just as basic to family
members as their material
A coupk wttli • loving
relationship should convoy
thoso fooling* to their
children and invoat time
encouraging growth ond
undoratonding in family
Don't let monoy or
economic auccoaa over*
shadow the importance of
building a warm and loving
relationship among family