Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 14, 1975, Image 40

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    40—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 14, 1975
Food Marketing Alert
Red Meats
Beef ... adequate, with
production rates averaging
5-7 percent below the record
levels of year earlier, but
approximating 1972-74
average for the month. Beef
produced largely on forages
continues to account for a
larger share of total
production than a year
earlier. Pork . . . light.
Output rates are expected to
average 18-20 percent below
year earlier, and well below
1972-74 average.
Poultry & Eggs
Broilers - fryers . . .
adequate. June production
expected to be 4 percent
below last year and 5 percent
less than 1972-74 average for
the month.
Turkey... adequate. New
crop marketings expected to
be down 20 percent from
year ealier and 15 percent
from 1972-74 average for
June. Cold storage holdings
June 1 are expected to be
lower than year earlier but
above the 1972-74 average.
Eggs ... adequate. June
output may be 6 percent
below year earlier and 8
percent less than June 1972-
74 average.
Milk & Dairy
Fluid milk, dairy products
... plentiful, with produc
tion levels expected to be
Fuel Chief
JUNE 14, 7:00 P.M.
At the Rough and Tumble Historical Assoc
Grounds, Route 30 (13 miles East of Lancaster),
Kmzer, PA.
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near seasonal peaks. Milk
production in April was
about same as last year.
Cheese production was
down, but butter and nonfat
dry milk levels were almost
5 percent above their March
1972-74 averages. On Apr. 1,
commercial stocks of the 3
products were well above the
1972-74 averages.
Fruits, Vegetables
and Nuts
Fresh oranges ... plen
tiful. Those remaining for
harvest May 1 - mostly
Valencias - were almost a
fourth above the same date
last season and 16 percent
more than past 3-seasons’
average. Grapefruit . . .
light. May 1 supplies were
down a fourth from last
season and a fifth below past
3-seasons’ average. Lemons
... adequate. May 1 supplies
were about the same for both
last season and the 3-
seasons’ average. Citrus
juices ... plentiful. End-of-
Apr. stocks of Florida frozen
concentrated orange juice
were down 7 percent from
record holdings of year
earlier, but 22 percent above
most recent 3-seasons’
average. End-of-Apr. sup
plies of Florida frozen
grapefruit concentrate were
record high, and 3 percent
greater than year before.
Florida canned single
strength grapefruit juice
stocks were 6 percent larger
than low level of year
Wheat ... adequate for
food use. Stocks Apr. 1 were
17 percent above year earlier
but 29 percent below 1972-74
average for that date. Corn
... adequate for food use.
Apr. 1 supplies were down 23
percent from year earlier
and 31 percent below 1972-74
average for that date.
Goats are weaned at birth and never allowed to
nurse. Here LaVerne shows a lamb bar which is
used to feed many kids at once.
Goats Have Become
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simply be rubbed off. Then it should be refrigerated for
one to two months. LaVeme says it can be eaten after one
month, but actually the cheese will keep indefinitely.
The Mentzers also enjoy goat milk yogurt and ice
Because of her attitude about the healthiness of goat
milk, it is not surprising to learn that she also uses honey
exclusively in her home. The Mentzers have about 23
hives, and LaVerne says she uses honey in everything,
including the morning cereal - along with the goat milk.
She does not use special recipes, but adapts regular
recipes, usually according to the rule of using cup less
liquid. She even uses honey in her canning.
LaVerne is willing to share her enthusiasm about goats
and has agreed to be a 4-H leader for what will be the first
4-H dairy goat club in the county. So far the response to
the 4-H club has been small, but hopefully some more goat
owners will show an interest.
LaVeme herself was a 4-H member for nine years in
northern Lancaster where she was born and raised on a
Holstein dairy farm. She is a licensed practical nurse and
met her husband on the job. The Mentzers have been
married for ten years and have two children, Jon, 7 and
Fave. 9.
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Dairy goata are a very big part of LaVerne'a dally life -
•he area for them, mllka them, marketa the milk and
producea the varioua goat milk producta which her family
enjoyi. She alao underatanda the induatry pretty well, and
the future of dairy goata ia certainly getting a big booit
from her intereat and enthuaiasm.
Know Where the Activities Will Be?
Read the Farm Women Calendar.
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