Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 03, 1975, Image 47

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    Junior Cooking Edition
Our Junior Cook* have 2 cups luke warm water
■ent In many intereating 2 cups mashed potatoes
P«» we appreciate 1 teaspoon salt
aU their help. This week we 1 teaspoon vanilla
are featuring some dessert 1 cup sugar
recipes that our young 1 cup shortening
readers say are their 5 eggs beaten
favorites! .... 10 cups flour or till not sticky
For some interesting Ideas Work like bread dough. Let
in cooking pork, see our rise till about double in size,
special edition of Home on Roll it out and cut In strips
the Range. and j e t rise again. Bake until
Long Johns light brown. Cool then cut
2 packages yeast them through the middle.
Paul A Mueller, Jr
A native Lancastrian Paul is an attorney
and a partner in the firm of Barley
Snyder, Cooper It Mueller His back
ground of wide professional experience
will be a great advantage to the Court of
Common Pleas His involvement m com
munity affairs goes back over 16 years
Presently he s on the Board of Directors
of the Lancaster General Hospital The
United Way and The Easter Seal Society
as well as being Vice President of the Lan
caster Symphony Orchestra Paul is a
member of Trinity Lutheran
To vote for Paul, writ* "Mu*l
in slot number 4
Ideally justice is administered swiftly but
also fairly something we should never
lose sight of in our drive to make the court
systems more efficient Because efficiency
should not be the exclusive goal at the
expense of due process Each of these
objectives is vital to our legal system And
I shall try to keep both
in follow
mg the inscription
Equal justice under
law which appears
* * H on the Supreme Court
There's a long, honorable tradition at stake this May cared enough to cast your ballot .. cared enough to Vote. Because you can't afford to stop caring.
20. . the tradition of good government for Lancaster keep our local government uncommonly free of the And because these G.O.P. slated candidates are
County. Because over the years you the voter have shenanigans that have plagued other areas. depending on your support.
Paul A Mueller, Jr
For Judge
of the Court
of Common Pleas
1 cup chopped nuts
Bring sugar and syrup to a
boil. Add butter and salt.-
When the boiling point has
been reached again add the
milk slowly in a fine stream.
Keep bubbling but do not
cook rapidly. Stir constantly
to prevent scorching. Cook
syrup to 244 degrees or until
it makes a firm ball when
dropped in cold water.
Remove from heat and add
vanilla and chopped nuts. Set
in a pan of cold water to stop
the cooking. When slightly
cooled pour into a buttered
pan. Let stand overnight.
Care must be taken to
prevent scorching.
Take this
Raymond G Htrr
Ray has been Chairman of the Lancaster
County Commissioners for the past three
years and has behind him a record of note
worthy service in a-wide variety of political
posts Presently he serves on the Cover
nor s Justice Commission the Lancaster
Area Transportation Study and the
Mental Health/Memal Retardation Board
He is also a charter member of the Willow
Street Lions Club Ray was graduated
from West Lampeter High School and is
a member of the Lititz Moravian Church
I 4 *
I m resolved that frugality should be the
byword when it comes to County spending
And you can be certain that as long as I m
in office our funds from Federal Revenue
Sharing will be spent Lancaster County
style and not Federal Government style
IT W.vmonHn H.rr
■.5; County
:: x** ijr :
Pill with filling and spread
oyer top.
3 egg whites
3 teaspoons vanilla
IMt cups vegetable short
2 tablespoons milk
3 cups powdered sugar
Beat egg whites stiff. Mix
milk, powdered sugar and
Arlene Sauder
age 11
East Earl, Pa.
Caramel Candy
2 cups sugar
2 cups syrup
cup butter
V 8 teaspoon salt
1 can evaporated milk (15
1 teaspoon vanilla
Anna Mae Ebersol
Paul F.Paes
An incumbent Countv Commissioner Paul
has a long record of dedicated political
service m Lancaster County Through the
years he has become a well known and
highly respected member of the focal
governmental body Active in many tom
munity organizations such astheLititz
Chamber of Commerce the American
Legion BPO Elks Masons Shnners, he
still finds time to serve as Director of
Heritage Center of Lancaster County
Director of Soil Conservation and
Director of Office of Aging We need
his ambition and energy in the County
Commissioner s Office Paul is a graduate
of Quarryville High School and Pe
State University and attends the
Brethren in Christ Church
9 S* !B,,G^.C^
Let sface it The County Commissioner s
job is lough demanding a highly re
sponsible position And it should be filled
by someone who regards public service as
more than employment Someone who can
take the flak and still keep the County's
best interests foremost 1 know Ive
Hbeen there
Paid for by the Republican Primary Committee of Lancaster County
Chairman Larry D Boozer Treasurer Franklin M McCorkel
Soft Drop Cookies
% cup shortening
1 cup brown sugar
x h cup white sugar
3 teaspoons vanilla
2 eggs
4 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
Mi teaspoon salt
% cups milk
Drop by teaspoons on
cookie sheet and bake at 350
degrees until golden brown.
Ivan Sauder
age 8
East Earl, Pa.
Rhubarb Dessert
4 cups rhubarb
1 cup sugar
2 3 4 cups water
- 6 ounce package
strawberry jello.
Cook rhubarb, sugar and
water until tender. Remove
from heat and add the jello
and stir until dissolved. Pour
into serving dish and chill.
Anna Mae Sauder
age 6
East Earl, Pa.
Molasses Sugar Cookies
3% cup shortening
5 cups sugar
1% cups molasses
5 eggs
6 tablespoons soda
12% cups sifted flour
1 teaspoon cloves
2% teaspoon ginger
: Paul F Pms
; For County
age 12
Leola, Pa.
2Mi teaspoon cinnamon
2M« teaspoon salt
Melt shortening and cool.
Add sugar, molasses and
eggs. Beat well. Sift together
flour, soda, spices, and salt.
Add to first mixture. Mix
well, chill and form in balls.
Roll in 4 granulated sugar.
Bake in moderate oven 8-10
Jacob L Brown
A familiar figure in his native Lancaster
County Jake has spent 23 years working
on political committees and campaigns
Presently he volunteers his services as a
Committeeman and an Area Chairman He
has always been extremely active in com
munity organizations and now serves on
the Board of Directors of the Manheim
Lions Club Jake belongs to the Zion
Lutheran Church He holds a degree from
Millersville State College and is on the
management staff of Pennsylvania Bell
I* M
*m«n ImpMltrt
i« j | <7i |m I in m
j Ffty I Kr>id«> | Sh>w j Tracy [ sn»w Ritk
Ul i Ml
An elected official should be a person
deserving of public trust We cannot afford
to put anyone in office who has been
known to break promises and who is in
terested only in his or her own financial
gain It is because of my strong conviction
that the public must be faithfully served
a that I chose to run for
Prothonotary And
I d like the people to
know that if elected
V f I II be taking a cut in
2 pay so you can be
sure I m not in the
for the money
Jacob L Brown
For Prothonotary
Lancaster Farming, Saturday. May 3.1975
Esther Shirk
age 13
Mifflinburg, Pa.
Kenneth t Reighard
Ken s experience as Mayor of Elizabeth
town as well as his work as Committeeman
and as a member of the Advisory Com
mittee gives him an exceedingly relevant
background for the office of Sheriff He
has been closely associated with many
community organizations over the ppst 15
years including the Elizabethtown
Chamber of Commerce Loyal Order of
Moose American Legion Elizabethtown
Lodge #682 F & AM Lancaster Lodge of
Perfection Ken is a graduate of Eliza
bethtown High School and Elizabethtown
I understand the job of Sheriff a job
vital to County government I will not
establish a County Police Force with the
Sheriff as its chief I will not take away
local control of local police forces As
Mayor of Elizabethtown as a businessman
for more than 20 years and as a former
' , '* < * < Infantry Off*
I have gained
land supervisory expert
. lence This is what the
•* v<»*ya£' ’’’Sheriff s Department
Honey Cookies
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup butter
4 eggs
1 teaspoon soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
6 cups flour
% cup sweet cream
1 cup brown sugar
butter size of an egg
Cook until like taffy about
20 minutes.
Edith Shirk
Mlfflinburg, Pa.
Kenneth L Reigherd
For Sheriff