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    12—'Lancaster Farming. Saturday, May 3, 1975
Potatoes and Horses
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Chuter County fields. And
now hla yields are con
sistently in the 500 to 600-
bushel area.
About three years ago,
Irving put his son Danny in
charge of the 120-acre potato
operation. Most of the spuds
grown on the farm are
destined‘for the nearby
Herr’s potato chip factory,
although about 25 percent
are grown primarily for the
table market. “We grow
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some for eating, but lately,
the potato chip factory has
been buying nearly all our
output." Ivlng commented.
Even though the market in
the upper Midwest is falling
apart, Irving said he thinks
this might be a good year for
potatoes. "Planting in
tentions are supposed to be
down about 25 percent," he
said. “The trouble with the
market this year is that
everybody held onto their
potatoes too long. Last year
it paid to hold onto potatoes.
It really paid. A lot of people
tried to outsmart the market
this year, and you can't do
that. I think you Just have to
decide when you want to sell
your potatoes. If you're
going to sell them over
September, October and
November, then that’s when
you should sell them every
year. We always try to sell
our crop right after har
In addition to the potato
acreage, Irving has some ISO
acres in small grains, 100
acres in hay and 250 acres in
pastures, buildings and a
race track. Irving handles
most of the responsibilities
for the horse business on the
farm. His other son, Donald,
takes care of dealing with
the race tracks both for the
Irving stable and for owners
who board their horses at the
“Our location here is ideal
for the boarding business,”
Irving said. “We’re right in
Investigation Office Set
For Defective Products
The U.S. Consumer
Product Safety Commission
formally has announced the
establishment of the Office
of Product Defect Iden
tification (OPDI) to coor
dinate investigation and
correction of possible sub
stantial product hazards.
Commission regulations
implementing Section 15 of
the Consumer Product
Safety Act require
manufacturers, importers,
distributors and retailers to
report potentially hazardous
products to the Commission
within 24 hours of discovery.
Since January 6, 1975, the
Commission has maintained
a 24-hour-a-day seven-days
a-week, telephone number to
assist companies in meeting
their responsibilities under
Section 15 (301-496-7631).
The Office of Product
Defect Identification pur
sues these reports as well as
information about possible
substantial product hazards
gathered from other sources
such as consumer com
plaints. OPDI also coor
dinates activities with
Commission staff to test
products and confirm the
presence of substantial
product hazards and works
with companies to develop
plans for corrective action.
the middle of the harness
racing circuit, and only 15
miles from New Bolton
Center, the University of
Pennsylvania's animal
research lab. We get a lot of
boarders from New Bolton.
“One of our biggest in
come producers is the stud
service. Horse breeding is a
lot different from the dairy
business. For one thing, we
can’t use artificial in
semination because it’s
unlawful to ship horse semen
off a farm.”
Irving explained that
horse breeders were against
AI because it could produce
a single superior strain of
race horse that would
dominate the sport. The fact
that the stallions and the
mares must be brought
together helps to insure that
there will always be an
abundance of bloodlines in
the sport of kings.
To become a popular stud,
a horse must not only prove
himself over a period of
years on the track, be must
also have sons and daughters
with proven superior racing
Irving grows the straw and
Since the Commission was
activated on May 14, 1973,
nearly 250 defect
notifications have been filed,*'
involving some 15.7 million
product units. Although the
Commission has the
authority, after a hearing, to
require corrective action,
most companies have
voluntairly taken steps to
repair, replace or refund the
purchase price of defective
or hazardous products.
llntroducing. . .J
★ Golden Harvest Hybrid Seed Corn
★ Waterman-Loomis Alfalfas
★ A complete line of Envesto Enterprises Field
Seeds, Small Grains, Farm Chemicals, Fertilizers,
Ration Balancing and Soil Improvement Program.
Come . . . Help us get acquainted ...
Everyone Welcome
SATURBAY, mi 10, 8:30 AM. 10 4 P.M.
Popular Pullers competing in 7 Classes. Trophies awarded to first three
places. (No bleachers, bring lawn chairs.)
\(m V 1975 STfITE SPONS(j « a
y > ~n** H I Sweafa Staenfinitea.
01/Cr oe coKTiHums^^
most of the hoy used on the
farm for horse feed. He buys
western oats for feed, and
has separate rations for
yearlings, brood mares and
race horses. Irving’s
“tenants” are owned by
people from all over the East
- Washington lawyers, New
York doctors as well as local
Some eight to ten em
ployees are at work on the
Refreshments Available.
farm all the time, bolstered
in the summer by several
youths who are kept busy
with keeping the lawns and
grass in shape.
A sideline to the operation
is a small herd of bred
Holstein heifers. Irving buys
the animals at farm auc
tions, has them bred ar
tificially and then sells them
just as they’re ready to
Elizabethtown RD3,
Milton Grove, PA
(Take Rt 283 By-Pass and get off at Rheems
Elizabethtown Exit Turn right and go 2 miles to
Milton Grove)
Trucking - Local and Long Distance; Garage -
General Repairs - State Inspection; 24 hr. heavy
duty towing service; Case Lawn and Garden Sales
& Service.