Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 22, 1975, Image 53

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    If you're optimistic about
M m ■
farming n 197 5-
you're rightl
Part off the story you’ve
heard before:
The world needs more food than it can
produce, population keeps on growing
and the people of the world insist on
eating better every year. Now
add these developments-
First, the "cheap
protein" plan for
feeding the poor
people of the world
doesn’t look as
promising as it
once did. Second,
the idea of open
ing up whole new
areas of the world
to farming doesn't
look so hot, either. Third—and
most important—we’ve been on this
course now for many years and time is
running out
Main Point:
One real ray of hope is you and your
ability to produce food. Regardless of
weather and the rest of the economy,
the people of North America and the rest
The new DeKalb, Illinois plant is just under 10 acres under one roof. This will double the company's ability to produce Harvestore structures.
of the world want what you produce —
and all indications are that in the final
analysis, they’re going to be willing to
pay for it.
It’s true...
re going to continue
Lancattar Farming, Saturday, Fab. 22,1975
operate the dryer because you can store
high moisture grain. Even if drought or
early frost cost you your entire grain
yield, you can salvage about 40% of the
feed value of the plant by processing
the stalks and husks through your
Harvestore system.
Box 91, New Holland, PA
Please send me
additional information about “Optimism in 1975.”
H 74-174
World’s leading manufacturer
of automated feeding systems
" J. -
this: We’re not asking you
we don’t expect to do for
instance, we have just
lultimillion dollar expansion
loubles our capacity for
building Harvestores
and we’ve asked our
dealers to grow along
with us so that they can
continue to be in a posi
tion to give you the
products and services
you need when you
need them.
Now is the time
to gear up and move out
before costs go up any
more. We’re ready
when you are.