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    Her Interest
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18 states.
Mias Kreiner stayed at the Co-op farm one week before
departing for the mission station at Garkiga in Nigeria.
Garkiga means bamboo mountain. There are 10 or 12
missionaries at that station. Faye took pictures in
Cameroon and Nigeria as well as at Malta where they sent
animals last year. She returned home August 23rd.
Faye has been employed by Raybestos, Manhattan,
Manhehn, now known as R. M. Friction Matereal Com
pany, for 30 years. She works m the office. For many,
years she worked on a computer. Now she is a supervisor
in the Warehouse Iventory Control. The company has 5
divisions at several places. The Manheim branch makes
clutch facings, brake lining and industrial linings for off
road machinery.
She is a professional photographer. She takes mostly
wedding pictures and children’s pictures. She does her
own processing of black and white pictures. The wedding
albums are all colored photos. She has been doing this for
7 or 8 years. She takes pictures nearly every Saturday.
One unusual kind of picture she takes is to superimpose a
picture of the bride with her bouquet on a side view of the
groom’s face. These require a lot of skill and know-how.
Faye has a large collection of colored slides and is a
member of Wedding Photographers of America.
Faye grew up on her parents 76 acre general farm at
Elizabethtown R. 3. They had cows, pigs, chickens, and
raised tobacco. She milked the cows, worked in the fields
and garden and worked in the tobacco. She graduated
from Elizabethtown High School. While in school she
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worked part time in a grocery store. She was in 4-H
sewing, garden, Red Rose baby beef and pig clubs, a total
of 8 years. She had a grand champion in the pig club.
Since living in Manheim she has been active in Girl
Scouts, Junior Achievement and is now enrolled in the
next Night Ministry session. The Junior Achievement
makes products to sell. Every year three from Raybestos
take turns helping Junior Achievement. They have to go
one night a week for six months.
Miss Kreiner has been active in her church for a
number of years. She sang in the choir and sometimes
does substitute teaching in the Sunday School. She does
the photo work at church. She takes pictures of special
events and takes the babies’ pictures.
She has traveled extensively. In 1970 she went on the
“People to People” tour, in charge of Enos Heisey. She
has been to Europe once and gave 25 travelogues of that
trip afterward, to Africa twice, Florida a couple times,
New England twice and to the west coast once.
Faye appreciates and enjoys antique furniture and
enjoys refinishing furniture. She has an electric organ
which she used to play a lot but doesn’t have time to play
much now. She used to sew a lot, made coats, suits etc. but
hasn’t had time to sew much the last year or two.
She belongs to American Business Women’s
Association. She was on jury duty in Lancaster foi two
weeks recently.
She enjoys cooking outdoors and gives us a recipe for
barbecued ribs and one for macaroni salad. The recipe for
Koeksisters came from Africa and is most delicious.
4 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 tablespoon sugar
2 eggs
water (about 1 cup)
Sieve flour, baking powder and salt together into a large
bowl. Rub in the butter or margarine. Add the sugar and
moisten with beaten eggs and water. Make a soft dough.
Knead very well and leave to rest (overnight, if possible)
covered with a damp cloth. Next day, roll out very thinly.
Cut into one inch strips wide and three inches long. Cut
these in three up to near the end and plait together loosely,
then drop into deep hot oil (about three bottles). The
temperature is correct when a small piece of dough
dropped into center of pan rises immediately to the top
again. (Oil must not be too hot).
Drop Koeksisters in and keep turning. When light
brown, dip them immediately into ice cold syrup. Drain on
a rack over a tray to catch droplets. TIP: Use two spoons -
both with holes in them - one for removing from oil and
another for the sugar syrup to avoid making the syrup
6 cups sugar
3 cups water
(Dissolve slowly - allow to boil.) Add; Vz teaspoon
cream of tartar mixed with 1 teaspoon cold water, some
stick cinnamon (3 or 4 pieces) or a few pieces of ginger,
or lemon juice and grated rind (to taste).
-4Joil rapidly for ten minutes, cool and freeze in
refrigerator. TIP: In order to keep a supply of chilled
22 e 42° & 92°
42 c & 92 c
Limited Quantities
Limited Quantities
92 c
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Feb. 15,1975
Faye's chief hobby is taking colored pictures like
this one of Shearer's bridge in Manheim Park.
syrup, use half of the syrup at a time, keeping the second
half in refrigerator, then half way through change over. In
this way, the syrup can be used over and over again.
Never store Koeksister in a closed container as this
makes them soggy. Oil shoule be strained and stored
away for future use in sweet dishes.
4 lbs. “country” spareribs
Pour over ribs a mixture of:
V* cup soy sauce
V* cup cornstarch
3 tablespoons chopped, preserved or candied ginger
Let stand about 30 to 40 minutes, turning frequently.
Place meaty side down on grill. Slowly grill about 3
inches from hot coals. Turn about every 5 minutes,
brushing with a mixture of % cup sugar l A cup pineapple
juice and 3 tablespoons vinegar. Grill until meat is a deep
brown (about 30 to 40 minutes). Makes 8 servings.
Vz lb. macaroni
% lb. bacon
2 or 3 celery stems
2 or 3 carrots
1 tomato
1 small jar pimento
Cook macaroni, wash and drain. Fry bacon, cool and
crumble. Dice celery, tomato and pimento. Shred carrots.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Combine all ingredients and mix with bought salad
Barbecued Ribs
Macaroni Salad
Limited Quantities