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    42— UncjtUr Firming, Saturday. Nov. 16.1974
Farm Women Societies
Society 2
Farm Woman Society 2
held their monthly meeting
on November 9 at the home
of Mn. Paul Donough, RD4,
Opening aong of the af
ternoon wa* "Battle Cry of
the Republic." Devotion!
were given by Mn. Sara
Kline who read Paalms 100.
Roll call was given by each
member relating something
she was thankful for. Most
members responded by
saying their homes, friends
and health.
Committee reports were
read along with the
treasurer's and secretary’s
Mrs, Elsie Wltmer,
president, presided over the
business meeting. Donations
of $lO were pledged to the
Christmas Seal Organization
and the Iris Club.
Delegates to the State
Farm Women Convention
will be Elsie Witmer and
Betty Geib with Martha
Brandt and Esther Pet
ticoffer as alternates.
A scrapbook of the club’s
activities is being compiled
by Clara Miller the oldest
member of the society who is
a guest at the Pleasant View
Rest Home in Manheim.
A program that included
slides on candlemaking was
presented by William Heisey
of Mt. Joy. Mrs. Marion
Hershey won a candle for
guessing the weight of one of
the candles in the slide
The nert meeting will be
the Christmas party at the
Mastersonville Fire Hall on
Dec. 14. Each family is to
bring one cold and hot dish.
Also each member is to
bring a donation of food and 3
dozen cookies. Baskets of
food will be prepared at this
time for the needy.
Society 4
Farm Women Society 4
met recently at the home of
Mrs. Franna Wile, Mount
ville, with Mrs. Mary Snyder
and Mrs. Helen Kauffman as
Mrs. Robert Nolt,
president announced Mrs.
Henry Reist and Mrs. Edwin
Yeaglin will be installed as
president and vice-president
respectively at the county
convention. Mrs. Harold
Miller will represent this
Elevatfvg recliner
Seat that RAISES gently
Here’s the comfortable recliner
with a seat that STANDS YOU
tly touch a switch, recline
and stop m any position,
automatically elevating feet
and legs as you relax We take
the struggle out of your getting
up and down. Write for color
catalog showing the many
styles the Swivel
Rocker the Elevator
Chair Portable Com
RR2 - Box 177
Perkasie, PA 18944
Society in the fashion Show.
The program for the day
was Gerald Lestz and Miss
Sarah Fisher on "Our Amish
Heritage.” Miss Fisher, an
Amish woman, told the club
many interesting and
authentic things concerning
the sect.
The president announced
Society 4 has had 5 past
county presidents that in
cluded; Mrs. Harry Lichty,
Mrs. Harrison Nolt, Mrs.
Norman Bear, Mrs. Lloyd
Noit and Mrs. E. Robert
The next meeting will be
November 23 at 1:30 p.m. at
Hempfield Methodist Church
with Mrs. Elmer Schroll and
Mrs. Daniel Will demon
strating "Christmas Items.”
Society 5
Society of Farm Women 5
held their October meeting
at the home of Mrs. Martin
Mr. Amos Herr showed
beautiful, slides of the
Matterhorn, villages and
country-side, below this
beautiful mountain in
Society 5 will give $25.00 to
Lancaster County Mental
Health Association.
November 18 we will pack
fruit baskets at the
Evergreen Golf Course at
7:30 pjn.
We will have a food sale at
the Frank Eshelman Sale,
November 26. This farm is
located across from the
Shenk’s Covered Bridge near
Our November 30 meeting
will be held at the Brown
stown Resturant with Mrs.
Evertt Eby serving as
hostess. The speaker will be
Mr. Martin K. Brown,
“Peter Piper Picked a
Society 6
Farm Women Society 6
held their meeting on
November 9 at the Lancaster
County Farm and Home
Devotions were in charge
of Mrs. Sara Holsberg. The
committee for the Nov. 14
bazaar consists of Mrs. Sara
Myer, Mrs. Martha
Eshleman, Mrs. Miriam
Heisey, and Mrs. Vera
Plans for next years
hostesses and program were
discussed. The group agreed
to have the increase in dues.
Donations were made to the
Mt. Joy Needlework Guild,
the Lancaster Co. Mental
sj^oi 9c
Health Association, Goodwill
Industries, and the
Elizabethtown Friendship
Fire Company Building
Mrs. Doris Thomas gave
recipes and showed finished
examples of Holiday
Cooking. Included were
cheeses, breads, pies, and
cakes. These were used as
Hostesses were Mrs.
Charles Rife, Mrs. Charles
Nissley, and Mrs. Martha
The Society’s Christmas
party will be held at the
Rheems Fire Hall at 6:00
p.m. on December 7.
Society 21
Farm Women Society 21
met at the home Mrs. James
Long with Mrs. Charles Long
as Co-Hostess. Roll call was
a cookie exchange with each
member bringing her recipe.
The business portion of the
meeting was led by
President Mrs. James Long.
Mrs. James Shenk on the
ways and means committee
handed in $50.00. We will
sponsor a girl in the Miss.
Solanco Pageant. It was
decided a donation be sent to
Jill Eshelman.
The State Convention will
be held on January 6 and 7 at
The members elected Mrs.
Jeffery Roth Secretary and
Mrs. Parke Ressel
Treasurer. The Secretary
cast a ballot for President
Mrs. Frank Aument and
Vice President Mrs. Robert
The program was of dif
ferent Christmas Crafts that
were shown and discribed
how they were made.
In December the members
will enjoy a Christmas
9 East Mam St'eet Lititz PA 717 626-4721
dinner at Penn Ram with
Ken Hozar as our en
Society 25
Farm Women Society 25
met Saturday, November 9
at the home of Mrs. John
Henderson, Lancaster, RD6.
Mrs. David Newswanger
was in charge of the
devotions and Mrs. Carl Gish
conducted the business
It was announced that the
Society is still accepting
donations for the Welsh
Mountain Clinic. To the
present time, donations have
amounted to the following:
65 articles of food, $43 in
cash, and many articles of
A new member was in
stalled by the vice president
Mrs. Gish, Mrs. Ada Rice,
Walnut Hill Road, Miller
Mrs. John Metz received
the gift of the month.
A “Mystery Sale” was
held, the auctioneer was
Mrs. Gish, and the sale
totaled $68.50.
During the Meeting the
members were sewing
cancer pads, and completed
144 cancer pads and 18 bed
The Next meeting will be a
Family Christmas Party to
be held at the home of Mrs.
Chester Eshleman, Willow
Street RDI.
It will be a Mystery Dinner
and will be served at 6:30
Lancaster Farming
For Full
Market Reports
Farm Women
Saturday, November 16
Farm Women Society 8
meeting with Anna
Keener and Anna Rlsser
as co-hostesses at 2:00
Monday, November 18
Farm Women Society 5
packing fruit baskets.
Farm Women Society 29
meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, November 19
Farm Women Society 27
meeting at 7:30 p.m. at
the home of Hazel
Hawthorne will be a
candle making demon
Thursday, November 21
Farm Women Society 28
meeting at the home of
Mrs. Nelson Kreider 7:30
Farm Women Society 11
meeting at the home of
Freida Huber.
I am offering my year end tax planning service.
This service is designed to minimize your tax bill
for 1974, along with concern for possible effects
in the year 1975 This service is equally
beneficial in the year of low income or loss as in
the year of high income May I work with you 7
Please call for an appointment.
326 Willow Street Pike
Willow Street, Pa.
Office Phone 464-2951
Home Phone 872-7779
Reservations must be In (or
Lebanon County
Homemaker’s Christmas
Meeting to be held on
November 28th at the St.
Gregory's Church.
Saturday, November 23
Farm Women Society 4
meeting at the Hempflelt*
Methodist Church at 1:30
Knitted Swiatir
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