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    —Lancaster Farmim
Penn Willow 4-H Round-Up
Penn Willow 4-H Club held
its community round-up it
the Conestoga Elementary
School on August 6th at 6:30
p.m. Approximately 160 4-
Hers and their families
attended the round-up which
began with a covered dish
After the social, 4-H
members and families
viewed the exhibits or played
games. The following is a list
of 4-H exhibits that were
shown: knitting, sewing,
vegetables, flowers, rabbits,
handyman and bike.
At 8:00 p.m. a bike rodeo
was presented. Penn Willow
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Dillerville Rd, Lancaster
August IQ. 1974
is the first 4-H club in Lan
caster County to ever have a
bike project. The project
includes stressing of bike
laws and code, safety,
proper riding techniques,
passing a 50 question exam,
different activities on the
bike, signals and games.
Following the bike rodeo
two demonstrations were
given. Julie Jenkins and
Paul Jenkins had a saddle
demonstration on “Parts of a
Saddle.” Cooking over the
coals group then gave a
demonstration on building a
fire. After the talk the group
made S’mores for interested
The Fun to Bake cooking
group put on a skit entitled
“The Four Food Groups”.
Next the Mealtime Magic
Cook Group had a skit “Dos
and Don’ts of Baking”.
Adventures with Food group
also had a skit entitled
“Setting the Table
Presenting the awards for
the evening were Doris
Thomas and Jay Irwin from
the Farm and Home Center.
Awards are as follows:
Start Stitching
Blue Ribbons
Rose Harrington, Pamela
Goss, Robin Knier, Joyce
Sourbeer, Charleen Roach,
Kelly Kolb, Phyllis Spence,
Julia White, Pauline Nolt
and Lisa Ober.
Cotton Skirt
Blue Ribbons
Rebecca Berrier, Natalie
Ditzler, Martha Harnish,
Linda Huber, Wendy Huber,
Cindy Kreider, Sherry
Rittenhouse, Patty Rutt,
Monica Sheesley, Julia
Sourbeer, Shelly Stekervetz
and Dianna Warfel.
Red Ribbons
Sharon McCauley and
Denise Sangrey
Make a Dress
Blue Ribbon
Kim Fritz, Carol Huber
and Donna McMichael
School Dress
Blue Ribbon
Sandy Dagen
Rose Harrington, Carol
Huber, Brenda Huntzinger,
Wendy Fritz, Kim Fritz,
Julia Sourbeer, Wendy
Huber, Rebecca Berrier,
Sherry Rittenhouse, Dianna
Warfel, Shelly Stekervetz,
Judy Schaefer, Lorraine
Huber, Karen Huber, Linda
Susan Kleckner and Lori
Rose Harrington, Lori
Kreider, Joyce Sourbeer and
Robin Knier Red Ribbon:
Mealtime Magic
Blue Ribbon
Sandy Dagen, Pamela
Ph 717-397-4954
Blue Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Fun To Bake
Blue Ribbons
Brenda Huntzinger
displays her rabbit at the
Penn Willow Round-up as
part of the many exhibits.
Lori Kreider makes
her way ' through the
obstacle course during
the bike rodeo at the
Penn-Willow Round-up.
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Klassy Klippers
The annual round-up and
fashion show of the Lan
dlsviUe Klassy KUppers 4-H
Sewing Club was held on
Thursday, July 25, from, 9 to
12 noon in the cafeteria at
Centerville Junior High
School with mothers of
members as guests. Forty
four persons were in at
The morning activities
began with the 4-H Club
Pledge. The following
demonstrations were then
given: “Burlap Wall
Hanging” by Melinda Grube,
“Belt Hanger” by Sarah
Roth, “Covered Snaps” by
Cathy Brubaker, and
Goss, Karen Huber, Cindy
Kreider, Donna Walton and
Monica Sheesley White
Ribbon: Susan Kleckner
Adventures with Food
Blue Ribbon
Rebecca Berrier, Natalie
Ditzler, Linda Huber,
Lorraine Huber, Sherry
Rittenhouse and Dianna
Cooking Over Coals
Blue Ribbon
Kathy Huber, Gail Reish,
Karen Schaefer and Eileen
Haverstick Red: Barry
Huber and Dave Huntzinger
White: Craig Rankin
Bike Project
Blue Ribbon
Donna Walton, Harry
Smith, Randy Smith, Dianna
Warfel, Kim Fritz, Wendy
Fritz and Barry Huber. Red:
Julie White, Lori Kreider,
Sherry Rittenhouse, Jeff
Fritz and Charlene Roach,
White : Rodney Smith.
“Modeling” by June Grube.
Fun was had by all with
games led by the En
tertainmet Committee.
A very informative slide
presentation on 4-H
awareness was given by
Miss Anne Hinkel, Extension
Assistant Home Economist.
Following lunch the
fashion show was held with
Melinda Grube serving as
commentator. Garments
showed ranged from the tote
bags of the “Start Stitching”
members, to the skirts,
smock tops, dresses, pants
suits, and coats of the older
Teen leaders, Sarah Roth,
Sandy Arnold, Melinda
Grube, June Grube and
Cathy Brubaker, were
thanked for their help with
the first year girls.
Nancy Mays
News Reporter
Five cows in the herd of
Jefferson Yoder, RDI,
Elverson were recently
recognized as exceptional
food producers by the
Holstein Friesian
Rocky-Side Ted Kay
produced 22,461 pounds of
milk with 951 pounds of fat
and 4.6 percent test. Also
outstanding in the group was
Rocky-Side Smokey Kitty
producing 21,122 pounds of
milk and 968 pounds of
'.v, .v.v.v. v.v.v
“• '.v
700 E. LINDENS!.,
PHONE: 866-2544