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    10—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. August 10. 1974
Farm Commentary
G Sherwood Huntzberger had a bull weighting a total of 215 pounds,
surprise last Friday when one of his The birth of triplets is a rarity in the
grade Holstems presented him with bovine world, with odds of one to
three new calves, two heifers and a 48,000 against it.
Recent reports from Europe in
dicate that cattle farmers’ incomes in
the nine EEC countries are plunging
and a mountain of beef is growing in
storage The present system of
support price for producers has
caused this surplus, and it now
threatens to break down the support
European Economic Community
farmers are presently receiving in the
marketplace only 88 percent of the
fixed beef price Deliveries to
government storage have shot up
since March March storage holdings
were a manageable 40,000 tons, but
have now reached 100,000 tons It is
rumored that there will soon be a
subsidized sale of beef to Russia
(similar to the butter affair of the
year ago) and this can be expected to
raise a furious outcry in and out of the
European Economic Community.
Some farmers have even been ad-
A meeting was held Monday at
Andy’s Restaurant, near Millersville,
to probe the attitudes of farmers on
the state government’s role in
agriculture The meeting was set up
by Amos Funk, chairman of the
Republican Agricultural Platform
Committee which is working on
behalf of the Lewis campaign for
The biggest beef aired by farmers
at the meeting was the lack of action
by the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing
Board Daniel Martin, a Manheim
RDI dairy farmer and a director of
the Inter State Milk Producers
A doctor in St Charles, 111, has been
giving his patients a pink slip with
their bills for the past six years The
slip says, in its entirety: “TO ALL MV
My fee schedule is based upon
standard medical practice in this
However, for retired persons on
limited pensions, or any others whose
financial circumstances are difficult
due to extensive illness, unem
ployment, or for other reasons, I will
reduce my fees
Under these circumstances I
suggest a 25 percent reduction, but
more or less may be appropriate to
your situation No discussion is
necessary - simply write the amount
of reduction you choose on the
statement with your remittance
Reasonable and regular partial
payments are satisfactory
Richard R Grayson, MD ”
Three is Really a Crowd.
Western Europe Has Beef
Problems Too
vised to sue the authorities who can
no longer take surplus beef because
storages are filled to capacity.
On top of the beef already in
storage is the 750,000 tons of im
ported beef being delivered under
existing contracts this year. These
contracts were probably negotiated
last year when a severe beef shortage
was being predicted for 1974.
Even if the nine partners manage
to unload the current beef crisis, they
could like the rest of the world, be
swamped by still bigger beef sur
pluses in 1975.
We have talked for years in the U.S.
about the potential to export beef if
we ever overexpand. Now we find
ourselves in a plentiful beef situation
and bans on our beef have been
imposed in Japan, Canada, and
Western Europe. We may have to eat
our way out of our own developing
beef surplus.
GOP Holds Lancaster County
Ag Hearing
Cooperative, said the Milk Marketing
Board has been “totally derelict” in
its duties
“The board’s inaction,” Martin said,
“is wrecking the Pennsylvania dairy
industry and forcing Pennsylvania
producers into federal milk order
markets." Martin added that he felt
the board should be maintained, but
that it should actively enforce the
milk marketing laws.
Other concerns aired at the
meeting dealt with the problems too
much big government, problems with
soil conservation planning, and the
spectre of federal land use laws.
Dr Grayson told the American
Medical Association that his is an
honor system, and that only two or
three percent of his patients do, in
fact, reduce their bills
“Mostly,” he said, “the patients
who reduce their bills are older
people, trying to survive on their
Social Security checks, or people who
are of work, or young families who
have got caught in the inflationary
"Only twice, that I know of, did
patients reduce their bills just to see
what I'd do about it. I didn’t do a
thing As I said before, it works on the
honor system
“And on only one occasion did a
patient ask me to write off the full
amount of his bill He was a young
father who had lost his job some
weeks before Jobs at that time were
hard to find in this area
"Of course, I was happy to mark
that patient’s bill Paid in Full ”
Leuon for August 11,1974
Background Scripture:
Colossians 1:15-29; Philip
pians 2:2-11
Devotional Reading:
Colossians 1:15-27
Some time ago a woman
was trying to explain to me
some of her religious
“hang-ups.” Among these,
she said, is the question of
the importance of Jesus
Christ. “I believe in God,”
she said, “but I can’t un
derstand why so much is
made over Jesus.” Her
sincerity was both
refreshing and challenging.
Because she was willing to
voice her doubts, I was given
the opportunity to try to deal
with them. I found myself
wishing that more people
would be as sincere in
verbalizing their religious
The image of God
First of all, I told the
woman that, for me, Jesus
Christ is the highest of all
revelations of God. She had
indicated that she believed
that God revealed himself in
the lives of many people,
including people outside our
religious tradition. I too
believe that God reveals
himself in many ways, both
inside and outside the
church. At the same time, I
have never found any source
of revelation as complete
and full as that which we
have in Jesus Christ.
The writer of Colossians
says it this way: “He is the
image of the invisible God”
(1:15). The word “image”
can mean either a copy or
the appearance of
something. Obviously, Paul
is not using “image” to in
cicate that Christ is a copy
of the Father, but that he is
the appearance of him. We
often say of someone’s child
that he or she “is the image”
of his or her father or
mother. We do not mean they
are an exact copy of the
parent, but that there are
great likenesses. This is
what was meant-in Genesis I
when that writer says that
man is created “in God’s
I myself might say that
when I look at Jesus Christ, I
see the nature of God the
Father. He is the most
complete reflection of what
God is all about. If I want to
know about God, I look to
Jeuss and find my answers.
All the fullness
Paul also suggests another
reason for the centrality and
supremacy of Christ.. in
him all the fullness of God
was pleased to dwell” (1:19).
When I look at nature, I find
one perspective of God’s
nature revealed. When I
read the prophecies of
Isaiah, I find another per
spective. If I read the holy
book of another religion, I
can find glimpses of God that
speak to me. But when I
contemplate the life and
person of Jesus Christ, I find
a picture of God that is three
This, to me, is the genius
and uniqueness of Christ; not
just one perspective, not just
a portion of the picture, but
“in him all the fulness of
God” is represented. Like
the Eastern mystic, Jesus
IVi%VA , .V^S , i , i , /i/«*V.%SVSVi%V.VtViV.VtVi'« , t , i'i'.ViViV.*»ViViVi , .ViVi'.V. , , , ,V^
Max Smith
County Agr. Agent
Telephone 394-6851
The old saying, “It pays to
insulate” is still very true.
As energy costs continue to
rise, it is good economics to
try and have buildings of all
kinds that will do a good job
of holding the desired
temperature. There are
many kinds of insulation and
folks intending to build
should evaluate the R-Factor
of the various materials. In
many cases it is not the
thickest materials that will
do the best job of resisting
heat or cold losses. In nearly
all types of home or building
construction good insulation
is considered to be a good
investment. In farm
buildings insulation is an
important factor for good
ventilation in addition to
temperature control.
Evaluate the R-Factor of the
material before investing.
Most drugs and medicmes
will do a good job if ad
ministered and handled
properly. However, it is
important to become
familiar with the drug and
use it according to the label
directions. Everyone is
residue conscious these days
and authorities are quick to
detect abnormal feed and
food items. Such details as
proper amount, witholding'
periods, and safe storage
should be closely managed.
The keeping of accurate
records of the use'of all
drugs and chemicals is still
very important and every
farmer should have these
records to prove his treat
ment. The local veterinarian
Sunday, August 11
11-16. XV World’s Poultry
Congress & Exposition,
Rivergate, New Orleans.
Monday, August 12
12 - 14. Penn State adult
workshop, Ephrata
Junior High School
12 -16. Lebanon Area Fair.
Tuesday, August 13
9:00 a.m. - Dairy judging
workshop. Open to
anyone who’d like to
learn about dairy
judging. Conrad Weiser
High School
Wednesday, August 14
9:00 a.m. - Livestock judging
workshop. Open to
anyone who’d like to
learn about livestock
judging. Conrad Weiser
High School.
Thursday, August 15
Ephrata Area Young Far
mers fishing trip, Rock
Friday, August 16
Fulton Grange Youth
swimming party, home of
was a man of prayer,
meditation, and spiritual
discipline. Like the
Westerner, however, Jesus
was also a man of action, of
deeds as well as words. He is
the perfect blending of all
man’s potentialities.
That is why to me Christ is
above all.
should be the authority as to
additional details.
Farm homesteads that
have good lighting are
becoming more common.
Automatic lights that burn
during the night provide
protection for the entire
family and are considered to
be an excellent investment.
The protection provided
from prowlers and wild
animals is well worth the
cost; in addition, good
lighting prepents falls and
accidents, and makes night
activities around the
buildingsmuch easier. Most
electric power companies
have a rental or lease plan
available for these lights on
a monthly payment plan. We
encourage additional use of
these automatic lights.
Again the supply of feed
grains seems to be short of
the demand. Livestock and
poultry producers face the
problem of high grain prices,
and depressed market prices
for thier feed or food crop.
This high cost of feeds could
reduce the production of
milk, eggs, and all kinds of
meat to the point of scarcity
and much higher prices. It
appears that every farmer
should again try to produce
the maximum yield of feed
grains on his land; the
demand is strong and prices
favorable. The planting of
fall grains is now in the
planning stage and
maximum acreage is
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Albert
Sr., Port Deposit Road.
Saturday, August 17
7:00 p.m. - Pomona Grange
. picnic, Holtwood Athletic
Field. Colerain Grange
Farm Youth
Monday, August 12
Aryshire, Jersey Browr
Swiss 4-H meeting 7:3(
p.m. at Muddy Runnini
Work night for Silver Spur
4-H Pig Show tagging and
weighing in.
Tuesday, August 13
4-H Pig Show and Sale 8:00
a.m. Lancaster
Mt. Joy Photography Club
meeting 7:00 p.m. at
Blassbrenner U.M.
Wednesday, l 'August 14
Red Rose Baby Beef and
Lamb Club tour in the
Area beginning at the
Elvin Hess Farm 9:00
Thursday, August 15
4-H County Achievement
Saturday, August 17
4-H Trip to Oxford County