Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 22, 1974, Image 16

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16—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 22, 1974
Dr. John Moss discusses plans for an upcoming
Cumberland County Junior County Conservation
School with Bonnie Boughman, center and Lenore
Miller. Both girls are sophomores at Lampeter-
Strasburg High School, and they’ll be attending the
week-long conservation school under the sponsorship
of the Lancaster Environmental Action Federation.
Dr. Moss is president of LEAF. Bonnie is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boughman, 127 Henrietta
Ave., Lancaster, and Lenore is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Miller, 122 Miller Ave., Lancaster.
liquid fertilizer or dry
fertilizer is a common
question. However, it doesn’t
make much difference which
form is used as long as you
apply the same amount of ’
plant food and know the cost
per unit of that plant food.
For example, 100 pounds of a
dry fertilizer such as 5-10-10
and 100 pounds (about 10
gallons) of a 540-10 liquid
fertilizer solution should
contain the same amount of
actual plaht food - 5 pounds
of nitrogen, 10 pounds of
jphosphorus, and 10 pounds of
available potash. All fer
tilizer products sold must
contain a label giving, the
fertilizer values!! When
applied at the same time, or
at the same stage of growth,
both should give equivalent
results. The important thing
is to evaluate the amount of
actual plant food being
applied and the cost per
pound of that plant food.
Coins Of Platinum
Platinum coins were circulated
in Russia between 1828 and 1845
The 3—, 6—, and 12-ruble coins
proved impractical because the
price of the rare metal fluctn
ated too widely
Ladies Day Met July
Ladies Day for the Penn*
sylvania Farmers
Association Region n will be
held, Tuesday, July 16, at the
Embers'in Carlisle, Pa.
The morning session will
begin at 10:00 a.m. and will
feature an arm chair tour of
the Orient with Mr. Hal
Bretz as guide. A film will be
shown cm the consumers
thought of farming.
After the noon luncheon-
Mrs. Aileen Mintz will speak
on “Being a Woman”. She
Flowering plants
Hybrid tea roses are
among the most popular
summer flowering plants in
this part of the country;
however, they do need at
tention each week to control
leaf diseases and insects.
Early June produces the
first crop of blooms and the
buds look very promising
this year. Growers should
spray weekly with Benlate or
Folpet to control leaf
diseases and include either
Sevin or Malathion to control
the aphids and other insects.
Effort should be made to
cover the underside of the
leaves as well as the top
surfaces. Following the first
blossom period -some
growers will fertilize their
plants to encourage new
growth and additional
blooms later this summer.
All fertilizing should be
done by early August to
permit time for the growth to_
harden before winter.
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