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    Winners Named at Solanco Fair
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second. Three-year-old - Ellen
Schmuck, first; Roger Shaub,
second. Four years and
older -- George Hough, first; Paul
H. Herr, second Open Get --
Roger Shaub. Junior Get - Roger
Shaub and Dave Bitler. Three
Best Females -- Roger Shaub.
Dairy Herd -- Roger Shaub.
Produce of Dam - George Hough
Dam-Daughter - Roger Shaub.
Best Udder - George Hough
Open Champ - George Hough,
Ellen Schmuck, reserve. Junior
Champ - Ellen Schmuck, Bar
bara Aaron, reserve.
First place winners in the grain
and vegetable competition were:
Gary Welk, second cutting of
alfalfa; Jim Bucher, clover;
Dave Gerhart, clover and
timothy mix; Randy Rank,
wilted perennial; Jeff Glackin,
corn silage; Mary Ellen DeLong,
broom corn; Peggy Stottlemyer,
tobacco; Glenn Reinhart, alfalfa
grass mixture; Jeff Rutt, first
cutting grass; Jeff Glackin,
second cutting grass; Jeff
Glackin, mixed hay; Bobbi Jean
Reinhart, first cutting alfalfa;
Randy Rank, red clover; Beth
Kreider, rye; Charles Craig,
To win at tractor driving, you’ve got to back this big wagon
into a little hole. Some could and some couldn’t at the
competition held during Thursday during the Solanco
Community Fair.
Also: Polly Metzler, sunflower
seeds, Jeff Glackin, winter oats,
Glenn Reinhart, spring oats,
Randy Rank, red coat wheat;
Bobbi Jean Reinhart, Pennrod
winter barley, Randy Rank,
Wong barley; Randy Rank, In
dian corn; Charles Seiverling,
popcorn; Jeff Rutt, cornstalks;
Joe Metzler, sunflowers; C.
Thomas Perry, corn, 30 ears;
Dale Bollinger, Pioneer corn;
Harold Keene, DeKalb as well as
Funk G corn, John Lehan, Jr.,
Trojan corn, and Jim Krantz,
open corn.
In Thursday’s tractor driving
competition, Jeff Rutt, Peach
Bottom RDI was the overall
champion. Other overall winners
were: Bill Waltman, Quarryville
RDI, second; Bill Krantz,
Quarryville RDI, third; A. Dale
Herr, Kirkwood, fourth.
FFA Class - Jett Rutt, first;
Merle Ressler, Peach Bottom,
second; Bob Peiffer, Kirkwood
RDI, third.
Open Class - Bill Waltman,
first; Bill Kranz, second; A. Dale
Herr, third.
Results of the swine com
petition held Thursday night
The Solanco Fair Gang are shown pulling tug-’o-war competition Thursday night at
their way to a victory over the Buck Boys in the Solanco Community Fair.
Quarryville’s own version of a mounted
police force took a pause from his peace
keeping duties to view the tractor driving
Grand champion Matt
Young, Peach Bottom RD2:
reserve champion, Morris
Young, Peach Bottom RDI.
Light weight - Randy Ranck,
Quarryville RD2, first; John
Zander, Kirkwood, second.
Middleweight - Jeff Glackin,
Quarryville RD3, first.
Heavyweight - Matt Young,
first; Morris Young, second;
Robert Zander, Kirkwood, third;
Ralph Young, Peach Bottom,
fourth; David Young, Peach
Bottom, fifth.
Winners in the baby beef
competition, also held Thursday
night were: Show Grand
Champion -- Bill Hershey,
Quarryville RD2.
Show Reserve Grand Cham
pion - Kim Weaver, Quarryville
4-H Steers
Champion -- Kim Weaver,
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 22,1973
Quarryville RD2; reserve
champion, Susan Martin
Hereford -- Karen Weaver,
Quarryville RD2, first; Martha
Burkin, second; Samuel S. Long,
Christiana third; Sharon Long,
Christiana, fourth.
Angus- Tom Perry, Kirkwood,
first; Steven Long, Christiana,
Crossbreed - Kim Weaver,
Quarryville RD2, first; Susan
Martin, second.
FFA Steers
Champion - Bill Hershey,
Quarryville RD2; reserve
champion, Tim Wimer,
Quarryville RD3.
Angus - Glen Weidman, -
Christiana, first; Randy Ranck,
Quarryville RD2, second; Doug
Testeman, Drumore, third, Jeff
Glackin, Quarryville RD3,
Hereford - Tom Perry, Kirk-
competition with a more-or-less
professional eye.
wood, first; Gary Welk,
Quarryville RD2, second.
Crossbreed lightweight - Jeff
Glackin, Quarryville RD3, first;
Dave Young, Peach Bottom,
Crossbreed, heavyweight - BUI
Hershey, QuarryvUle RD2, first;
Tim Wimer, Quarryville RD3,
second; Ray Wimer, QuarryvUle
RD3, third.
In the baby beef showing
contest for first and second year
competitors, Ruby Cinder took
first prize,'Gary Welk was second
and Joe Winter was third. In
fitting, Ruby Cinder again took
first, Joe Winter was second and
Gary Welk was third.
In the third year showman
contest, Karen Weaver was first,
Samuel Long was second and
Tom Perry was third. In the
fitting competition, Samuel Long
was first, Ruby Cinder was
second and Tom Perry was third.