Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 30, 1973, Image 6

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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 30, 1973
JULY 2-8,1973
Corn should be knee-high by the 4th of July.
Don’t be “done to a turn,” watch that sunburn . . . P.T.
Barnum born July 5, 1810 . . . First quarter of the Moon
July 7 . . . Independence Day on Wednesday . . . Average
length of days for week, 15 hours, 14 minutes ... Liberty Bell
cracked July 8, 1835 . . . Pacific cable arrived in Honolulu
July 3, 1903 .. . First talking movies N.Y.C. July 6, 1928 .. .
He whose well is dry knows the worth of water
Old Farmer’s Riddle; Why is the letter A like 12 o’clock?
Answer below.)
. Ask the Old Farmer: I would
give me the recipe on how to
it as a chilcl years ago^and
thoroughly dried. It takes
months to oet it hard and wrinkled as it should be. Then, our
folks used to shell it and put it into an iron frying pan on the
stove. Keep shaking the com around as it browns until you
have the color you want. When properly parched it should
break between the teeth about the same as a roasted peanut,
Horn* Hints To clean oil paintings, try using a raw potato ... To preserve
patent leather shoes, rub with olive oil before storing . . . Riddle answer
It’s always in the middle of day.
New England: Rain and very warm to start, moderately heavy
ram by midweek; cloudy and cooler latter part, then rain.
Greater New York-New Jersey: Week begins clear and very hot,
then cloudy and cooler by midweek; end of week warm and
Middle Atlantic Coastal: Cloudy with showers at first, then
clear and very hot; rain latter part and much cooler.
Southeast Coastal-Piedmont: Clear and hot to start, then heavy
ram by midweek; end of week cloudy and cooler, then rain
on weekend.
Florida: Week begins rainy and very hot in south, no rain but
hot in north; intermittent ram throughout end of week and
very hot.
Upstate & Western N.Y.-Toronto & Montreal: Cloudy and hot at
first, then ram through latter part.
Greater Ohio Valley; Week begins clear and hot, then heavy
ram m west; end of week cloudy and cooler, rain in east.
Deep South: First part of week very hot with scattered
showers; latter part very hot, rain in north on weekend.
Chicago and Southern Great Lakes: Clear and very hot to start,
then ram by midweek; end of week cloudy and hot.
Northern Great Plains-Great Lakes: Clear and warm at first,
then ram by midweek; mostly clear and very warm latter
Central Great Plains: Week begins clear and very hot, then
intermittent showers in west; cloudy end of week with
showers and hot.
Texas-Oklahoma: Very hot to start, then showers; intermit
tent rain throughout end of week.
Rocky Mountain Region: Heavy rain and cool at first, then
clear and warm; end of week cloudy and very warm.
Southwest Desert: Cloudy to start, high temperatures in mid
90s; clear and warmer latter part.
Pacific Northwest: Week begins clear, then rain; rain con
tinuing through end of week.
California: Light rain most of week; clearing and warm on
Weekend. (All Rights Reserved, Yankee, Inc., Dublin, N.H. 03444)
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Pa. Auction Summary
Weekly Summary
19 Livestock Markets
Week Ending June 22
CATTLE 7201, compared with
7188 head last week, and 4355
head a year ago. Compared with
last week’s market, slaughter
steers mostly steady to 25 cents
lower. Slaughter heifers
unevenly steady. Slaughter cows
uneven, spots 25 cents higher to
50 cents lower, with most down
trend latter half of week.
Slaughter bulls steady to 50 cents
STEERS: High Choice and
Prime 47.25-48.75, Choice 45.25-
47.50, Good 42.75-45.25, Standard
41.00-42.75, Utility 39.50-40.75.
HEIFERS: Choice 43.00-44.85,
Good 40.50-43.00, Standard 39.00-
40.75, few Utility 36.00-38.75.
COWS: Utility and High
Dressing Cutter. 35.40-37.50, few
to 39.00, Cutters 33.60-35.60,
Canners 31.25-33.75, Shells down
to 29.00.
BULLS: Choice 43.50-45.50,
Good 42.25-44.00, Utility and
Commercial 40.60-44.50, Good
42.25-44.00. Utility and Com
mercial 40.60-44.50, Cutters 38.50-
475 pounds feeder steers 53.00-
64.00, Medium 300-600 pounds
42.00-57.00; Medium and Good
400-850 pounds feeder bulls 41.00-
CALVES 3647, compared with
3474 head last week and 3480 head
a year ago. Bulk of supply calves
returned to the farm. Vealers
highly uneven.
VEALERS: Prime 72.00-74.00,
Choice 68.00-72.00, Good 62.50-
68.50, Standard 56.00-63.00, few
Utility 90-120 pounds 45.00-55.00.
Farm calves active, Holstein
bulls 80-140 pounds 63.00-80.00;
heifers 80-150 pounds 82.00-110.00,
few to 135.00.
HOGS 6812, compared with 5540
head last week, and 6995 head a
year ago. Barrows and Gilts:
Extremes from day to day with
week, averaging steady to 50
cents lower.
2 200-240 pounds 40.00-41.00, 2-3
200-245 39.00-40.00, 2-4 190-260
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Adamstown, Pa 215-484-4391 Elm 665-2141
The Buck
Lancaster 393-3906 West Chester 696-2990
38.00-39.00, 3-4 260-30 d 36.00-38.00,
2-4 150-190 35.00-38.00.
SOWS: US 1-3 300-570 pounds
31.75-34.50, 2-3 300-600 30.00-33.00.
Boars 26.00-29.00.
FEEDER PIGS 1191, com
pared with 1074 head last week,
and 761 head a year ago. US 1-3
New Holland 354-4191
20-35 pound feeder pigs 14.00-25.00
per head, 1-3 35-50 22.00-31.50, 1-3
50-70 30.00-36.50 per head.
SHEEP 1006, compared with
1201 head last week, and 992 head
a year ago. Spring slaughter
lambs uneven to $1 lower. Choice
60-110 pound spring slaughter
lambs 36.00-39.00, few to 40.00,
Good 60-90 32.00-37.00, Utility 50-.
70 30.00-34.00. Slaughter ewes