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    10—fcanoaster Farming; Saturday,' JUne' 16,1973
Summer's golden glow brings to people
of all ages a heady sense of freedom and joy
of being alive. It's a time for watermelon
and ice cream, sunbathing and baseball
games, a time to slowly savor and enjoy to
the fullest. Summer is “get-away-from-it
all-and-take-a-vacation time,” and it begins
June 21. This most favorite of seasons
holds a treasure of memories for each of
us. Who will ever forget things like the day
they first learned how to swim, or those
scrumptious picnics which tempted even
Community Soapbox
As an advertisement by one newspaper
chain has pointed out, the editorial pages
of a newspaper are a kind of community
soapbox. The advertisement notes that, .
.last year alone over 80,000.. .readers in 16
states and Guam wrote to our editors. .
.We're helping our communities grow by
listening to them. And we’re growing in the
process, and will as long as we deserve to.
What our readers think does make a dif
Over the years, this “community
soapbox" has served as a place where
people could sound off on current events,
TELLER: “With the price of beef at the
level it is today, most of us don’t dare pay
much attention to steaks but we thought
you might be interested in knowing the life
span of an average steak. The average life
span of a steak is about 32 months. It
breaks down like this: gestation period of
nine months, then 18 months growing up
with mother and on the range, and finally
five months in the feedlot. Under Secretary
of Agriculture J. Phil Campbell said con
sumers must realize how long the
biological process is and how long it takes
before their own demand can be reflected
back through the marketing system to the
cattleman. ‘Unfortunately,’ he added, ‘in
these days of instant coffee and instant
mashed potatoes, there's no such thing as
an instant increase in beef supplies.’
Maybe this has something to do with the
cost of beef.”
by the loud hollering along the Potomac,
most Congressmen literally believe in
Artemus Ward's famous quip: ‘Let us all be
happy and live within our means, even if we
have to borrow money to do it with.”’
“Where else could we live, outside this
United States, where the government pays
some farmers not to produce and some
unspoused women. . .to reproduce."
JOURNAL: “One of the most serious
problems facing American business is
productivity--how to increase the output of
goods or services without a corresponding
increase in the cost of materials or labor...
.the mechanisms for increasing produc
tivity already exist. . . .What seems to be
lacking, it was pointed out, is a national will
to continue to truly progress. Pride of
workmanship is a fading ideal. People seem
content with the status quo. Leadership is
the vital missing ingredient .. And.. that
leadership should start with the White
House, since the federal government
generates 20 percent of the Gross National
Product, and carry all the way through to
‘the baker and the candlestick maker.’”
BREDA, lOWA, NEWS' “The happiest
people are not necessarily those who
The Summer Season
Grassroots Opinion
the strictest of dieters?
Yes, summer Is an unforgettable blend of
work, play and laughter whose magical
spirit has been sought by poets for cen
turies. Perhaps Winifred Welles has
captured it best: "Once, on a cliff, I saw
perfection happen. The full, gold moon was
balanced on the sea, Just as the red sun
rested on the moor. The summer evening
ripened and fell open; And people walking
through that fruit’s rich core, Were sud
denly what they were meant to be.”
relay information and philosophize. We
cannot be blamed if we are a bit jealous in
guarding our free press. Through it the
voice of the people may be heard, and
lawmakers at every level of government
are forced to sit up and take note.
Those who doubt the power of this
guardian of good government and con
stitutional freedoms need only ask a dic
tator how much he thinks he could have
achieved had he not slapped a muzzle on
his country's press. The answer would
doubtless be, "Very little.”
receive the largest salaries or the most
public acclaim. A feeling of wholesome and
enviable well-being is to be found among
millions of plain people who are giving to
their daily tasks their best effort, and are
meeting their obligations to their families
and their neighborhoods squarely and
“Here's a good incentive for keeping that..
.resolution to clean out your office files:
(The Weyerhaeuser Company of Federal
Way, Wash., held an OUT (Oust Unneeded
Trivia) Day recently. Company employees
threw out an amazing 422 tons of
paperwork and junk. In the process, the
company reclaimed 22,880 square feet of
floor space and cleared out the equivalent
of 1,050 four-drawer file cabinets. Figuring
the cost of file cabinets at around $l5O
each, they saved $157,500 in future file
cabinet purchases alone. That should be
incentive enough for anybody.”
January . (closed it brought an end to a
number of federal and state tax reports
that need to) be filled out and funds sent to
state and federal agencies. If the tax bite
gets much worse... it will soon be more
advantageous to give your income to the
government and keep what you normally
would send in for taxes. Just to be relieved
of the expense of filling out all the
necessary forms would mean quite a
savings for the average business owner.”
want prices to come down, but we’re not
so ready to have controls put on wages and
incomes. If we are to stop inflation, control
must begin at home-with the best kind of
control there is, self-control."
JOURNAL “If we, as electors, sit at home
on election day, surrounded by the niceties
of life, and fail to go to the polls we will have
delegated to others, by our disinterest, the
right to select the paths we should
trod and we will have forfeited the right
to decry our destiny."
"There is none so blind as they that won't
see ’’--Jonathan Swift.
I THE TIME . . .
Max Smith
County Agr. Agent
Telephone 394-6851
SAFETY...The recent hot
weather made the farm pond one
of the favorite places on many
farms; swimming is one of the
most popular summertime sports
and the ponds are very attractive
to water-lovers. However, there
are risks presented when the
ponds are used by bathers. Farm
pond owners should be sure to
have insurance to cover these
risks and any emergency. In
addition, safety equipment
should be at the pond site in order
to rescue a swimmer in trouble.
Wooden boards, floats, wooden
ladders, ropes, and inflated in
ner-tubes can be very useful.
There are many other water
safety measures that should be
followed. Pond owners are urged
to be protected and be prepared.
AND ALGAE...This is a chore
needing more attention on many
farms at this time of the year.
However, before any chemical
treatment is made permission
must be granted from the Penn
sylvania Fish Commission to
treat the pond water. Application
blanks for this permit are
available from the Fish Com
mission or from our Extension
Office. Algae is a common
problem and is often caused by
water being too shallow or water
being too clear. Weeds will grow
from the bottom of the pond in
some cases and are very difficult
to eliminate. Again, permission is
Lesson for June 17,1973
Background Scripture: Exodus 20-7;
Matthow 5-33-37; 6-1-6; 7:21-23;
21:21-32; Mark 7:5-8
Devotional Hooding: Isaiah 1:10-17.
Which of these would you con
sider to be violators of the Third
Jack, frustrated by an unpre
dictable fuel pump on his car,
lets loose with a string of high
powered profanity.
Sue, without
quite realizing it,
has gotten into
the habit of punc
tuating all her ex
clamations with
“0 my God!”
Betty recites the
words of the
Lord's Prayer, but
Rev. Althouse her mind is far
away on other
Ed delights in using the words,
“nigger,” “Jew-boy,” and “wop,”
because it never fails to shock or
impress his listeners.
Carl voices his vows of church
membership, giving little thought
to what he is promising.
Edna is a woman who finds it
difficult to tell the unvarnished
truth, preferring instead to bend
it and shape it to her needs.
The name in vain
The Third Commandment tells
us, “You shall not take the name
of the Lord your God in Vain ...”
(Exodus 20:7). This was an im
portant commandment because
the Hebrews believed that a per
son’s name was an essential part
needed from the Fish Com
mission before any chemical
treatment is attempted. Fer
tilizer may be applied to the pond
to keep a cloudy color to the
water but should not be applied
when the pond is full of weeds.
PROPERLY...We have been
observing some very nice fields
of alfalfa seeded during late
March and April; these have
good growth and seem about
ready to blossom; we urge
growers to permit these new
stands to get into the 20 to 30 per
cent blossom stage before cut
ting. Also, be liberal with the
phosphorus and potash fertilizers
this first year. With all stands of
alfalfa it is suggested that one of
the later cuttings be permitted to
get into the 75 percent blossom
stage before harvesting; this
should give strength to the roots
and lengthen the life of the stand.
During the past ten days a
number of growers have brought
alfalfa plants to the office looking
pale in color and some dead leaf
areas. We have diagnosed this
problem to be excess wet weather
this spring and some frost
damage that was done around the
middle of May. Dry weather and
good growing conditions should
correct this problem.
BINS...Feed prices continue to be
one of the major inputs into all
livestock and poultry operations.
The harvesting of all of the grain
now in the field should be the goal
of every barley and wheat
producer; after it is harvested, it
should be properly stored for sale
or local use. The grain bins
should be cleaned out and
sprayed for the elimination of
grain insects.
of their personality. To dishonour
a person’s name, meant to dis
honour the whole person.
Furthermore it was believed
that the name carried with it the
powers of the gods or the spirits.
People would use the names of
certain deities to manipulate their
powers The name, therefore, is
not to be used dishonestly or in
To use God’s name profanely
is obviously a violation of the
commandment. The name should
claim as much respect from us as
God himself. Furthermore, it is
obvious that we ought not to use
God’s name in a common or
thoughtless way. To thoughtlessly
u c e the name over and over again
is to show a certain disrespect or
contempt for God
Do not swear at all
Jesus was concerned that God’s
name should not be abused in
another way: “Again you have
heard that it was said to the men
of old, “You shall not swear
falsely . . .’ But I say to you,
‘Do not swear at all’ ” (Matthew
5.33) Jesus did not want men to
use the name of God to compel
the truth from others. What is
needed, Jesus is saying, is not
better oaths, but more honesty.
We would not need to preface
our remarks with “God knows
. . and “As God is my wit
ness” and “I swear to God .. if
there was a higher level of hon
esty both with ourselves and
others. So it is with God, too. It
matters little how often we say
his name, if we are not sincere.
As the Isaiah said, “This people
honors me with their lips, but
their heart is far from me . .
And Jesus warned: “Not every
one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,
shall enter the kingdom ...”
If we use God’s name, implied
or expressed, let’s make sure we
really mean it.