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VOL 18 No. 30
Kendrik M. “Kink” Souders, right, beams
after accepting the Pennsylvania Poultry
Federation’s Allied Industryman of the
Year Award on Wednesday night. With
Pa. Poultry Federation
Honors Souders, Ulrich
Vision and years of hard work
have earned for Kendrick M.
“Kink” Souders the Penn
sylvania Poultry Federation’s
Allied Industryman of the Year
award. Souders, a Chester
Rural Life Expert
Says Family Farm
Might Need Assist
“If we had put as much
brainpower and effort into
making small farms work, the
family farm today would be a
thriving enterprise But that’s not
the case The family farm is in
trouble,” Dr Charles Loomis told
a small gathering Thursday night
at the Lancaster County Farm
and Home Center
Loomis had been invited to the
Center to present a public affairs
lecture and seminar on
“Agriculture and Social
Change”. He is Anderson
Professor of Sociology at the
University of Houston, in
Houston, Texas He is a native of
Colorado, and is a former
professor of sociology and an
thropology at Michigan State
“American agriculture is
developing along the same lines
as Russian agriculture,” Loomis
said. “Our farms are getting
bigger. The question is, are they
getting better?”
Loomis pointed out that this
country’s founding fathers had
regarded the small, independent
property owner as one of the very
cornerstones of freedom. From
America’s earliest years, the
County egg marketer, accepted
the award Wednesday night at
the federation’s annual meeting
in Harrisburg.
At the same meeting, Harry R.
Ulrich, Hummelstown RD2,
family farm has represented an
ideal way of life to a majority of
people. In rural areas, Loomis
pointed out, surveys have shown
that most people still favor the
family farm over the large
corporate operation
Loomis maintains that a family
farm can stay small and still stay
profitable He feels that farming
enterprises are different from
other businesses, where bigness
is usually a better avenue to
“While a family farm operation
can provide a good living for a
family, I think we can justify the
preservation of these farms on
other than economic grounds,”
Loomis asserted “The family
farm is an excellent place to raise
children If we want to have
strong families in this country,
we may have to change our
society’s values to a system
where family farming is en
couraged, rather than
discouraged, as it is now.”
Loomis said he feels the family
farm will survive, but it will need
the protection of the government,
and family farmers will have to
become better managers.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 16, 1973
Souders are his wife and Eugene Bailey,
who presented the award on behalf of the
earned the federation’s
Poultryman of the Year honor.
For the past 40 years, Souders
has been general manager of
Producer’s Pride, Inc., an egg
marketing firm in Coatesville. He
pioneered the concept of
marketing eggs in producer
packed cartons of one dozen. He
sold his idea to retailers in
Philadelphia only after walking
many miles and having many
doors closed in his face.
Souders is a member of the
Pennsylvania Egg Marketing
Association, the Pennsylvania
Poultry Federation and Nor
theastern Egg and Poultry
Producers Council
He has served as a member of
the Pennsylvania Department of
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Farm Calendar
Saturday, June 16
6:30 p.m - Lebanon County
Dairy Princess Festival and
Contest, Lebanon Expo Fair
6.30 p.m - Ephrata Young
Farmers Strawberry Social,
John R Zimmerman farm.
Sunday,June 17
Father’s Day
12:30 p.m - Manheim Young
Farmer Family Picnic,
Hess’s Grove.
Reciprocal Meat Conference,
Penn State University, June
7 a.m. - 3 p.m. ~ Cumberland
County Wool Pool, Carlisle
Fair Ground.
Friday, June 22
7 a.m. - 12 Noon - Cumberland
County Wool Pool, Carlisle
Fair Ground.
Saturday, June 23
Lancaster County Dairy Princess
Thursday,June 21
Wentink Tells PEMA, . .
Service is Key
To Survival for
Pa, Poultrymen
“Pennsylvania’s independent
poultrymen can survive, but
they’ll have to become better
marketers, and they’ll have to
provide more service to their
customers,” Hendrik “Henk”
Wentmk told a meeting of the
Pennsylvania Egg Marketing
Association last Friday night in
Harrisburg. Wentink is assistant
to the president of Pennfield
Corporation, and president of the
Northeastern Poultry Producers
“There is no substitute for the
ambition and zeal of individual
entrepeneurs, risking their own
capital,” Wentink continued.
“But both the independent
producers and the independent
marketers will have to change.
They’ll have to do a better job of
coordinating their efforts, and
they might not be as independent
as they were before.”
Wentink said he feels that chain
store buyers are switching away
from wanting to buy exclusively
from large producer-packers.
This bodes well for the in
dependents, he noted, but it’ll call
for changes that will have to
start with the marketers.
“You marketers will have to
become packer-brokers, and
you’ll have to take a leadership
role in working with your
producers. You might have to
help your producers with their
feed purchases, breed selection
and bird management. If you can
PennAg Slates
Grain Meetings
Responding to a mounting
concern by agribusiness mem
bers to another spiral of in
creasing feed ingredient prices,
PennAg Industries Association,
Ephrata, will sponsor a special
educational program for its
members entitled, “How to Stay
Alive in Today’s Markets”,
Thursday, June 28 from 2-00 to
4:15 P.M in the Sheraton-
Conestoga Motor Inn, Lancaster,
Penn The Association’s regular
Gram Meeting will be held in the
Dr Carleton Dennis, Vice-
President for Planning, Agway,
Inc. will be the principal speaker
An economist, Dr Dennis resides
in Syracuse, N. Y. He will in
teract with a panel of
agribusiness leaders involved in
day-to-day operations, as well as
the audience.
Members of the panel include
Melvin Wenger, President,
Wenger’s Feed Mill, Rheems
(feed processor), Dr. Richard
Peacock, Nutritionist, Pennfield
Corporation, Lancaster, and Ed
Lovatt, President, Lovatt & Co.,
Ambler (grain merchant). The
$2 00 Per Year
get the confidence of your
shippers, if you can assure them
of a good profit, you can be as
strong as any producer-packer
that comes along Maybe even
stronger, because everybody
would be his own financial risk
taker ”
Wentink commented that there
is a lot of competition for the egg
market in the Northeast, most of
it coming from egg producers in
the Midwest and the Southeast
“We’re closer to the buyers” he
said, “but nobody has a God
given right to any market If we
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Hendrink Wentink
panel will be moderated by the
association’s president, Eugene
E Eby, H R Wentzel Sons,
A recent round of skyrocketing
grain and ingredient prices has
prompted PennAg spokesmen to
urge an impartial investigation of
market speculation A three or
four-fold increase in the price of
an important ingredient such as
soybean meal is bound to be
reflected in higher food prices a
few months hence if not an
outright shortage If a food
shortage is allowed to develop
because of inaction, the result
will dwarf the present concern
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