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dciiool of Agriculture
g~«"'~xrcs , f2
University Park, Pa, 7 -
VOL. 16 NO. 40
Lancaster Ca. 4-H’ers
Win at District Show
Lancaster County 4-H’ers won
many of the top spots in the dis
trict 4-H Dairy Show at Harris
burg Thursday.
Farm Calendar
Saturday, August 28
Pennsylvania Poultry Queen
Contest, Starlight Ballroom,
KJEBA, Sire Power Open House,
Tunkhannock, Pa.
Sunday, August 29
12:30 p.m. Ephrata Young
Farmers annual summer
picnic, Ephrata Community
Monday, August 30
8 p.m.—Lancaster County Poul
try Association meeting,
Farm and Home Center.
Tuesday, August 31
1971 Agricultural Progress Field
Days, Penn State University
Agronomy Farm, Pine Grove
Mills, August 31 - September
Wednesday, September 1
7:30 p.m.—Lancaster County Soil
and Water Conservation Dis
trict meeting, Farm and
Home Center.
USDA Says Horse Vaccine Now Proven Safe
Sufficient evidence is now
available on the safety of the
Venezuelan equine encephal
omyelitis (VEE) vaccine to re
move the “experimental” classi
fication and discontinue the use
of waivers by horse owners, the
USDA has reported.
Local Youths Win in District FFA
Thomas Aaron, Quarryville EDI, shows
his grand champion Jersey in district FFA
Lancaster County entries won
three breed championships in
Guernsey, Ayrshire and Brown
Swiss. Reserve Grand Champion
honors were scored in Guernsey
and Jersey.
In group competition of four
animals, Lancaster County was
first in Guernsey, Ayrshire and
Brown Swiss, and second in
Holstein and Jersey.
Top individual winners from
Lancaster County were:
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21 Cholera Free Days
A record 21 days without any
hog cholera outbreaks in the
country ended July 22 with
the discovery of an infected
herd in Rhode Island, the U.S.
Department of Agriculture re
The previous record 16
days was in June, 1971, ac
cording to officials of USDA’s
Agricultural Research Service.
June still hold's the record for
fewest infected herds reported
four during any one
‘calendar month.
The Rhode Island infection
was in a herd of 45 swine that
has since been destroyed to
combat disease spread.
Previously, horse owners were
required by USDA’s Agricul
tural Research Service to sign
statements that they were aware
of what was not known about the
vaccine prior to using it on their
Tests have now been corn
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 28,1971
Arthur Small, left, of the U.S. Informa
tion Agency, is shown this week interviewing
Max Smith, right, Lancaster County ag agent,
as part of a half-hour Voice of America
broadcast on the work of the county agent. In
Jhe background recording the conversation is
Ruelt Zinn, engineer. -
"The interview was one of dozens conduct
ed throughout the county this week with 4-
H’ers, 4-H leaders, farmers, county agents
and home economists and others who deal
with the Lancaster County agent.
The interviews will be carefully edited
and a professional narrator will be hired to
pleted on horses in two Texas
locations, the King Ranch and
Calaghan Ranch. On the King
Ranch 2,600 horses were vac
cinated for VEE in late June.
All the horses had been vaccinat
ed previously for Eastern and
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competition Wednesday
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FFA Dairy Show 1. 5
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Dairy Show Wednesday
Lancaster County FFA
Youths took several top spots,
including two Grand Champion
Paul Horning, Stevens RDI, displays his Holstein calf
which won the junior calf class in the FFA show at Harrisburg
agricultural and
help tell the story. The idea is to show how
the county agent carries out his work,
weaving together his own comments and the
comments of those who deal with him.
Eventually, jthe story is expected to be
broadcast to nations all over the world
through Voice of America as one of a con
tinuing series of half-hour specials under the
heading, “The Green Revolution.” The voices
of individual persons will be heard briefly,
when the program is broadcast in a foreign
country, then translators will make the com
ments of the local persons known in the
foreign countries.
An open house has been slat
ed at the new Wayne plant at
Lancaster on Tuesday, Septem
ber 14. Farmers have been in
vited to meet the Wayne folks
and see the modern manufactur
ing plant.
ships, at the District FFA Dairy
Show at Harrisburg Wednesday.
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$2.00 Per Year
Wayne Sets Open House