Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 06, 1971, Image 6

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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 6,1971
$lOO,OOO REAP Program Okayed Locally; Replaces ACP
A $lOO 000 conssivation pio
gram was approved foi Lancas
ter County at a meeting o£ vaii
ous agencies at the Faim and
Home Center this week
The program, known as Rmal
Environmental Assistance Pio
giam (REAP), leplaces the
foimer Agneultuial Consciva
tion progiam (ACP) which has
been in existence heie lor sev
eral years
Miss Dorothy Neel, county
executive dnector of the pro
giam, explained this week that
she expects no majoi diffeiences
in the county conseivation pio
gram, explained this week that
fiom ACP to REAP The main
d.ffeiences she said will be in
the types of piogiams winch aie
available to farmers and in the
proportion of federal monies
available to them for the woik
The SlOO 000 budget fot REAP
repiesents a substantial icduc
tion fiom the 5125 900 a\ai'able
iocalh last \eai undei AGP
The new funding foi inula in
cludes a i eduction of fedeial
reimbursement for some major
practices including ten aces and
sod waterways Federal partici
pation in these practices has
been i educed from 80 pei cent
to 50 per cent with the balance
supplied by the land owner.
The reduction in federal par
ticipation terraces and sod
waterways from 80 to 50 per cent
means that the farmers share
of the work will have to .increase
from 20 to 50 per cent under the
'-new program.
Asked if this will likely detract
from the ability of the county
to get farmers to undertake
enough of this kind of work to
spend the full amount of the new
$lOO,OOO budget, Miss Neel said
she thinks farmers will use up
the money under the new
She explained that in recent
years the demand for the money
has far exceeded the supply and
the money has been fully com
mitted by as early as March and
While the county has less
funds with which to work, the
aiew formula lowers the federal
share of -the involvement and, if
farmers participate, it could
mean little or no reduction in
work accomplished. This is true
'because each federal dollar un
der the 50 per cent foimula will
help accomplish more work than
under the 80 per cent formula.
Practices Eliminated
Several practices that pre
viously had been funded under
ACP have been completely
eliminated from the new REAP
program Most of the elimi
nated programs have no im
portance locally, howevei, since
most of them either were not
used at all or only slightly An
exception is the lime program
under the heading ol “applica
tion of lime alone ’
Loss of the Line program,
however, was in large part offset
by retaining lime as pait of
some of the other types of prac
tices Miss Neel explained
Other piograms completely
eliminated include vegetative
cover in oichaids, contoui plant
ing of orchards and vineyaids,
open drainage systems tile
drains, gieen manure covei ciop,
and home gardens.
Practices Approved
The list of REAP piogiams
“which were appioved at both the
national and state levels and
fiom which Lancaster County
makes its selection include es- Structures to piotect water level available to those local Miss Neel said REAP appears to
"abh=Ln° outlets and channels-50 per areas which can develop special be moving toward the more
cover, (th?s program is un- cent, no chang.. practices or projects that would permanent type of practices,
changed at about 50 pei cent fed- Wmtei and Summer cover mvolve the cooperation of sever- Thjs coincideg with the d)rec ,
eial paiticipation and includes C iops—3o pei cent, no change al warmers tion of the local program. Al
lime, feitihzei and seed ) Establishment of peimanent She also noted that the prac- m Q S t go p ei . cent of local prac-
Contour stnp cioppmg and vegetative cover on field borders tices involving 80 per cent fed- tlces last year were permanent
field stnp ciopp.ig. planting of 0 i turns—so per cent, un- eral money almost exclusively prac ti C es she said,
foiestiv tiees and shiubs. plant- changed deal with forestry under the new
mg of tiees and shrubs foi Wlldllfe fco d plots, habitat or REAP P lo S ram . She also noted that tRe state
ei osion—unchanged at 80 pei cove i—so per cent, unchanged rpap innmvMl *° rklng on a practice for
Shallow water aic. for w.lO JEAPApproved _ atrootures or tanka tor m.mal
Improving vegetative cover llfe _ so p6i - cent, no change Those present at the meeting *a,UhlP it will iSd in
with peimanent fields in-p podsn ds oi dams for wildlife—so Wednesday to adopt the new. avmlable it win be “chided in
eluding the use of lime and fei- p6 i cent, no cnange, REAP program included- rep- the county P r °gram, she said,
tilizei and dealing and leveling Woodland bolder and hedge- lesentatives of the ASC commit- The conservation program
of pastiue land—so per cent, un- row management by cutting—so tee—Carlton Rid all, district di- funding is usually approved in
changed per cent, no change. rector, Fied Seldomndge, coun- November It is about three
Developing spnngs oi seeps Improvement of streams to ty committee chairman, John J months late this year because
foi livestock water—ieduced control eroaun and provide bet- Herr, county committee mem- 0 f a (jelay from the national
from SO pei cent to 30 per cent tei fish habitat —50 per cent, her, Frank W Aliment, county administration that resulted in
federal funding A few of these down from 80 per cent This committee membei, and Miss changing the program from
have been developed in the past practice is not important local- Neel rp rnrurress an.
ir T anraster Countv Iv Soil Conservation Service— xo 11 A ’ “ ses
i“ bancastei L, ° unxj , iy T . . , , c Oival Bass distuct conserva- proved $195,500,000, but the pro
improving stand of forest Impi ovement of habitat for V d V Jsd 7 conseiva
tiees—-SO oei cent, no change wildlife m wocdlands -50 per * onist > f d Era f Luca \ Swl § ram was actuaUy funded at
Establishing sod wateiways— cent, down fiom 80 per cent It conservation Distuct Aaion $150,000,000 as a result of ad
now 50 pei cent, reduced from 1; not important in the county chairman ministration decisions
SO pei cent last year Tins is an Lagoos for annual waste-50 Forest Servjce-Robert Sob
important piacFce localh ,er cent, unchanged ]^ eit2ei - T servic i e foiester E f x ' The change-over to REAP
Sediment retention stiuctmes tenslon — Jay Irwm - associate inc l U ded placing more emphasis
Pe.mrnenf covet on an ® ed ” e “ t u .ei 7 slnbjS I G ?’“ 8e “ FHA on eimronmenlal p.oh
pioblem aieas—nei cent, no —noy wessman , , ~ ~ ,
change souice of sediment 50 pei cent, Q ame Commission Wallace lems and controlling pollution,
down from 80 per cent These w/ o odnng and John Eicholu Programs which tended to be
Constructing teuace system piactices are not important Flsh Commission Charles production rather than conserva
and diveision tenaces-50 per loca y Pnntz and David Daniels tion oriented were amoog those
cent this reduced fiom 80 Miss Neal noted that in addi- &
per cent last year These are tion there is $lOO 000 of 80 per The REAP Program which were eliminated or cut'
major practices locally cent federal money at the state In commenting on the program back.
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