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tSchool of Agriculture
Patterson Bldg.
University Park, Pa. r t
IA W m
VOL. 16 NO. 10
Directors of the Farm and Home
Foundation are: (left to right) Melvin
Stoltzfus, president of the Board; Snavely
Garber, Willow Street RDI; Paul Cope,
Rohr-erstown; Raymond Stoner,, Eden
Farm Calendar
Monday, February 1
- 9 a.mlSr-Fruit Growers Meetings,
- tfjptel, Yorktown, York, Feb
xuaryvl-5.,,,. „
7:30;->p.m.- —. Central Area 4-H
Tractor -Maintenance "Club,
Lahdis Bros. Equipment Co.,
13G5 Manheim Pike, Lancas
> Tuesday, February 2
Ground: Hog Day l
7:30 pun. Consumer Program
on the -Supermarket, Farm
and Home Center
7:30 p.m. Annual Lancaster
Livestock Exchange Dinner
Meeting, Stock Yard Inn.
7:45 p.m.—Northern 4-H Tractor
Maintenance Club, Farmers
ville Equipment Co., Farm
Pennsylvania Faimers Associa
■ lion Board Meeting, Farm
and Home Center -
Harden Spot Young Farmers,
Agriculture Department,
Eastern Lancaster County
High School, Farm Records
Wednesday, February 3
4:36 pan. Lancaster County
Vocational Agriculture
Teachers Association meet
ing; New Holland.
‘ 7:30 p.m. Lancaster County
' ■ Soil and Water Conservation
■•District, Farm and Home
Thursday February 4
6:30 pan. Annual 4-H Beef
'and Lamb Banquet, Farm
and Home Center.,
7 pm—Manheim Young Farmer
Pam Welding Course, Agn
cuMure Department, Man
beim High School.
Friday, February 4
7 p.m.—Ephrata Adult Farmers
Annual Banquet, Mt Airy
■ Fttre Hall,
Livestock Exchange
Officer Election Tues.
‘ The •annual Lancaster Live
stock Exchange dinner meeting :
will be held Tuesday, February
2 at 7:30 pm. at the Stock Yard 1
Inn, 1147 Lititz Pike, Lancaster 1
Included on the agenda for the 1
evening will be the election of ]
- officers. I
Road; Donald Hershey, Manheim RD2;
Allen Risser, Leola RDI, and Donald Eby,
Gordonville RDI. Mrs. Thomas Erb was
not present for the picture.
Mount Joy Farmers Cooperative
Report 1970 Sales of 3.5 Million
1 ' Sales in, excess of 3 5 million
' were reportedby the JMount Joy
Farmers Cooperative' at the asso
■ 'ciations annual dinner meeting
Wednesday.- The dinner at Hos
' tetter’s Banquet Hall was' at
' tended by 260 member and
Louis Bixler and Donald Ney,
both of Marietta RDI, weie le
elected directors.
John Barley Named
Top Young Farmer
John E Barley, Washmgton
Boro Rl, has been selected Out
standing Young Farmer for 1970-
,71 by the Greater Millersville
Jaycees. >
This award is presented to
the Millersville area young
farmer who has made the most
outstanding progress during the
early years of his career in agri
Barley, a 1963 graduate of
Penn Manor High School, be
gan by renting a 70-acre farm
in partnership with his brother,
Abram G. Barley. Within seven
years he had expanded his
operation to 600 acres.
Currently under cultivation are
30 acres of tobacco, 375 acres of
corn, 50 acres of alfalfa, and 70
of barley
Barley also manages an ex
tensive dairy and beef cattle
operation he handles * about
400 steers annually,’ while the
dairy herd is expected to reach
200 within a few years'.
Barley is a member of the
Manor Young Farmers, the
Pennsylvania Faimers Assn, and
the Pennsylvania Holstein Assn
Married to the former Jane
Reeder, he is the fathei of a 16- ,
month-old son
Baney will be the guest of •
the Millersville Jaycees at the i
Pennsylvania Jaycees quarterly
board meeting at the Host Town 1
Resort Motel on February 6 At J
this meeting he will compete 1
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 30, 1971
Sim Horton, manager v report-,
ed the 'highlights of activities
conducted by 'the association
during the year and the Atlantic -
Dairy'Association 'provided dis
plays promoting milk.
Speakers included Clarence
Newcomer, Lancaster County
District Attorney, and Max
Smith, County Agent
for the title of Pennsylvania’s
Outstanding Young Faimer
Winner of the state competi
t.on moves on to the national
finals and will win an all-ex
pense paid trip to the United
States Jaycees award program
in Madison, Wis, on April 7-10
Glenn Witmer is chairman for
this project.
Annual Meeting
Of Extension
Tues., Feb. 9
The annual meeting of the
Lancaster County Agricultural
and Home Economics Extension
Association is scheduled for
Tuesday, February 9, at the
Farm and Home Center Activi
ties will start with a “family
style” dinner at 6 45 p.m.
Tickets are available from any.
member of the Extension Boai;d
of Directors, or the extension of
fice Tickets should be secured
before February 5
The guest speaker will be Miss
Judy Longenecker, 1970 Inter
national Farm Youth Exchangee
tc the United Kingdom, who will
give an illustrated report on her
experiences Entertainment will
feature the two 4-H Talent Night
winners, Miss Becky Glatfel'er
and Bryan Wagnei
A brief business meeting will
bo held, including election of
five directors for a three-year
[Farm & Home Foundation
Elects Four New Directors
The 7th annual meeting of
the Farm & Home Foundation
was held Thursday evening at
the Farm & Home Center
Melvin R Stoltzfus, president
of the foundation served as
Toastmaster at the banquet that
proceeded the meeting attend
ed by about 100 people Noah
W. Kreider, Manheim RD3,
gave the invocation and a pro
gram of special music was given
by a vocal tuo fiom the Me
chanic Grove Church of the
Brethren consisting of Mis
Earl Ziegler, Mrs J Eveiett
USD A Measures
Seasonality In
Cattle Market
Seasonal changes in cattle
supplies and prices are smaller
than in years past, but they still
follow much the same patterns,
according to a report issued this
week by the U S. Department
of Agriculture. s , -
.- -'■> • -jr-.
, USDA’s Economic ‘Research
measured month-to-month ups
and downs in production, mar
ketings, and prices of various
classes of cattle and cuts of
beef This leport details some
changes in seasonal patterns
and size of variations and ex
plains why these occurred.
Marketings, particularly of
feeder cattle, are directly relat
ed to the calving period and
feed supplies. Both of these are
highly seasonal Other factors
that come into play are long
term trends or cycles in beef
and dairy cattle numbers, as
well as unusual short-term
events such as strikes and wars
Price changes of cattle and
beef partly reflect seasonal
changes m supply. They also re
flect changes in consumer pre
ferences and demand for beef,
supplies and prices of other
meats, and the general price
level of all commodities.
Livestock producers, well
aware of seasonal price highs
and lows, have been adjusting
the management of their cattle
operations to take advantage of
such changes. Their actions,
over the long-term, have tended
to lessen month-to-month varia
Fed cattle marketings, foi .
example, now show little sea
sonal variations ati 15 Midwest- '
ein markets, despite the high
ly seasonal calf crop. However,
both cow slaughter and cow 1
prices continue to have signi- 1
ficant seasonal swings because 1
pioduction costs of cow-calf 1
operations still dictate this kind
of timing in culling cow heids J
A copy of “Seasonality of the 1
Cattle Market,” ERS-468, is J
available free on, request from 1
the Division of Information, Of- 1
fice of Management Services, 1
US Department of Agriculture, <
Washington, D.C 20250.
52.00 Per Year
Kreider and Mrs Carl Diller, ac
companied by Mrs Richard Le
Directors reelected for a
thiee year term were Paul
R Cope, Donald S Eby and B.
Snavely Gaiber New directors
elected were Mrs Thomas
Ei b, Donald Hershey, Alle*
Risser and Raymond Stoner.
Serving on the nominating com
mittee were Willis J. Esben
shade, J Eveiett Ki eider and
Richard Maule
Melvin R. Stoltzfus introduc
ed the directois and spoke
briefly He said the foundation
is considering additional park
ing space and that approximate
ly 30% of the revenue comes
fiom building rentals He ask
ed for continued support in the
future and possibly in the next
decade the mortgage could be
It was announced that an all
day auction sale is to-be* held
aU Rutt’s-Country Market and
Reed Ferguson
Auction February 5, at 10:00
A.M Anyone wishing to donate
articles or to have them sold
on commission should contact
the auctioneers J.- , Everett
Kreider, Carl Diller or Clyde
Wolgemuth Facilities are avail*
able to sell farm -machinery,
household items, . furniture,
tools, equipment, hay, straw
and giam.
Howard H Campbell, busi*
ness manager, reported some
of the operating figures of the
center He said 925 meetings
were held during- the year at
tended by nearly'6,ooo people.
Several organizations ' meet
there regularly.
Max M. Smith reported on
the scholarship fund set up by
the late Elmer L. Esbenshade.
Eight students received $4OO.
scholarships last year.
Reed Ferguson, a native o I
Southern Lancaster County and
now vice president and general
administrator of Penn State
University, was the speaker. His
topic was “Penn State Serves
Lancaster County and 66
Others”. He illustrated his ad
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