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of Agriculture i 1 1 IB AGRICULTURAL AND
VOL -■. NO. 50
4-H Youths Get Dairy Awards
Abo 65 awaicK weie ijnen to
Count 4 H joutlie at the annual
411 Awauii, Banquet last
week . the Haiusl Dine Rt->-
tauiair aai Inkuouiae
-A 1 the awards piled up in front of
him the 4-H Dairy Awards Banquet,
Thorr Aaron, (left) Quarryville RDI, en-
joyed 'imself He and Boyd Gartley of
Co. Farmers' Assn. Elects Kreider
Jairif- Kieiclei, Quanyville
EDI, Wc elected piesident of the
Lancaf-, Countv Faimeis’ As
soeiatir • at the leoigamzation
meeting Tuesday night at the
Fain ?',c Home Centei
Kieitic." operates a laige dauy
farm r.'->s does some custom
fanning and hacking
He - iccceds Clyde Wivell,
Columh , RDI
Wiliiar. J Guhl Oxford RD2,
was eh fed vice piesident James
L Ma'hn Sti ashing RDI, was
re-ele f * >. y-ti easui ei
Delegates to the Pennsylvania
Faimt"-; Association convention
next W'-ek at Penn Hams Hotel
Camp £.A weie elected as fol
lows j. -, lt s Gaibei, Mount Joy
RD2 Ecrei Thome, Elizabeth
town EI3 Leon Kreidei. Quauy
Poultry Federation
Lr ,?s‘ei Fanning this
wt r - ccopeiates with the
Penio’.Kania Poultiy Fed
eiatici m pi eventing a ic
poh r”i what the Fedeiation
is am vhat it does
A:t, on the oigamza
tion rjd its vauous commit
teel *iid activities aie pie
senh.j in the second section
on paces 17. 23, 24, 25, 26,
and T 7
The aw aids lepieseuted ictog
nition ioi outstanding acconip
lishinml bv (he individual -111
numbeis Aoout 150 counts
Inter-State Milk Producers watch as an
award is presented to another 4-H’er Gait
ley was speaker,
ulle RDI and James Kieiclei,
Quanyville RDI
Alternate delegates wmie Na
than Stoltzfus, Gap RDI, Wayne
Millei, Mount Joy RDI Mis
Jesse Wood. Nottingham RD2,
and Ivan R Yost, Chustiana
Pei sons interested in tickets
Farm Calendar
Saturday, November 7
Pennsylvania Livestock Exposi
tion, Faim Show Building,
Harrisburg, Novembei 7-14
Sunday, November 8
Pennsylvania Faimeis Associa
tion State Convention, Penn
Harris Motoi Inn, Camp
Hill, November 8-11
Monday, November 9
7 30 p m Agway Inc , annual
meeting, Faim and Home
Bpm Fulton Giange 66
Agi icultm al Leaders Semmai
on envnonmental pollu
tion, Lancaster.
Tuesday, November 10
12 30 p m Fai m Women So
ciety 22, home of Mrs
Robeit Baie, 1801 Millport
Road, Lancaster
7.30 pm Ephrata Young
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LancuMfi Farming. Satuuku. Nuumbu 7. l‘)70
411 ci- Ik*lona lo the \auoii'
4 11 a i 1 \ club*.
Tlv banqius ioco_niA(l both
pioicct iuh'u book achievement
and aw>u (ls weened In the in
foi the convention banque. at
Camp Hill have been asked to
contact James L Maitm. secie
taiy-tieasuiei, Shasbuig RDI,
phone 687-8389
Membeiship dnve foi next
yeai will begin m early January
undei the duection ot Leon
Committees will be appointed
by the executive committee be
loie the meeting next month
Guernsey Breeder's Set-
Annual Banquet Friday
The annual banquet and busi
ness meeting of the Lancastei
County Guernsey Bieedei s
Association will be held at the
Willow Valiev Restauiant, 116
Willow Sheet Pike. Willow*
Stieet Fndav at 645 pm
The business meeting will in
elude the financial statement
tepoits ot the committees, and
piesentanon ol awaids Thiee
new duectois will be elected foi
a teim of thiee yeais
Raymond and Petci Witmei
will be showing pictuies
Reseivations should be made
by No\einbei 10 by calling oi
wilting Jesse G Balmei, Lititz
RD4. 626-8055. Fiank Hershev,
442 Willow Road, Lancaster. 397
3994, Ellis Denlinger, Gordon
ville RDI. 768-3081.''
di\ dual 4 II nu*inl)'*i \. i mis
local di-1 1 id .i.’d si 11 -. !I iuL
mg contc ‘s
L\nn Uo'ii 15 son ol Mi and
l li s Hci be l l Ro\ 11, 2025 Ou „on
Tike. Lanc.istc. ui- ned th
hi-h!\ -ougli Cii.uul C h.impioa
RocOid Book S.o c aw >ii cl 11 -
sail \U‘ll 1 WOhl'le lop llOl’Ol
1»s, \cai
Rou'i s top spot in the imoid
book compel’,ion fo.'owed Ins
Be Average, Dream,
Speaker Urges Youth
Be aveiage, don’t be afiaid of
failcue take time to
That was the message of Boyd
Gaitley of Intel State Milk Pio
duceis to 4-H youths at the an
nual Dairy Awaids Banquet last
“Be aveiage ’ he said, ‘‘we
need , o . • stable u '’tm ' n c
He continued, “What Ameiica
needs today is a ch earn So please
dieam And don’t wouv about
being a lailuie Unless youie a
faiku e somewheie along the line
youie nevei to get anv
wheie ’
Gaitley lecalled that while he
was a youth in Western Penn
svlvama he used ‘to go out b\
the horn and sit and think and
do nothing ’ Youths can’t do
that today because schools and
communities won’t allow* it
Feed Co, Sees Ag Future,
Locates New Mill in Area
Is theie a future for agncul
tuie in Lancaster County oi
will industrialization take ovei 9
Allied Mills of Chicago tackl
ed this question before deciding
to locate a major new feed mill
in Lancastei County (see stoiy
on Page 9, accoiding to Roy
E Folck Ji , Allied president
and boaid chan man
Folck said his fnm began to
study the local maiket five
years ago Three studies were
made One showed “industriali
zation and uibamzation might
make it (the area) unfavoiable
foi animal agnculture,” Folck
He continued, ‘But the com
pany decided that here (in and
around the new mill) is one
part of the countiv which lecog
mzes the impoitance ot main
taining a balance between agu
cultme and mdustiy ”
It was only after the company
decided that agucultuie does
have a inline in this pail oi the
East that it decided to build its
new mill, Folck emphasized
In brief comments at a lunch
eon Tuesday at the Hilton Inn,
Lancaster, Folck also told busi
ness and civic leaders “I hope
we (Allied) will be allowed to
S 1 00 Per Year
li.'! pi n in t'u' Hokum bioed. book .1 \ (1 ()tiu. l)icud
w.nmi'.ii In 111 oi (I book wi ie:
i’.u nl.i U-hh n .ni A\ i -hue; Witnin Blown Swus;
I \.non le’si\ and C>«-
(hi i B.i’nu‘l (iiio. n'C\
O hei .i \auis rc’vulcd
S ' i leu. I—l lumas \a'on r«-
sii\c cnampioi Ituej and
Douia \kt’i' iC'ii\e junior
(( ontimud on Page 6)
But jouths ought to take time
to think and dieam an>wa\, be
‘Unless >ou know fiom where
>ou came, >ou dont know where
>ouie going,” he explained His
ovei all theme w as that those wh*
don’t know the past are coin
to i epeat H And it take£
time to think to undeistand the
past, he indicated
But it doesn’t take an> great
thinking to thiow a brick,’ he
At the same time Gaitley finds
that out people aie copping out
and \oung people want to get
rnohed He encouiages this
But the young people shouldn’t
condemn the oidei geneiation
until they know why we’ie do
ing it ’ he adds
paiticipate in this community
try to maintain the balance**
between industiy and agricul
A big pioblem of the world
in the tutuie “will be to feed
people and let them have
choices of things to eat I think
they want animal protein,"'
Folck said
Lancaster Mayor Thomas S r
Monaghan, in welcoming AlliecL
to the area, noted the high pro
ductivity of the Lancaster area
laboi force and said Allied “will
get suppoit from the communi
ty and govei nment ”
55 4-H Cakes Bought
Two Lancastei County men
have pin chased 55 head of top
quahtj Heietoid calves ill
Coloiado foi lotal 4H jouths.
Max Smith agucultuial agent,
and Lan> Wea\or. New Holland
cattleman, made the trip to Gun
nison Col this week and select
ed the 55 ammals from three
top heids totalling 380 animals.
The cahes aie slated to arrive
heie next week for distribution
to 4-H >outh Saturday, Novem*
bei 21