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    VOL 15 NO. 49
Farmers' Assn.
Votes Directors
The Lancastei Count} Fann
ers’ Association last week elect
ed six new dn ectoi s
Tbe\ aie Roger Thome, Jesse
Balmtr, Haiold Landis, Ellis
Mentzer, James G Kieidei and
Nathan Stoltzfus
In othei action the Association
approved fomteen policy lecom
mendations for action by the
Pennsylvania Faimeis’ Associa
tion The recommendations
stated, “We recommend -
Any land put in soil bank
must be seeded to cover ciop
and mowed, and payments be
withheld until land is checked to
see such practices aie done.
Irreplaceable, experienced
farm help be exempt from mili
tary draft.
College officials enforce their
authority, and expel students
that participate in campus riots
and unrest.
Powers be restored to law en
forcement , agencies that were
taken away by Supreme Court
All imported foods be definite
ly labeled as “Imported”.
Land taken for highways use,
should be xeimbmsed at market
Land be taxed accoidmg to its
All contameis used foi dunks
be oi a “returnable” value
PF4 continue to woik for le
duction of tiuck license for
faun use
Action be taken to scioen
pomogiaphy more closely
Each countv have moie ]ims-
diction concerning the pieseiva-
Sal courftv and 11 land Wlth '
cmgToisepowei of auto-
mobiles to help pievent pollu-
tion and promote safety, also
prorate license fee
Aboition laws continue in their
present status
The time of manme hauling
be at the farmers discietion”
The Association membership
howeiei lejected a recommen-
dation that the President con-
tmue to be elected by the elec-
toial college
In othei action, Clyde Wivell,
Lancaster County Association
piesident, suggested giving the
chanman of ’ the Association’s
Women's Auxiliary a vote on the
boaid of duectois The oigan-
ization approved the proposal
Pa. Beef Operations Reported Growing
Pennsylvania beef farmers aie
incieasing their heids, according
to the State Crop Reporting Ser
vice, and Max Smith, Lancaster
County agricultural agent, says
he thinks the inciease is due
largely to a good giam crop this
“A good feed crop means they
(livestock producers) will buy
cattle or some type of livestock
to feed it to,” Smith explained
Most local farmers questioned
about theii corn eiop have been
Lancaster Co. Poultry Assn.
Elects 4 Directors at Banquet
The Lancaster County Poul
tiy Association elected four new
du ectoi s to thi ee year terms at
its annual banquet meeting
Thin sday night at the Plain and
Fancy Restauiant, neai Bird-m-
The four aie Allied industry
i epresentative, Stanley Mussel
man, 43 W Stanton Road. Quai
xyville, thiee pioducer icp
icsentatives, John R Huber Jr,
Lititz RD3; Harold S Mussel
man, New Holland RDI, and
Irvin R. Musser, Mount Joy
Jay Irwin, associate county
agent,, reviewed the special
educational programs and acti
vities of the Poultry Associa
tion during the past year and
emphasized the need for mar
ket promotion to keep up the
rate of egg consumption.
Irwin also said poultry asso
ciations in Pennsylvania look
to the Lancaster organization
for leadership.
Lorin Weigaid, Association
president for the past year, em
phasized the oppoitumties in
the industiy in this pait of the
country because of the pioxi
mity to the laige population
centeis of the East
Miss Nanette Stauffei, 1970
Lancastei County Poulti v
Queen flew in fiom Catawba
— —
_ #. kJ J
wOOpCfOrOfS Named
The Lancastei County Soil “d
Wate ‘ Conservation Distuct
name ? the , f ° llowin § new ca
“ Patois then lecent meet
Harold Giaham, 70 acies,
Sadsbuiy Township, Roots
Niusenes Inc, 20 acres, East
Hempiield Township, James H
Cuny, 57 acies, Sadsbuiy Town
ship, Waltei C Martin, 94 acies,
East Bail Township, Elias
Bowell, 93 acres, Sadsbuiy
Township and Haivey Saudei,
60 acres, East Eail Township
The following coopeiatois
weie cancelled A P Buchei,
73 acies East Diumore Town
ship duplication, and Oiville
Geib, 52 acies, Rapho Town
icpoitmg lecoid oi near lecoid
yields and the acieage on this
dominant local crop is also at a
record high, up eight pei cent
in Lancastei County by one esti
The blight hit many farms,
but even many of those fanners
with blighted fields aie repoit
ing top yields Smith explained,
"The blight hit us late enough
in the season that the corn was
pretty well matin ed, which le
duced the extent of the damage ”
Lancaster Farming. Saturdaj. October 31, 1970
1-College in Noith Carolina in or
der to be piesent and expiess
her appieciation foi being
named queen
Enteitainment of the evening
was piovided by the Rev J
Paul Kehm of Fleetwood and
his twin bi other Rev Harry
Kehm of Allentown Mostly
they kept the laige audience
laughing, but managed to spend
a little time on a senous mes
sage It was.
The woild is not a bowl of
cherries and, in ordei to get
along, people today must have
thiee kinds of bones A wish
bone, representing the desire to
live and act and to make the
world better, the world doesn’t
get better by itself. A funny
bone, which keeps your feet on
the ground when things are
Farm Calendar
Saturday, October 31
6pm Faim Women Society
12 family night banquet,
West Willow fue hall
7 30 p m Paim Women So
ciety 29 progiessive suppei
and haynde, meet at Bos
slei’s Mennomte Chmch
Sunday, November 1
2-4 pm Lancastei County
Senior Extension Club en
tei tains veteians at Valle\
Foige Hospital, meet at
Lancastei Shopping Centei
at 11 a m
3pm 4-H Road Rally, stait
mg at Lancastei Shopping
Monday, November 2
Standardbred Hoise Sale, Faim
Show Building, Hamsbuig,
Novembei 2 -5.
Tuesday, November 3
General Election
Wednesday, November 4
4-H Beef Show management
committee meeting, plan 4-
H Beef Show and Sale at
Lancaster Stockyai ds
Thmsday, November 5
12 noon Fedeial Land Bank
Association of Lancastei
and Lancaster Production
Ci edit Association annual
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Besides bumpei ciops. the beef
cattle maiket has lemamed “fav
oiable,” Smith said, furthei en
couragmg beef pi oducers
The Ci op Reporting Service
said that on October 1 theie weie
53.000 cattle and calves on feed
foi the slaughtei market in Penn
sylvania, up 10 per cent from
48.000 the same date a jeai
The Reporting Service also
said 36,000 head of fed cattle
went to market during the July-
going light and does an awful
lot to bung you back when
you’re down A back bone to
make you honest and tine with
youiselt so that you can lue
with yourself
Master of ceremonies was
John Weidman. Pioneer Seed
Company distuct sales man
agei Mis Allegia Leimngei
sang a solo and latei led group
singing Association officials
considei ed the turnout of about
260 persons excellent
Harrisburg, Timonium
4-H Beef Entries Made
Lancaster County 4-H mem
bers with beef animals are mak
ing plans to enter two upcoming
beef shows
Some 49 entries have been re
ceived for the Pennsylvania Live
stock Exposition at the Farm
Show Building in Hainsbuig
Monday, Novembei 9 and 57 en
tiles ha\e been received foi the
Eastern National Livestock Show
at the Mai y land State Fan
giouncis, Timonium, Md Satin
dav Novembei 14 accoiding to
Max Smith Lancastei Counl\
dgucultuial agent
Smith said the laicm iespouse
to the Han land show appea.s to
stem laigeh Horn the lime it is
held, on a Satin da\ when jouths
aie out of school r lhe Timomum
show is a one da> show while
the animals must be left at Hai
iisbmg foi seveial dajs
4-H Beef Show Plans
The 4-H beef show manage
ment committee will meet Wed
nesday night to plan the South
east Distuct 4-H Beef Show and
Sale at Lancastei Stockyai ds
Tuesday and Wednesday, De
cembei 8 9
There will be 120 entnes in
the show fiom Chestei Dauph
in and Lancastei Counties
Animals must anue by 3
p m Tuesday, Decembei 8
Judging begins at 9 a m Wed
nesday and the sale at 1 pm
Septembei quaitei of this yeai
and placements weie an equal
numbei However, the maiket
mgs weie five pei cent below the
same period in 1969 and the
placements weie up 24 per cent
Expected marketings duung
the Octobei-Decembei quartei
will be 24,000 head, the Report
ing Seivice estimated, which
would be nine per cent greatei
than a year ago.
The overall tenor of the fig
ures. if accm ate, indicates a sub-
$2.00 Per Year
Avrshire Sale
Held Tuesday
Bujeis at the special Ayrshire
sale Tuesday at the Guernsey
Sales Bain paid an aveiage o t
$436 01 a total of $27,900 fo. 64
The top cow s was sold iron
the Masonic Homes held The
animal was bought by Jamc*
Mai tin, Stevens RDI, foi $BOO.
The top cow was fiesh wftk
hei second calf and is now milk
ing 62 pounds a day The first
lactation as a tvvoyeai-old was
13,212 pounds of milk and 532
pounds of butte rt at in 305 days.
She is sired by Maual Hi Kick,
son of Sel Wood Betty's Com
mandei, six-yeai-old bull owned
and in service by the Masomc
Top buyei was Robert Craig
ol Waynesboro who purchased 13
head for $6,035
Local consigneis included:
Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown;
Delchester Farms, Edgemoafc
Charles Gable, Elverson; Ken*
nard Henley, CochranviQe, and
Ann L Young, West Grove. Cat*
tie were purchased by buyer*
from New Yoik, Virginia, Mas**
achusetts, Maryland and Penn*
Local buyers included Masonic
Homes. Elizabethtown; Mary
Claik, Spiuce Villa Farms,
Lititz Janies Mai tin, Stevens;
Maivm Millei Stiasburg, and
Heiman Gmguck, Lebanon
A teatuie loi all who attended
the sale was the selection by
\ote ol a Sale Queen” The
queen chosen w as the top animal
sold to Alai tin A sihei pitcher
was awaided to the Masonic
Homes to this honoi
MiLon Biiibikei Lititz, a di
lectoi of the Pennsihania Ayr
shue Bieedeis -Association, re
poited the dnectois were well
pleased with the sale and that
top prices weie paid all the way
thiough This is an annual sate
under the auspices of the Penn
sylvania Ayishne Association
and is the top Ayishire sale in
Pennsj- Ivania
Vote Nov 3!
stantial inciease in livestock is
the state, Smith said
“I’m not surpused,” he addedk
He said he knows of some farm
ers going into beef for the first
time and some existing beef op*
erations aie expanding
Besides a bnmpei grain crop
and favoiable maiket puces, he
sees some faimers turning to
beef because of a low labor re*
quuement relative to other farm
enterpnses Some famers faced
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