Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 17, 1970, Image 9

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    Past County Grange Masters
Past masters of Lancaster County lins McSparran. Seated, left to right
Pamona Grange. Standing, left to right: Loran Brinton and the present Master,
Melvin C. Boyce, Charles G. McSparran, Gyles H. Brown. Not present were Jesse
Leslie I. Bolton, Richard Maule, Ralph S. Cutler and Alfred Wanner.
Waaner, Thomas Galbreath and J. Col-
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Lancaster Farming. Saturday. October 17.1070 -»j
Research Underway Here
To Develop Better Potato
Htv.nch on desi loping a hel
In ipi.drs pot,do foj (In IV nn
N\h;ini,i pol.ilo chip indusiis
(ondiuud ihis Sumiiici on tin
Hems (> Shi nk f.nm, M.inlmm
The ShenK f.nni ss.i> oiu of
two mlcs in |he si.ito foi llu ii
sc.iuli h\ IV nn S'.ito Um\nsit\
Its cspdul !o take* .U li.isj
tinc»’ lo 1 1,1 \.it s foi tho ust.ui Ii
to oil ;n ;he* loim of .i bd n ( s
Di .)<>'( pli D H.inm-don
I’nni S,.itc di p.n t menl of .uion
cmv. .imi nis
h.iiU'Ud 111) imii.mied test s.n
idles on .i on« llnul .icie plol .i
the Sin nk t.u in
Hamiuton i \pi.l l nee! that the
potatoes ll.n v e teil fiom the
Shenk f.iim will be guided and
selected loi f|«alit\ and stoud at
Penn S.ate in 52 device tempei
atiues foi thiee months then
stoied at 70 devices foi a month
Then the potatoes will be
tested foi chip yield and coloi
and actual dry mattei content
(specific gravity)
“We don l want watci What
we aie looking for is just how'
much diy mattei is yielded be
cause that is what goes into a
potato chip, and French files ”
Hamngton stated that at least
three years of success with a
variety must pass before any
lecommendations will be made,
but that the test time usually is
longer “It could be five to 10
years before we get something
ii.ills In tin th.m ss hut sse ,d
ii.ids ti.isi
Hit K'M.rih i, i ondiulod :o
lu Ip pi ovule the f.iinu i with .1
i,oo(l. s.ih .ihli nop .md Iho in
diistis ssi ii ,i lop liii.i; piodmt,
1)1 >.ll(l
Ihi .'!() list s.ii it iu>s .no
s (|iu t/i il in I o the ■'in.ili ,miou iu
ol .icio.m li\ limitin'.; plot
If>l -til ll> J") lot I .111(1 \\l(l;ll 'O
time lei l hitsuen low-, Kuh
' 1 1 It lipo.llul 111 1)10 (it 111
llllu* tiling
M i'hdii.l c.d foi' .ii lo .s’
llu 1 1 sc n i hei s to i.i'ai'.ile pi i
..ue \i. Ids .nul the si/i sol po
l. toi s ~ .nied
Hot, hi oi uu small .iui.u
ii-'Cd. sculling- weu planted In
hand Han -.till” is done with a
modified om io\\ pickci
E\m 25 feet. Hie pickei is
slopped and sunny sacks into
winch potatoes me stoied b\ plot
and tow nuinbei me changed
What makes the icseaich
woith it, Di Hai i mgton said is
the size of the business, both for
faimers and the state s 52 potato
piocessois Potato chips and
Ficnch files aie a $l5O million
plus business in Pennsylvania
We hanest moie potatoes for
pioeessing in Pennsylvania than
anywheie else,’ Han mgton said.
In Lancaster County in 1969,
some 2,150 acies of potatoes
weie hai vested woith $l3 mil-
lion Aveiage yield was about
373 bushels pel acre