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    I—Lancaster Farming. Saturday. October 17.1970
County Grange Marks 50th Birthday
John W Siott M.isU'i of the l.nn la we Rrimon. Tummuci.
National Ciango. was tlu> mam M* 1 ' '* ,,r . v K Seeioi.n>.
celebration of Iho Lamastii i* o mona. Mai cat et MiS|ianan.
Conntj Pomona lii nice which Floia. Mis C’hai les Smodle.\.
was hold Oct 10 a! Fulton I“'d' Stew.ud
t.ranyo Mall Oakmi Hob. ouch , 1925 „ u . % , , M . solll
tom l he National , , hu . state to build a
‘"’ <i "nred all t.ian-c { & „ u . Sus(lll , hillln ,
numibeis to v.s.l the Nation.. , ||U , , H . lttct . n Conow.nco and
Building the e. nU .ol t . o „, imi ,d to wo.k
Washington I)( , WJs (injm blllU
Soo't spoke on lecisla.ion llu a Holtwood in 1968
O.anso uas abk to cl , „ IL>% tlUol ed letu.nmc
orutie.s to hern lit a;„a,!luie olmi . lax pjld , n fa.nn is and
th..>ea, riuM.iaiUi was .t u> imlm(huK ou „,, O i„ K . U . C( ,
in postal .eIoMU and a'so ml In iluolSiiml otlu>l t(l m Pl mnt not
enicd toimiessnu nto chaiuc .he bl „ hWi „ Tlu , N fuo .ed we.tne P m.k ;i Ulon est • a milk
,n V" IIIU .' ‘ |KOi 0 ton 10l connnisbion 01 ache ition
wrolklol J ln '”' ol 1’ B and Bancs d.scase.
He ch.lllcn.4ell C.ianceis lO cheapei elcctiicit\ foi use
hold last to 0111 \mei idi als and abolishment of demand
He said libeiti is but an oppoi- meleis. bettei and moie eflicienl
tunitj foi self disciphne school piograms, better puie
food laws, tiuth in advei using
and labeling pioducts piolection
of quail, abolishing the use of
non-ietuinable glass bottles and
manj othei pieces of legislation
to benefit luial people.
Miss Janet J ickion. of Little
Britain, piescnud two haip
Charles G McSpauan ga\c a
hi-»toiy of Lancastei County
Pomona Giange 71 which wa->
oigamzed May 26. 1920 in the
YMCA Building at Lancaster by
the late John A McSpai ian who
was then Mastti of the Pennsyl
vania State Giange
The first officeis were Joseph
S Cutler Mastei Chestei W
Eby Overseei. Wm F McSpai
lan, Lecturei. B L Miller, Stew
ard, James G McSpauan, Chap-
for delivery of quality aglim
David M Burkholder, Inc , Ephrata, and The J. E.
Baker Company of York have embarked upon a
joint aglime program to serve you better. We feel
that this move will enable us to supply you with
the highest quality agricultural limestone when
and where you want it.
Remember, now is the time to sweeten your soil
for a more productive growing season. It has been
estimated that liming can return from S 3 to $lO in
bigger and better crops for every dollar invested.
Take the first step to higher profits now. Call
354-4202 in Ephrata for quality aglime.
The J. E. Baker Company
The Pomona chorus with Mis
Richaid Jackson pianist piesent
ed thiee numbeis, "Beautiful
Giange”. "Rnei Ot Time” and
Anniveisary Song”
Chaitei membeis honoied Standing, left to right, are: J. Collins
were Leslie I Bolton ot Libeity McSparran, past Master of the Pennsyl-
Squaie Ralph Wannei of Naivon vama State Grange and past Master of
and Mis Celia Smedley of Lan- Lancaster County Pomona Grange; John
denberg. Chester County Also W. Scott, Master of the National Grange;
( A. Wayne Readinger, Master of the Penn-
members who joined in 1920
weie Mis Fannie Walton, Little
Bntam, Norman Wood, Quany
vule, Mr and Mrs Clyde McSpar
lan, Fairfield, Melvin C Boyce,
Collins and Paul Uibel, Stevens
Mis John W Scott, fiist lady
of the National Giange pinned
boutonmeies and corsages on
each one They also leceived
potted plants Pomona officeis
assisted in honoung the 50 yeai
membeis Chestei Eby. Mastei of
Salisbury Giange, presented a 50
yeai pin to Ralph Wannei
~ r ~' S'k.
A Wayne Readinger, Master of
the Pennsyhania State Giange,
aecogmzed past masteis of the
Pomona Grange, citing them for
the vauous offices held in the
Grange Each weie presented
boutonnieres and potted plants
Fifty year members of Lancaster Wood and Ralph S. Wanner. Front row.
County Pomona Grange who were honor- Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McSparran. Not pre
ed ast Saturday are standing left to right: sent were Mrs. Celia Smedlev Mrs Fan-
Melvin C. Boyce, Leslie I. Bolton, Norman me Walton and Paul Uibel. y ’
. -
•> >
Past masters were Leslie I Master J Collins McSparran of
Bolton, Melvin C Boyce, Charles Camp Hill
G McSparran, J Collins Me- Mrs. Jesse Wood, Lecturer of
Span an, Jesse Cutler, Ralph S Lancaster County Pomona
Wannei, Loran Bi inton, Richaid Grange was emcee for the pro-
Maule, Alfred Wanner and gi am and presented ceramic cor-
Thomas Galbicath Deceased nucopias to Mi and Mrs. John
past masteis were Joseph S Cut- Scott and Mr and Mrs. Wayne
Jei, L Ruppin and John M Readinger
The regular fall meeting of
Miles Coclnan, Chaplain had Lancastei Countv Pomona
the invocation and benediction G Wlll be at „ pm . gatur
foi the seivice. *
day, uct 17 at Fulton Grange
Gyles H Brown, Pomona Mas- Hall, Oakryn Mis Jacob Fan
tei, introduced visiting Giangeis tom and Laurence Temple who
and honoied guests of Chestei, Participated in the Pennsylvania
_ , .. State Grange Eastern District
uc s, . ontgomeiy ana Lancas- talent elimination in Berks Coun
ter counties which included ty Oct 3 will take part on the
Ceies of the National Giange, program and the Grange ladies
Mis A Wayne Readingei of are to bring an apple dessert, to
Berks County and past State be sold, and the recipe.
sylvania State Grange. Front row, left to
right: Mrs. Jesse Wood, Lecturer of Lan
caster County Pomona Grange; Mrs. J.
Collins McSparran; Mrs. Wayne Reading
er, Ceres of the National Grange; and Mrs.
John W. Scott.
Vv 1 .